What is the cheapest time of year to go on a caribbean cruise?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

January, May, September, October or early December When it comes to getting the lowest price for Caribbean Cruise ship sailing, it’s about cruises when school is on or during hurricane season (1. June to 30. Hurricane season is the most economical time to cruise in the Caribbean, from September to October. January and February are good months to sail in the Caribbean. Since the Caribbean has the most cruise ships and five cruise terminals in Florida alone, there are plenty of offers.

This itinerary has no significant off-season after the peak season, as people also like to head north in September and October to see how the leaves change color. The best times to cruise on this itinerary are April and May and October. At the end of October, all leaves are gone, and so will the cruise ships by November. To avoid peak season, the best time for a Caribbean cruise is from November to early December.

While every cruise offers intimate experiences, during this time, you can take quieter beaches or deeper tours through the Mayan ruins on expeditions. Not to mention that November and December offer various trips to help you escape the frosty Fahrenheit at home and dip your toes in the warm waters of a Caribbean winter. Enjoy seasonal onboard activities—like an elaborate Thanksgiving feast or a magical gingerbread house-making competition—and experience the Christmas season like never before. The truth is, there rarely seems to be a difference in what you end up paying for a cruise based on sales.

I remember my girlfriend and her friends went to the Caribbean in October and they got a very good price. The most popular cruise packages are for seven to ten nights, which fits well into a two-week vacation window. You’re right about lower prices from the end of August to November for Caribbean cruises that sail from Galveston. In other words, if you can sail at the best time, your cruise can mean a huge discount on the top price.

Whether you want to swim down translucent rivers on a bamboo raft or zip line through lush rainforest roofs, the wonders of the Caribbean are ready for you to arrive. Mexico’s west coast, often referred to as the Mexican Riviera, is a popular destination for cruisers embarking from California ports. The summer holidays at school therefore take place from mid-December to the end of January and coincide with the busiest and most expensive time for cruises. Large ships with space for thousands of guests cost less per passenger than smaller ships with only a few hundred passengers. That’s why the biggest cruise lines and the biggest cruise lines offer the best deals.

If that wasn’t enough to convince you to buy as early as possible, you should also keep in mind that waiting until closer to the cruise date doesn’t always save you money. It will be an expensive trip between the time it takes to travel (even partial transit takes more than ten days) and the astronomical fees that cruise lines have to pay to enter the canal. Airfare prices are complementary to cruises as many people (particularly here in the USA) have easy access to cruise ports. A spring cruise to Canada and New England can be delightful, and you’ll save money by sailing in May before school starts and the really nice summer weather sets in.

The best time to cruise through Alaska is when the weather is nice, during the midsummer months of June to August. Experienced cruisers know that booking a cruise directly with the travel agency company is a great way to get the best price and everyone should know that they need to book early to get the best deals.



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