ARC Teeth Whitening

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Arc teeth whitening is a wonderful and easy-to-use teeth whitening system to have brighter teeth and widen your smile. Arc whitening reviews cover the pros and cons of all whitening products made by arcsmile.

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Arc whitening products are enamel safe and easy to use. A whitening pen is the easiest product to use as you can use it on the go, and on’t need to rinse.
Arc whitening products are enamel safe and easy to use. A whitening pen is the easiest product to use as you can use it on the go, and on’t need to rinse.
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Arcsmile Reviews

Arcsmile offer four main product categories:

  1. Whitening products
    • ARC Leave On Teeth Whitening On the Go
    • ARC Leave on Teeth Whitening On the Counter
    • ARC Teeth Whitening Strips
    • ARC Teeth Whitening Pen
    • ARC After-Brushing Teeth Whitening Booster
    • ARC Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit
  2. Toothpaste
    • ARC Brush Heads 2 Count, Black
    • ARC Brush Heads 2 Count, White
    • ARC Fresh Mint Whitening Fluoride Toothpaste
    • ARC Strawberry Daiquiri Enamel Protection Fluoride Toothpaste
  3. Mouthwash
    • ARC After-Whitening Rinse
    • ARC Whitening Rinse
  4. Toothbrush
    • ARC Metal Sonic Power Toothbrush + Travel Case – Pink
    • ARC Metal Sonic Power Toothbrush + Travel Case – Black
    • ARC Metal Sonic Power Toothbrush + Travel Case – Galaxy Blue

Most influencers on Instagram and TikTok trends have one thing in common: bright teeth, and wide smile. If you need to whiten your teeth and expect quick results for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a reunion, then you should either or make an appointment and have your teeth professionally whitened by a cosmetic dentist or use alternative whiteners such as Arc teeth whitening system.

Arc teeth whitening review helps you choose the best whitening product from P&G, especially if you’ve enjoyed eating fast food, drinking red wine, hot chocolate, coffee, and such colored food, and think that your teeth will need a refresh. Arc whitening review is a neutral view of the product, however, the inconvenience of going to a cosmetic dentist’s office and the pricy bill that comes along would suggest other alternatives to cosmetic dentists. Well, Arc whitening treatments are inexpensive and very convenient.

Arc teeth whitening Pen

While the ARC teeth whitening pen isn’t cheap, it is worth its price. It takes about a minute to start working on your teeth. You can use the pen every day and enjoy brighter smiles without having to invest in buying new equipment.

ARC teeth whitening pen including ARC LED Teeth Whitening, 1 Blue Light, Arc whitening pen & 14 Treatments as instructed by professionals and the results were amazing. You can buy your ARC Smiles professional, Arc whitening boosters, or Blue Light Kits online or shop on Amazon and Walmart websites and enjoy Free Shipping and 2 days delivery.

Precision Applicator Whitening Pen

The Arc Precision Applicator Whitening Pen promises whiter teeth in just 14 days (2 weeks). The good part about ARC whitening treatment is that, unlike whitening strips that sometimes hurt your gum, arc whitening pens are easy to use and not painful at all. If you want to try other whiteners we suggest comparing the best teeth whitening kits.

Whitening Booster

ARC whitening Booster is in fact the after-brushing teeth whitening booster that helps to whiten your teeth by removing stains from your enamel and preventing your teeth to absorb new discolored layers. To use an arc booster, you must first brush your teeth like you normally would with any toothpaste, and then apply the booster. There is no products called arc teeth whitening toothpaste, but P&G claims that using ARC Booster with a normal toothpaste shall remove stains from yellow teeth. 

Arc whitening kit

The Arc whitening kit is inexpensive and easy to use. The ARC kit comes in a nice package and includes enough whitening gel to whiten your teeth. The product costs about $45 for seven treatments, and it’s less than half the cost of a professional whitening session.

Arc Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit is a great product and method of teeth whitening. Its ingredients are safe for your enamel and will whiten your teeth as effectively as a professional whitening treatment. The ARC is a great at-home whitening system that uses a blue light to have whiter teeth. ARC has an LED blue light that weakened the stains on the teeth.

The ARC blue light whitening kit is easy to use. The strips are easy to apply, and the blue light device works flawlessly by removing chemical bonds between stains and teeth. It also enables you to see results in less than a week. You’ll need to wait about 25 minutes for it to work, but the timer is handy and the teeth whitening gel is very effective.

ARC whitening strips

The thin, flexible ARC whitening strips which curl into smooth rounded discs when they’re initially applied to your mouth are specially designed to dissolve quickly in your mouth, thus leaving behind an invisible but highly effective layer of protective material. Arc’s whitening strips do not contain any bleach, thus protecting your enamel from further damage from bleach.

If you don’t want to go for the hydrogen peroxide solution, go for arc treatment strips. The strips are applied to your toothbrush and are peeled off after 10 minutes. The effect should last for several days and are similar to the results seen with the whitening gel. The ingredients in arc treatment strips are milder than those found in the other professional teeth whitening systems.


Arcsmile amplifier uses hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening among its ingredients.- If you want whiter teeth with minimal staining, using an approved hydrogen peroxide agent is a great choice. The oxidizing properties of hydrogen peroxide used in Arc whitening strips (which are commonly found in products like bleach) make the stain lifting effect more visible.


So we have looked at what is inside the arc smile amplifier & brightener kit to understand the benefits and disadvantages of using the product. We also looked at how the arc smile whitening is applied. Now that you’ve finished reading this article, you should know more about the arc smile amplifier products included in this whiten-your teeth review. Share your customer review and let us know how you rate arc products.

How much is Arc whitening pen?

Arc whitening pen price starts from $19.94, You can order online or find a retailer nearby.

How much is Arc whitening booster?

The after-whitening booster starts from $7.94, You can order online or find a retailer nearby.

How much is Arc whitening kit?

Arc whitening kit price starts from $44.94 and includes one blue light device and 14 treatments.

Arc whitening strips cost

Arc whitening strips include 7 treatments for one week and cost $19.94.

Arc whitening toothpaste

Arc whitening toothpaste come informs of enamel protection and whitening toothpaste and costs $6.94 each.

Shop Arc whitening toothbrush

Arc whitening toothbrushes and travel kits cost $39.94.

Arc whitening mouthwash

After-whitening rinse and whitening rinse mouthwashes cost $6.94.

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