Which App is Safe For Girls?

Which app is safe for girls

If you’re concerned about the safety of girls using the internet, you should check out the My SafetiPin app and the Avoy app. These two apps are aimed at protecting young girls from sexual harassment. In addition to being free and easy to use, both apps also come with many additional benefits.

My SafetiPin

The Delhi-based app My SafetiPin can help girls stay safe in public spaces. It uses GPS location to calculate the safety score of a location and sends alerts through notifications. It can also call emergency contact numbers with a single click. It works with existing city services to ensure that girls are safe in their surroundings.

The app collects data from Uber taxis, crowd-sourced data from women, and information on unsafe spaces. It then uses this information to create safety ratings for public spaces. These scores can be shared with relevant stakeholders. Women can use these scores to stay safe and prevent violence against them.

The My Safetipin app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play or Apple app store. Users can also complete a safety audit, a participatory survey to gauge the safety of public spaces. Users can also add information and ratings on places that were unsafe for women or girls.

The Safetipin app has been operational in 50 cities in India and 29 cities worldwide for eight years and has partnered with different organizations. It is a founding member of the Global Coalition on Public Spaces for Women and is supported by a community of over 100,000 members. It has a goal of creating gender-friendly cities worldwide.

Avoy app

The Avoy app is safe for girls and contains many useful features. For example, it contains emergency helpline numbers and Government information services. It also provides information on important national and international policies, and different types of violence against women. The app also features a girls’ directory and resources for women.

It also provides a link to the nearest police station so girls can report crimes immediately. Avoy is an app that has been designed to keep girls safe in crowded areas. This application is available in southern Bangladesh, including Barisal, and includes features such as Nearby Police Station. It is important to know that you should always have someone to turn to in case you see someone acting strangely.

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