What Do Locksmiths Use to Open Doors?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

If you’ve ever locked yourself out of your house or are worried about breaking into your house, you might want to know what tools locksmiths use to open doors. Here are some of them: Hex key, Trip wire, Bobby pin lock pick, and Tension wrench. When a key breaks, a locksmith will remove it and cut a new one that fits the lock. This method is very common and is also used to make duplicate keys.

Tension wrench

A tension wrench is a device that locksmiths use to open doors. It works by applying a bit of pressure on the pins on the outside of the lock to force them to open. This can be done using either a flat head screwdriver or a larger drill bit.

what do locksmiths use to open doors

A locksmith’s tension wrench is usually used to open a door with a flat lock. The key pin will be pulled toward the shear line, and the tension wrench will cause the lock to open. In addition, a flat lock requires a flat blade knife and a flat wrench.

When you’re trying to open a door with a tension wrench, make sure that you’re using the proper pressure to get the pins to move. It’s important to remember that a lot of pressure will likely break the locking pins, so you need to be gentle and not put too much pressure on them. In some cases, gentle pressure on the keyway will also be enough to shift the plug.

Hex key

A hex key (also known as an Allen key or Allen wrench) is a small hand-held tool that locksmiths use to open doors. These tools come in a variety of sizes and have hexagonal tips. They’re useful for opening locks, but they can also be used to unlock doors. For interior doors, a hex wrench fits into a hole in the handle and can be turned to open it.

A typical Hex key is two or three inches long and is made with a hex file. The hex file is usually made from a sanded steel disc. The hex key is a very strong, long-lasting key, and it can withstand extreme temperatures. A hex key can be used in a variety of locks, and is very common in the professional locksmith industry.

Trip wire

Trip wire is a common method used by locksmiths to unlock locked doors. It works by inserting the wire through a gap between the door and doorjamb. The wire can be inserted horizontally or vertically through the door. If the door has power door locks, the control is typically located on the passenger side.

Locksmiths use a variety of tools to open doors. Some tools are traditional, while others have become more sophisticated. Trip wires are made of high-grade steel and are razor-thin, allowing them to fit in any size keyway. They are also durable enough to retain their shape even after repeated use. Another type of tool used by locksmiths is the hex key, which is used to remove the cylinder and lock.

Bobby pin lock pick

If you’re locked out and need to open a door fast, you may need a locksmith. However, there are many ways to open a door yourself. If you have a bobby pin or hairpin, you can easily open a lock with a few turns and wiggles.

Bobby pins are essentially long, bent pins that a locksmith uses to open doors. You can bend these pins into a “pick” by bending them and making a 90-degree angle in the middle. You can also use a razor blade or knife to cut the rubber tip off. Once you’ve cut away the rubber tip, you can use your fingernail or teeth to push the bobby pin into the lock.

Bobby pin lock picks are used to open doors that have tumbler mechanisms. The process is not as easy as it looks. To successfully use a bobby pin, you must first determine which type of lock you’re trying to open.

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