Which Meal Kit Service is the Easiest to Use?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

What is the easiest meal kit

If you want to make healthy meals for your family without a lot of fuss, meal kit services can be the perfect solution. They send you all the ingredients, along with recipes, so all you have to do is cook them! Using a meal kit will save you from making multiple trips to the grocery store or searching for recipes online. The ingredients are already measured for you. They are usually only 20 minutes or less to prepare, and you just need to follow the instructions to cook your meals. Remember to cook your meal kits within a few days of receiving them.

Purple Carrot

One of the best parts of Purple Carrot is its easy online account setup. Customers can choose different meals each week and skip weeks as needed. They can also skip an entire month if they need to. Once the account is created, you can easily change meals and skip weeks, and the website will save your details so you can easily switch it back later. There are also a few vegan meal options as well. And you can also customize your meals as you see fit.

The meals are prepared according to the specific dietary needs of people who are vegan. These meals are easy to prepare and packed with flavor. Unlike many diet meals, you will also receive recipes to follow to eat more plant-based meals. The menu features breakfast, lunch, and pantry choices for vegetarians and vegans. With this plan, you don’t have to spend hours preparing different meals and worrying about whether you’ll eat them.

Home Chef’s Fresh and Easy

Fresh and Easy meals are a great way to eat healthy, yet still create gourmet dishes at home. Each meal is under 300 calories and ready to go in the oven. The Fresh and Easy meal kit ships exactly the amount of ingredients you need, eliminating the guesswork and unused ingredients. Unlike other meal kits, Fresh and Easy meal kits are 65% cheaper than grocery store prices. And because Home Chef’s parent brand produces all of its products, you know you’re getting quality ingredients.

The Fresh and Easy meal kit offers flexible meal plans, so you can switch out ingredients or add your own. Unlike some meal kit services, you’re free to change the meals and even add extra portions. This allows you to have a variety of options and customize your meals to suit your personal preferences. If you’re looking for something less traditional, you can also switch out certain meals for others on the menu.


A meal kit can be a hassle, but Gobble takes the hard work out of cooking a meal. The meal kits contain protein, vegetables, grains, and sauces, and the company promises that their meals are the easiest to prepare. With just 15 minutes of active time, you can get your meal ready in a snap. What’s more, you can easily modify the meal to suit the taste of the family.

After you sign up for Gobble, you can select from nine different meal options each week. The meals can include vegetarian meals, lean and clean dinners, salads, soups, desserts, or specialty kits for up to four people. Meals are automatically assigned based on your selections at sign-up, but you can change them if you prefer. If you don’t like the meal options or want to switch to a different one, you can simply contact the Gobble customer service team to request changes.

Home Bistro

If you are in need of easy dinners that don’t require cooking, Home Bistro is the answer. You can choose from an assortment of dishes such as lobster sauce, shrimp pomodoro, and spaghetti bolognese. Since there are no set prices for the meals, you can select what you want. Then you can simply add the items to your shopping cart. There are plenty of options to choose from, and you can customize your meals according to your taste and dietary requirements.

Each of Home Bistro’s meals is prepared by a Certified Executive Chef, which is the highest level of chef certification. Meats are sourced from trusted sources, and the meat is hormone and antibiotic-free. The chicken is 100% vegetarian-fed and USDA-verified pure air-chilled, and the meat comes from cage-free, humanely raised farms. The other ingredients in each meal are high in nutrients and free of preservatives.


Whether you are a busy mom on a tight budget or you just want to eat healthier, FreshDirect has the answer. The company delivers grocery items, including prepared meals, to your door. They also ship meat and seafood. FreshDirect’s selection is diverse, from kid-friendly meals to large family-sized ones. The meals cost less than the prices at traditional grocery stores. You can even receive wine and beer through their service.

Ordering is simple. FreshDirect’s website has a search bar and drop-down menus that make it easy to select what you want. The website even has a section for alcoholic beverages, which is handy. You can add items to your cart, and if you want to try something new, you can simply contact customer support. FreshDirect also offers mobile apps, which make ordering even more convenient. The apps have received a high rating from users.

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