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Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

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Claudia is a valued member of our top 10 best editorial team. before joining us she contributed to Personal Loan News. She is a proud web specialist and Professional thinker.
Ehsan Jahandarpour is a serial entrepreneur and globally recognized growth hacker by Forbes. Ehsan is a seasoned contributor to most prestigious magazines and always writes or reviews content for the top 10 best too. Ehsan oversees the business strategies and leads the company's marketing initiatives.
Evan is a professional content writer in the field of technology for medical equipment. Before joining our editorial team Evan used to write for the hearing aids network. He is a TechAward-winning food fan, and Hardcore music practitioner.
Irene Freker is a finance graduate and investment content writer. Before joining top10best editorial team she used to cover content for the Gold IRA News. She likes Music, and technology.
Janet is the director of the customer support team and a seasoned contributor. Janet's attention to detail helped our business development team find the best opportunities to expand our business to new niches.
Lorraine Rowen is a professional content writer and digital marketer. Before joining the top ten best editorial teams she used to manage the organic content marketing team at the mattress topper network. She is a Freelance tv host and twitter enthusiast.
Maya Nasta is a Crypto Scholar and Finance BBA graduate. Before joining our content marketing team, she wrote about crypto market analysis on the Crypto IRA news network. She is calm yet very efficient when attending our ideation meetings.,
Sharron is a specialist metaphysics writer, before joining our content writing team she used to write for psychic reading online network. She is a Passionate food critic, pop culture advocate, Friendly internet enthusiast and social media specialist.