What Background Check Sites Are Legit?

What background check sites are legit

There are several background check sites, but only a few are legitimate and worth using. You can do a quick Google search but it won’t yield much information. You might get social media profiles, but their privacy settings don’t let you see sensitive data like criminal records or DMV records. It won’t even give you the person’s educational history. Therefore, you should use a reputable company.


Insperity is a well-known company that provides businesses with human resource and business solutions. The company has been in business for 30 years, providing services that help some of the largest companies in the country grow and thrive. They have a fast and easy verification process, with most employees being verified in as little as 24 hours. They have 56 offices across the United States. They can be found online. Insperity’s customer service is renowned, and they offer a toll-free helpline and an online form for inquiries. However, the company promises to respond to queries within 24 hours.

ID True

While ID True background check sites aren’t FCRA-certified, they are still legit. Their site has unlimited reports and you can search for anyone, even people you don’t know, from your long-lost cousin to a sex offender. The site is mobile-friendly, and has a wealth of information available to you. You can view criminal records, sex offender reports, marriage and divorce records, and possible associates of anyone you want to find.


While Intelius may seem like a good option for people who are looking to conduct a background check on someone, its pricing practices are questionable. They claim to provide comprehensive reports, but users have complained about the reports being inaccurate or outdated, and the reports being more basic than promised. Users reported that they only received a single piece of information – the person’s current address – when they paid for a full background check. It seemed unfair to charge a fee for information they could have obtained for free.


A legitimate background check site should have many features, including the ability to find out a person’s previous jobs and employment history. It should also have information about their schooling, relationships, and other information that can help you protect yourself from predators. The membership level of PeopleFinder depends on the level of search you are after. You can choose to perform a basic background check or a comprehensive one that includes everything from criminal records to liens.


GoodHire and other legit background check services can be used for your screening purposes before you hire someone. Such sites provide comprehensive information about the person you’re interested in including employment, credit, criminal and license records. The free trials offered by these services have limited data sources, and most of them use automated searches without human review. This results in duplicate criminal records. However, some good background check sites do offer manual check systems.


A lawsuit alleging that Checkr made errors has cost several people their jobs. According to the lawsuit, Checkr mistakenly linked a man applying for an Uber job to a murder conviction that belonged to a person with the same name. Another lawsuit says Checkr matched the man to an old criminal record when he was actually exonerated. It doesn’t seem clear if Checkr’s mistakes were due to human error, but some lawsuits have pointed to the company’s poor quality control.

Instant Checkmate

Unlike many background check sites, Instant Checkmate actually has some useful features. You can search for inmates if you know the person’s full name and the last known location. The database is updated every 24 hours, which means you’ll never miss a record update. It’s also worth noting that Instant Checkmate provides comprehensive manual directories and top-notch customer support. Their commitment to educate and entertain their subscribers is another plus. For instance, the user interface provides easy-to-use tools that allow you to sort the results by alphabetically or by state and city.

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