Which Hearing Aids Are Best For Tinnitus?

Written By: Evan Winzenried

Which hearing aids are best for tinnitus

If you’re wondering which hearing aids are best for tin-nitus, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll talk about the Phonak ReSound ONE and Widex Moment with Zen tones, as well as Signia’s Tinnitus SoundSupport technology. We’ll also look at some of the benefits and drawbacks of the two most popular hearing aids.

Widex Moment with Zen tones

The Zen tones are based on the mathematical system of fractals. These sounds have varying Pitch, Tempo, and Intensity. These tones are also known as Zen noise. The sound can be combined with regular hearing aid programs or static maskers. Using these devices can help reduce your tinnitus symptoms. These hearing aids are a great way to improve your quality of life and decrease the frequency and severity of your tinnitus.

This unique Widex program produces a soothing sound background through Fractal tones inspired by calming music. This calming effect is intended to help tinnitus sufferers reduce their stress and anxiety. The Zen App has been specifically designed for tinnitus treatment and is free to download. You can also use the Widex Moment with Zen tones to find out what music works best for you.

The Zen tones are designed to be audible and do not interfere with conversational speech. A study of Zen tones has also shown that fractal tones reduce tinnitus sufferers’ anxiety, and thereby help them reduce their tinnitus. However, the benefits of Zen tones for tinnitus go beyond mere reduction in tinnitus symptoms.

The Widex Moment with Zen tones hearing aid for tinnitus uses music to reduce the annoyance caused by tinnitus. Music is known to reduce tinnitus annoyance, but the repetitive nature of music is hard to avoid. Moreover, music may become habitual. So, the Zen tones are both dichotic and audible.

Phonak’s frequency response

The Phonak Paradise line of hearing aids is the last product on our list. This manufacturer also took a similar approach to Oticon when it comes to tinnitus treatment. While Phonak offers fewer features and treatment options, its technology offers more flexibility. Phonak’s tinnitus feature, called Tinnitus Balance, is activated by the audiologist on the Phonak Target software.

Researchers used thirteen speech files based on sentences spoken by a female talker. The speech files each featured variable high-frequency characteristics, including three cut-off frequencies and four gain settings. The stimuli were presented to the subjects via a master hearing aid, with settings matched to DSL I/O v5.0 prescriptive targets. Each subject chose a sentence that interfered the most with their tinnitus.

The ReSound program is the most versatile of the tinnitus programs, offering more freedom of control and flexibility for both the patient and the audiologist. This software provides a wide variety of masking sounds, and can be triggered through the ReSound Smart Fit software. These devices are available in various styles and technology levels. Typically, these devices use two categories of masking sounds, one for each ear.

ReSound ONE

ReSound ONE hearing aids for people with tinnitus offer a number of benefits over standard devices. Unlike most other hearing aids, the ReSound app allows you to program the device’s settings to be more personalized and centered on the sounds that matter most. The hearing aids’ app also allows you to save your favorite settings so that you can access them whenever you want. With the ReSound app, you can easily set up the device to suit your own needs, and if you need to, you can also send it to your audiologist. The app also keeps track of your hearing instruments so you never lose them again.

ReSound ONE hearing aids for those with tinnitus include a built-in app that streams tinnitus-relief audio to your hearing aid. This app can be used by people who have tinnitus or by anyone else who suffers from ringing in the ears. The app also has a tinnitus management program that teaches you how to manage your condition.

The ReSound ONE tinnitus-related sounds include chimes that soothe and reduce anxiety and stress. These sounds are far more pleasant than the hissing and broadband noises that other hearing aids use. Before deciding to purchase a hearing aid, however, you should consult a hearing-care professional to rule out any underlying problems. ReSound offers a 45-day risk-free trial, as well as a one-to-four-year warranty.

ReSound has extensive distribution and partnership networks in all major countries, with a network of partner audiologists in all 50 states. In addition to its own distributors, the company offers online services. However, you can also choose to use third-party hearing aid specialists who can help you acquire your device. However, you should make sure that the company you choose is accredited and has a track record of quality control.

Signia’s Tinnitus SoundSupport

Oticon’s Tinnitus SoundSuppport hearing aids can help you combat tinnitus by combining white noise with ocean sounds. Using the free Oticon ON App for Android and iPhone, you can also adjust masking sounds to suit your specific needs. Signia has been a leader in tinnitus hearing aid technology for over 15 years.

Tinnitus is a common symptom of hearing loss, and is often accompanied by ringing in the ears. Noise, such as television commercials, radios, and traffic, can fuel the ringing in the ears and make it difficult to follow conversations. Tinnitus can also keep you from getting a restful night’s sleep.

Signia’s Tinnitus Notch Therapy is an innovative treatment for tonal tinnitus that works through a neural pathway. This method, unlike masking sounds, trains the brain to ignore tinnitus. Signia’s Tinnitus SoundSupport hearing aids for tinnitus can be used in a wide range of situations. Signia does not sell their hearing aids directly to consumers, but does provide them to hearing healthcare professionals and hearing rehabilitation centers.

When choosing a hearing aid for tinnitus, it’s important to consider how the noises affect your day-to-day life. Are they more noticeable during the day? Are there certain noises that help you deal with the symptoms? Tinnitus SoundSupport hearing aids help you determine what type of sound is causing your tinnitus. A good hearing aid will also help you control the stress that is associated with the condition.

For those who need to get rid of the ringing in their ears, Signia’s Tinnitus Therapy includes a therapy signal generator that targets the frequency of tinnitus sounds and reduces the level of stress associated with them. Signia’s Tinnitus SoundSupport hearing aids are available in several different models, such as Ace, Pure, Motion, and Insio.

Starkey’s Livio AI

The next generation of Starkey’s Livio AI hearing assistance devices is a rechargeable, custom-molded hearing aid with advanced environmental monitoring, fall detection warnings, body movement tracking, geotagging, and remote programming. This hearing aid was designed for moderate to severe hearing loss, challenging environments, and those who need high-end functions. Its technology helps users control volume and sensitivity in challenging listening environments, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The Starkey Livio hearing aids come in four styles and are available with rechargeable and disposable batteries. Rechargeable Livio AI devices last for up to 24 hours on a single charge. They integrate with an app to adjust the settings of the hearing aids, and they have fall detection and video chat capabilities for enhanced patient care. You can also use Starkey’s free ReSound app to customize your soundscape.

While tinnitus doesn’t have a single cause, doctors often don’t know what triggers it. The best treatments are those that offer a combination of sound therapy, hearing aids, and other clinically proven solutions. To learn more about the latest innovations in hearing aids for tinnitus, contact an authorized Starkey professional.

The Livio Edge AI has all the features of the Livio AI, plus two-way audio for hands-free calls. The Livio AI also has the option to stream phone calls and audio from smartphones. Those with tinnitus will appreciate the rechargeable battery option. Moreover, the Livio AI is also compatible with iPhones and iPads.

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