Widex Moment Review

Written By: Evan Winzenried

Widex Moment Review

A Widex Moment review should be based on the benefits and features of this hearing device. Its most important feature is that 85% of participants were hearing-impaired, which makes it a great choice for people with hearing loss. Unlike many hearing-impaired products, however, the Widex Moment requires a COM-DEX device, which may not be for everyone. If you are unsure of whether this hearing device is right for you, keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons.

85% of participants with hearing loss

The findings of the Widex Moment Review prove that sound quality is a critical feature in hearing devices. Ninety percent of the survey participants noted that their Widex hearing aids helped them participate in social situations effortlessly. This is not surprising given Widex’s focus on sound quality. In addition, the Widex hearing aids’ patented PureSound ZeroDelay technology contributes to the natural sound quality, according to the survey.

The review included a blind study of ten musicians who rated each hearing aid’s sound quality and comfort. The Widex technology that featured Widex True Input technology performed best in this study, with a 60% margin at high SPLs compared to just 20% in low SPLs. However, there are many limitations of this study. Widex continues to develop its hearing aids to address these issues and improve users’ experiences with their devices.

The PureSound program, designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss, has higher sound quality than any other hearing aid available. This program targets both new and experienced users with hearing loss and is said to be superior in sound quality. The study results also show a significant leap in satisfaction from the current platform to the next, suggesting that sound quality is a crucial factor in hearing aid satisfaction. In addition to improving sound quality, Widex has improved its hearing aids’ ease of use.

The Widex Moment also offers users the opportunity to enjoy more natural sound than ever. The company says that PureSound is an industry-defining ultrafast signal pathway that removes the unpleasant artefacts associated with conventional hearing solutions. Additionally, ZeroDelay(tm) technology enables near-zero-ms sound processing across the entire frequency spectrum. This feature makes listening to music more authentic.


The Widex Moment is a high-end hearing aid with many features, including wireless connectivity, Bluetooth, and a lithium-ion battery. The company does not sell direct to consumers, so Widex Moment prices are determined by your hearing provider. The Widex Moment’s flagship features include a lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 2.4 GHz connectivity, and artificial intelligence capabilities for personalization. This hearing aid is based on Widex’s PureSound technology platform and features a ZeroDelay Accelerator sound processing pathway.

The device uses lithium-ion batteries to power it, and it comes in four technology levels: base, mid-range, and advanced. The mid-range model comes with full wireless connectivity, a multifunction button, and a configuration for those with mild to severe hearing loss. The Widex Moment price range starts at $2,134 for one device. To find out more about this hearing aid, consult an audiology clinic. Whether it’s a budget-friendly option or a high-end option, the Widex Moment is worth considering.

In addition to its low price, the Widex Moment also has many exciting features. For example, the device has an in-built memory of hearing environments, so it can learn your preferences and adapt to different environments. Bluetooth connectivity also helps to connect the device to your smartphone. The headset can also be ordered with one or two microphones for easier listening. Its most impressive feature, however, may be the speed at which sound is processed. The nearest competitor processes sound in five milliseconds, making Widex Moment the fastest available in this price range.

Because of the Puresound(tm) technology, the Widex MOMENT’s sound processing speed is lightning-fast, eliminating artificial sound delay. This results in the best quality sound the hearing aid has ever provided. The Widex MOMENT’s sound processing technology allows users to adjust the sound quality remotely with the help of an app. The app works on Android and iOS smartphones. Moreover, Widex Moment has Bluetooth streaming, remote care, and real-life insights.

Streaming quality

When choosing the best hearing aid for your needs, you can find several factors to consider. The first is the technology level. Widex offers four technology levels, from 110 to 440. The higher the level, the more features you’ll find. Some benefits of higher-end models include more programs, noise-rejection capability, and streaming connectivity. The entry-level unit has a less stable connection, which may lead to cutouts while running.

Another factor to consider is the compatibility of your smartphone. Widex MOMENT hearing aids work with Android smartphones. The smartphone must be Android 11 or later and support Bluetooth 5.0. Fortunately, this feature is coming soon to all new models. If you already own a Widex MOMENT hearing aid, you can easily upgrade to version 1.4 by downloading the app from Google Play. There are several different models available, including a rechargeable RIC model for Android users.

The new Widex MOMENT hearing aid app will allow streaming content from Android smartphones. The ability to stream content from an Android smartphone is crucial for consumers who wish to take calls or listen to music on their Android devices. While the Widex Moment is still not compatible with iPhones, it will be able to stream content from most Android phones. To ensure compatibility, you should purchase a Bluetooth hearing aid and an Android smartphone with Android ASHA support.

The PureSound(tm) technology used in the Widex Moment delivers more natural sound than ever before. Widex calls it an industry-defining ultrafast signal pathway that eliminates unpleasant artefacts present in traditional hearing aids. It also boasts ZeroDelay(tm) technology, which allows near-zero-ms processing of sound across the entire frequency spectrum. This allows for an authentic listening experience. Wireless and Bluetooth connectivity are the two other main benefits of the Widex MOMENT.

Requires a COM-DEX device

COM-DEX is a wireless audio communication system that transmits high-quality sound directly to your hearing aids. Compatible with various Bluetooth accessories, the COM-DEX device can be paired with a Widex Moment hearing aid or other wireless audio system. It can be operated remotely from a smartphone through the COM-DEX App. Widex hearing aids are also compatible with COM-DEX-enabled devices, making it possible to control the device from your phone.

COM-DEX connects to up to two phones and streams high-quality sound to your hearing aids. Its lightweight, hand-free design makes it comfortable to wear around the neck and can stream music or phone calls. It’s available in black, white, or pink and ships with a handy USB to micro USB charging cable. The COM-DEX is available in three different colors.

A COM-DEX device is needed to use the COM-DEX Remote Mic. This app connects to your COM-DEX device via Bluetooth and streams sound directly to your Widex Moment hearing aid. The app is available on Apple and Android smartphones and works seamlessly with both devices. You can also use the COM-DEX Remote Mic with your Widex Moment hearing aid.

The Widex MOMENT is the smallest rechargeable receiver-in-canal hearing aid on the market. Widex worked with ZPower to provide silver-zinc rechargeable battery solutions. But now, all hearing aid manufacturers are embracing lithium-ion as the rechargeable battery solution. It has many advantages over other rechargeable solutions, including improved moisture protection. While silver-zinc batteries could be interchanged with disposable ones, lithium-ion technology requires sealed battery doors. With these sealed doors, there are fewer gaps that can become damaged by moisture.

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