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Financial FAQ & US!

As a leader in financial comparison and financial review market, you can rely on our unbiased reviews, and expert opinions when searching for your preferred loan, broker, insurance company and more.

Top10best Pty Ltd is a global financial review company. THe HQ is in Queensland, Australia

We offer general advice, and unboased reviews. Our editorial team alongside our team of financial experts, spend hundreds of hours on a quarterly basis to find, and review the best brokerage firms and validate their claims.

While everything is free on Top10best.io, we might receive a commission from a few of the brokers, in case anyone decides to use their services.

There are a few facts that you miight consider:


  1. We only review and list the regulated brokers
  2. 2. We are independant, that means we don’t accept payment from brokers to write a good review about them.
  3. We are registered in Australia and regulated by law. Our obligation is to provide transparent information.
  4. Even though you don’t do business with us, in any case, our business indemnity covers the losses.
  5. If you are still not convinced, Ask around about us and don’t take our word for it.

While we do not offer trading training for beginners or professional traders, we can show you where to find free training on regulated brokmer sites. 

We are always hiring and working with new talents. Go to the “Contact” page and say hi. Our team will get in touch with you.

We offer facts, reviews and comparisons to help you make better financial decisions.