What is the cheapest month to go on a cruise?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Royal Caribbean closes its cruise season in April or May. So if you can go on a cruise, you’ll find some great deals. In addition, November is generally a less popular month. If you cruise before school starts at the start of the season, you’ll get a cheap fare to enjoy Alaska’s breathtaking natural beauty. The real incentive is the multitude of bonuses that cruise lines add to their promotions, making it hard to miss out on booking a cruise (or three).

The cruise season in the Mediterranean lasts from March to November, with the summer months being the most popular among holiday families. The option to cross the Panama Canal on a cruise is a bucket list trip for many travelers. You can often find a cruise that is much cheaper than any October sail if you choose the right week. Think of the places where you want to cruise and take a look at the specific cruise lines, itineraries, and dates that you get on

cruises in Asia are becoming increasingly popular for Western holidaymakers who want to experience the region’s rich culture and scenic beauty first-hand. So if you don’t mind cooler weather overall, save some money and drive at the start or end of the season. Of course, the coronavirus pandemic has also led some travelers to postpone their cruise plans or opt for trips further in advance. Planning your cruise for the start of the season in March or April, or a cruise at the end of November, is the best way to save money on a Mediterranean cruise.

However, if you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can often find discounted cruises if you’re sailing during off-peak hours. Prices fluctuate depending on the itinerary, age of the ship, type of cruise and how fast you want the ship to sail. Temperatures in Australian port cities are moderate but rainy. So bring a rain jacket and umbrella and you can enjoy discounted cruise prices this time of year. If you’ve had your eye on a cruise vacation, now is the perfect time to get a prize and see what kind of Special Wave Season deal you can secure.

Write down the current rate per passenger and any available discounts for the cruises that interest you the most.


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