Arc Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional teeth whitening can be done in your office or your home, but the results are only temporary and wear off quickly. Suppose you need quick results for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a reunion. In that case, the best option is to have your teeth professionally whitened by an experienced teeth whitening dentist. But there are several other options for whitening your teeth at home. The following article will provide details on just some of them.

Home kits: The arc teeth whitening kits contain a series of specially formulated bleaching strips, which are easy to use. The thin, flexible ARC whitening strips which curl into smooth rounded discs when they’re initially applied to your mouth are specially designed to dissolve quickly in your mouth, thus leaving behind an invisible but highly effective layer of protective material. They do not contain any bleach, thus protecting your enamel from further damage from bleach. You need to apply the gel using the supplied syringes – they’re small and disposable.

Brush-on whitening kits

The brush-on whitening kits can also be used at home. The strip application process is pretty much the same as the dental office procedure. These kits include various tooth-whitening trays with a bleaching gel that are supposed to cover the areas exposed to the outermost surface of your tooth’s enamel. The trays are molded to fit your mouth, and once you’re done applying the gel, you can remove them and use them again.

Hydrogen peroxide – If you want whiter teeth with minimal staining, hydrogen peroxide is a great choice. The oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide (which are commonly found in products like bleach) make the stain lifting effect more visible. However, this property also makes it less sensitive to tooth sensitivity.

Best Whitening strips

If you don’t want to go for the hydrogen peroxide solution, go for the whitening strips. The strips are applied to your toothbrush and are peeled off after 10 minutes. They should last for several days and are similar to the results seen with the gel. But the main advantage of using the strips is the absence of harsh chemical bleaches or bleaching agents. Bleaching agents can damage tooth enamel, cause tooth sensitivity, and increase the risk of tooth decay. The ingredients in these strips are also milder than those found in the whitening formula found in toothpaste.

Blue Light Therapy

If none of the above options work for you, you can always opt for blue light therapy. The most common method of using this involves placing the patient under a medical light for a few minutes. Afterward, the patient must return to the dentist for follow-up sessions. This procedure has been used for decades, but its effectiveness has been questioned lately. There are also concerns about possible damage done to the patient’s teeth by the blue light.

Your Smile is Brilliant. If none of the above treatments work for you, you can always opt for the brilliant smile treatment. The bright smile kit contains two different applications that you can choose from. One of the applications will be applied to your teeth right after your brush. The second application must be made before going to sleep at night. Either way, the kit is adequate.

So we have looked at what is inside the smile brightener kit to understand the benefits and disadvantages of using the product. We also looked at how the whiteners are applied. Now that you’ve finished reading this article, you should know more about the products included in this whiten-your teeth review. Make sure to read the next whiten-your teeth review so you have an idea if this gel is the right one for you.

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