What Firmness of Mattress is Best For Side Sleepers?

Written By: Lorraine Rowen

If you’re a side sleeper, you’ll likely want a firmer mattress than a soft one. A firm mattress is a minimum of seven on the firmness scale. Softer mattresses tend to give more support, but people who are larger or heavier will sink deeper into a softer mattress. You should consider the firmness of a mattress before buying one. Here are some tips to help you find the right one.


Whether you’re a back or side sleeper, the WinkBed comes in three firmness levels: soft, medium, and plush. Depending on your weight, the soft version might be best for you. If you’re heavier, however, you may prefer the plush, firmer WinkBed. Alternatively, you can opt for the luxury firm model, which provides a plush feel.

Depending on how much you weigh, the soft, medium, or firm version might be ideal for you. The soft, medium, and luxury firm versions feature an additional inch of foam on top. The soft version also contains two layers of anti-sag foam and a 2.5-inch layer of pure latex. Despite the difference in firmness, the WinkBed soft mattress is still a good choice for side sleepers.

In addition to the comfort layer, the luxury firm WinkBed includes a gel-infused pillow top. Tencel is a natural eucalyptus-based material that wicks away heat and reduces heat transfer. In addition, the WinkBed’s pocketed coils also offer back support and localized pressure point relief. A three-layer version is also available.

In general, the Soft, Luxury, and Plus options are suitable for back, side, and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers with an average weight should choose the Softer version. The Luxury firm, however, should accommodate back sleepers of all weight classes. For those over 230 pounds, a firmer model or the PLUS model may be best. However, it’s important to keep in mind that each type of sleeper needs a different firmness level.


The Nectar’s premium foam construction is designed to deliver appropriate weight distribution and pressure-relieving support. The top comfort layer is made of gel memory foam, which is cooling yet still contouring to the body. The Nectar’s base layer is made of seven inches of high-density foam. This foam is a certified CertiPUR-US product. While this mattress is made for side sleepers, it is firm enough for back sleepers.

Side sleepers face unique challenges, and this is where memory foam comes into play. Memory foam beds are great at isolating pressure points, as the foam layers work to absorb the motion and reduce it from transferring across the surface. The Nectar Mattress provides excellent support and comfort for side sleepers because it is made entirely of foam, and its 3-inch layer is specifically designed to contour the body from head to toe.

While the Nectar has a medium firmness, people with heavier weights may find it too soft for them. If they weigh more than 300 pounds, they may have to add a firmer mattress to compensate. It’s not a good idea for a side sleeper to be overweight, since it can cause their hips and shoulders to sink into the mattress, putting a lot of strain on their lower backs.


If you are a heavier side sleeper, then you should go with the Saatva Firm. If you are a lighter side sleeper, then you can try the Plush Soft. However, if you are a heavy side sleeper, you might want to consider the Saatva Luxury Firm. Back sleepers need a mattress that is firm but provides good cushioning for the lower back. A firm mattress is important for back sleepers because they put concentrated pressure on the mattress and risk sinking into it.

The Saatva Classic is a luxurious hybrid mattress that focuses on all-over comfort and support. Its firmest model is best for side sleepers and back sleepers. The Plush Soft model is a great choice for stomach and combination sleepers, but the Luxury Firm model is best for back sleepers. Both models have a high level of cushion and are perfect for side sleepers. Saatva offers a one-year trial period.

The Saatva Classic offers multiple firmness and thickness options. The dual coil construction of the Saatva ensures strong edge support. It also comes with a 15-year warranty. It is a bit on the expensive side, but it offers a 180-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. While it is a solid investment, it might be too firm for some shoppers.


It can feel like you’re on the hunt for a cryptid when you’re looking for the perfect mattress for side sleepers. While there isn’t a single “perfect” mattress for everyone, there are a few key features that can help you find the perfect one. Aside from firmness, there are other important features to look for when choosing a new mattress, and the Casper mattress has all of them.

While the medium firmness of the Casper mattress is great for side sleepers, it may not be right for heavier individuals. For example, a heavier side sleeper may need more firmness to prevent their hips from sinking too far into the mattress. In that case, a hybrid mattress might be better. While the Casper Hybrid is a great option for side sleepers, it may be too soft for heavy stomach sleepers. They may sink too far into the bed, which can result in painful hips and spine alignment.

The company offers free shipping to most of the U.S. and Canada, but extra shipping fees may apply for orders shipped to other countries. Casper mattresses are shipped via UPS or FedEx and come compressed in plastic. Unpacking instructions are included. Customers are responsible for setting up the mattress when it arrives. Shipping is usually fast – the mattress ships within one or two business days, with tracking numbers for the customer’s convenience. Please be aware that delivery may be delayed during holidays and inclement weather, so ordering early is recommended.


Leesa mattresses come in a variety of firmnesses, making it difficult to decide which is best for you. This article will explain what to look for in a firm mattress for side sleepers. Leesa mattresses come with a 10-year warranty. This warranty covers all manufacturing defects, including deep body impressions, cracks in the foam, sagging due to bed frame, and normal softening. It will also cover off-gassing odors, and repair or replacement of a defective mattress.

You can purchase a Leesa mattress directly from the company’s website. You can also visit select Pottery Barn and West Elm stores for a test-drive. Leesa Dream Gallery locations are located in New York City and Virginia Beach. The Leesa company offers both white glove and regular delivery services. However, local delivery contractors vary greatly, and about a quarter of white glove customers have experienced problems with their service. In addition, their mattresses have suffered from shipping damage or other issues.

Heavyweight back sleepers may experience adequate support from the base foam layer of the Leesa mattress. However, those weighing over 300 pounds may feel too much pressure. For such a person, a Leesa hybrid or Legend mattress with coils would be better options. A side sleeper that weighs less than 300 pounds should also have no problems finding a firm Leesa mattress. A larger side sleeper, on the other hand, may feel extreme pressure on their hips and shoulders.

Brooklyn Bedding

Brooklyn Bedding is an online mattress powerhouse that sells quality beds at affordable prices. The company manufactures all of its mattresses in its own Arizona factory, cutting out the middleman and resulting in a higher-quality mattress than you can buy in stores. Their Signature mattress is their best-selling product, and the company also offers a cooling bed called the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora. Their beds are also available in a variety of firmness levels, and the company also sells other items like pillows and foundations.

Another great feature of Brooklyn Bedding mattresses is their risk-free return policy. Most companies require customers to pay for return shipping and require a break-in period before they can return a mattress. Brooklyn Bedding’s marketing makes many strong claims, including zero-risk return policies and no-drama returns. Still, their return policies could benefit from more flexibility and communication. The company’s 30-day risk-free trial and 10-year warranty are two other benefits of Brooklyn Bedding.

There is also a 120-night trial period for Brooklyn Bedding mattresses. The company asks customers to test the mattresses for 30 days before returning them. If they don’t like it, Brooklyn Bedding will send a free mattress topper instead. You may also ask them to send you a free shipping label for the mattress topper. If you are unhappy with the mattress, you can contact them to return the product within a year, as long as it is still under the warranty period.

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