What is the off season for cruises?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

If you want to avoid crowds, drive at the beginning of May or at the end of August. Some lines offer longer repositioning cruises in May and September. If you can take the time, these are the best daily allowances ever. From December to February, temperatures are warm and have the least rain. That is all supply and demand, of course.

Families want to go on a cruise ship in summer as the kids are at school in spring and fall. Take advantage of schedule restrictions and save hundreds of dollars on the same itinerary. Availability is also much better in autumn. Popular summer cruises sell out quickly or offer a selection of rooms that don’t suit your needs.


You could use the savings to book a larger room in autumn for the price of a smaller room during the busier summer. We are now entering peak season for many cruise lines and destinations, particularly the Caribbean and other beach destinations. This is when you get to experience the biggest crowds and the most expensive cruises. This itinerary doesn’t have any significant off-season after the peak season, as people also like to head north in September and October to watch the leaves change color.


The best times to cruise on this itinerary are April and May and October. At the end of October, all leaves are gone, and so will the cruise ships by November. The best time of year to book a cruise is often January to March. During this time, also known as wave season, industry-wide sales are made and the price of the cruise you’ve been dreaming of can drop significantly.

It’s also a good time to find booking promotions such as free upgrades, prepaid tips, or money on board. As any seasoned traveller knows, you can often find lower prices or free add-ons as the departure date approaches and the shipping company fills the ship. You can spend less if you book a Caribbean cruise during hurricane season. Only buy travel insurance if Mother Nature has other plans for you. While March is spring for people in the northern hemisphere, many travelers prefer off-season cruises in the southern hemisphere.

All-Year Cruises

If you can pick up and set off anytime, you’ll find great benefits when you book an off-season cruise off peak season. As you might expect, the low season before the peak season is April-May, and this is the cheapest time to travel around New England and Canada. While there are general peak and off-season cruises, every passenger has their own preferences. Wave season may be a popular time to find cruise deals, but not every company releases their best deals and promotions during this period.

So there is no off-season or low-season for an Alaska cruise; it is either Alaska season or it isn’t. Plus, tourist stores in Alaska close for winter on this last cruise of the season, and you can buy jewelry and souvenirs for half the price or even less. The cheapest times to cruise are during this off-season, and that’s when you can save the most money on cruise prices. Unfortunately, the prices for a summer cruise are slightly twice as high and may triple the prices during the off-season.

The Caribbean cruise season lasts from the beginning of September to the end of June of the following year and is therefore a destination almost all year round.


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