Which is Best Grocery Delivery App?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Which is best grocery delivery app

If you are looking for an app to deliver groceries, then you are in the right place. We’ve compared the top apps to help you decide which one is right for you. Our picks: Thrive Market, Instacart, Shipt, and HelloFresh.

Thrive Market

If you’re looking for a grocery delivery app that’s convenient, affordable, and offers an array of healthy foods, look no further than Thrive Market. The app offers an array of grocery items that can be ordered through the app and delivered to your door in as little as one hour. You can even sign up for a free, fifteen-minute market guide consultation over the phone.

This grocery delivery app offers a free 30-day trial for new customers, so you can decide whether or not to sign up for a full membership. After the trial period, you can cancel your membership at any time. Thrive offers a number of benefits to its members, including the ability to search for products by category and value. You can also view special deals and sponsor a family with a low-income level.

Thrive Market offers a wide range of organic and natural food items. They sell a variety of organic brands, as well as their own in-house brand. If you’re a health-conscious shopper who spends time researching healthy foods, are concerned about food allergies, or are looking for a way to buy organic food without spending a fortune, Thrive Market is a great option.

As an added bonus, Thrive Market also supports local farmers and food banks to reduce food waste. Their ethical sourcing policies ensure that you can rest assured that the produce you’re receiving is the freshest and most nutritious possible. And because they work directly with brands, they are also able to offer more affordable prices.

Imperfect Produce is another convenient app that delivers to the West Coast, Southwest, Midwest, and Northeast. Unlike many other grocery delivery apps, it doesn’t require membership or service fees. And you can cancel anytime. Another great feature is Umamicart, an Asian grocery store. You can get everything from noodles to grains and tou and other Asian staples.


Instacart is one of the leading online grocery services in North America. Its network covers 85% of the US and 65% of Canada. The app offers more than 300,000 items and has tie-ups with a range of major grocery chains. The service has raised six rounds of funding and is expected to hit a billion dollar valuation by 2019.

The app has a convenient shopping list feature and allows you to make substitutions. Delivery is usually within an hour and prices are estimated for each order. A free trial allows you to try it out before making a purchase. Instacart is available for iOS and Android devices. You can even sign up to be an Instacart+ member to receive free delivery over $35.

Instacart offers grocery delivery from more than 600 retailers across the US and Canada. You can order from grocery stores, drug stores, pet supply stores, and liquor stores. Instacart delivers to 85% of US and 75% of Canadian households. It offers delivery in nearly every major city, including the Washington, DC metro area. Prices vary depending on the retailer, but you’ll typically pay a higher price compared to regular store prices.

Instacart offers groceries and other items from over 40,000 retailers in 5,500 cities across all 50 states. There is no minimum order size and you don’t have to pay a monthly membership fee. For those who have a larger grocery list, Instacart’s service is the best option. However, if you’re just shopping in one store or don’t need same-day delivery, you can always save money by using other grocery delivery services.

Instacart pays its workers per delivery. You can earn as much as $25 per hour, depending on the number of orders and distance you cover.


If you’re looking for a convenient way to get your groceries, Shipt is the app for you. The app allows you to choose which stores deliver to your location and which products you want shipped. You can also select substitution preferences and specify a specific time when the items should arrive. Currently, Shipt delivers from over 100 retail stores in the U.S. You can use the app during store hours or anytime during the day to place an order.

You can use the app to order groceries, household essentials, and even beauty supplies. Most items are delivered within an hour, and you can even schedule same-day delivery for certain items. The app also allows you to tip the professional shopper who will deliver your groceries. Moreover, the app is available in over 5,000 U.S. cities, making it accessible to over 80% of households.

Another great feature of Shipt is that you can order different items at the same time, so you can save time. You can also add a note about your preferences for specific items, such as the type of food you want. Shipt is also available in over 290 cities, so you can use it almost anywhere you live. You can even get a $10 credit from referrals.

If you’re new to Shipt, you may want to pay a one-time membership fee for $14 per month or $99. For this, you’ll get unlimited deliveries, and you can even tip your shopper through the app.


Whether you’re in need of some groceries or are a foodie who doesn’t have the time to go shopping, HelloFresh is here to help. Its meal kits are perfect for single meals, and they include a wide range of meat, seasonal produce, and legumes. If you’re on a diet, HelloFresh even offers meals that can help you stay on track.

The app’s menu is diverse and features more than 40 recipes per week. The meals are reasonably priced and are kid-friendly. Parents will appreciate that the meals can be prepared in as little as 30 minutes. They can even invite older children to help out in the kitchen because the recipes are easy-to-follow and packed with vegetables and global flavors.

Another feature that makes HelloFresh stand out from other meal kits is its meal plan. You can even sign up for a vegetarian or vegan meal plan if you’d like to eat healthier. It also offers recipes and ingredient lists for over 70 different items. And if you’d rather not cook from scratch, the app offers pre-measured ingredients and recipe cards so you can enjoy your meals right away.

HelloFresh’s meal plans are family-friendly, with portions that won’t leave you feeling hungry. Plus, they’re all under 650 calories, so they’re easy to make and affordable for families. You can even switch out ingredients and change the meal plan whenever you want. This app allows you to manage your weekly meal subscriptions easily.


Safeway has a convenient grocery delivery app for smartphone users. This app lets customers create a virtual shopping cart and schedule a delivery slot. It also lets customers use digital coupons and pay for items online. Using the app makes grocery shopping easier than ever. Users can search for items by category or department to find what they want and then add them to their shopping bag. Once they have added the items they want, they can adjust the quantities and select a preferred payment option.

The app is free to download and includes convenient features such as the Safeway Rewards program. It allows users to earn points for eligible purchases and receive personalized weekly deals. You can also manage your shopping list through the app, which you can access at any time. The app also offers grocery delivery and pick up services.

Safeway Delivery is not available in all areas; you must live in a zip code that Safeway has. For this option to work, you need to order at least $30 of groceries. This minimum amount is the subtotal before taxes. In addition to that, you must pay a delivery fee. Safeway delivery fees vary between $7 and $17, depending on how far the driver travels and how long it takes to deliver your order. For most people, however, the cost is just under $10 per delivery.

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