What Are the 7 Layers of the Aura?

What are the 7 layers of the aura

Aura is the energy field around our body. This field of energy is comprised of seven major layers. The first three layers relate to body issues, and the fourth layer relates to affinity with the spirit world. The outer layers reflect our spiritual essence. We move from layer to layer as energy flows throughout our body. We experience this energy as an energetic field. There are many different ways to experience our aura. You may feel a physical, emotional, or spiritual aura.

Celestial Layer Body (Emotional Aspect)

Auras are made up of several layers. The first layer is the Etheric Template, which is about one to two feet above the physical body. This layer contains the blueprint of the physical world, as well as its identity and personality. This layer is connected to the throat chakra. The colour of this layer varies, and it is most visible in people who are active. It is also more visible when a person is sick, as it indicates the physical body is suffering from some illness or trauma.

The fifth layer of the aura is called the etheric template. This layer is where creativity and communication happen. A strong fifth layer shows that you are an excellent communicator. Similarly, a strong sixth layer indicates that you are a creative person. The sixth layer of the aura represents your visual senses and indicates how you view the world. Your intuition is also represented in this layer.

The fourth layer is the Mental Body. It is the emotional aspect of the aura. It is connected to the sacral chakra and radiates rainbow-colored light. However, when a person is under a lot of emotional stress, the emotional body layer becomes muddy. Therefore, the first and third layers are influenced by the emotional body. However, it is important to remember that both layers are interconnected.

The fourth layer is also important. This layer connects the second and third layers. This layer is connected to the heart and is a bridge between the physical and spiritual world. The emotional aura is also linked to the third eye chakra. When it is muddy, the emotional aura is likely affected by trauma and emotional stress. A bright and balanced fourth layer is more likely to be a beautiful pink color.

The sixth layer is the Celestial Layer. It extends two to three feet from the body and is connected to the third eye chakra. This layer contains feelings of unconditional love and oneness. It can connect with the spirit world and receive angelic messages. The color of the Celestial Layer is pearly white. It is the layer that connects you to the Divine. If you are interested in exploring the layers of your aura, learn how to connect with this layer.

An individual’s aura is composed of several layers. Each layer has a distinct geometric pattern, color, and frequency. The layers of the aura are constantly programmed with information by your thoughts, physical health, and mental awareness. Each layer can grow or shrink depending on your present actions and mood. So, when a person has an energy field surrounding them, it is difficult to ignore it.

Astral Body (Mental Aspect)

The astral body, or etheric body, is a multidimensional structure encompassing seven layers. It consists of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. These layers are influenced by our thoughts and emotions and are responsible for forming our physical bodies. The first four layers of the astral body represent our physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects. This is the most visible layer. It is responsible for reflecting our physical emotions and moods.

The physical etheric layer is the closest to the physical body and can be seen during energy healing sessions. It is bluish-white in color and connects to the root chakra. This layer connects to the heart and is considered the bridge between the physical and the spiritual worlds. The emotional layer extends about four inches beyond the first layers. It is related to our emotions and can produce elaborate fireworks displays if we are feeling love.

The deeper body is composed of the intellect. It permeates the other layers and takes on the same form. By creating awareness of our mental and emotional states, we can free ourselves of unhealthy thought patterns and actions. Self-control and awareness are two key tools to developing this kind of astral awareness. And with this awareness comes freedom. It’s time to get rid of your fears and shackles that bind you in your physical body.

The second layer of the astral body is called the mental body, and is located outside the physical body. It holds your mental processes and mental regulations. Each layer of the astral body is characterized by a distinctive vibration and it grows from the inside to the outside. Physical wellness affects the human aura. Healthy people have a thick energy field with powerful vibrations, while stressed people are weak in that area.

The outer ring is comprised of auric fields, which emit colors and vibrations. The first three layers are connected to the physical body, and the last two are connected to the astral plane. The sixth layer is the etheric body. These layers are similar to the layers of the physical body, and are often associated with physical and mental health. It is also the most visible layer.

The astral body connects the physical, emotional, and mental aspects. It is the bridge between these two planes. In addition, the astral body contains the most dense and lowest vibrational frequencies. Astral bodies are made up of more subtle energy than the physical body. However, they are all interrelated and influence the physical world. So, understanding the seven layers of the astral body helps you understand the differences and benefits of each of them.

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