What Are Good Online Therapy Sites?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

What are good online therapy sites

If you’re looking for online therapy, there are several options to consider. Some of these include BetterHelp, ReGain, and Talkspace. Others, like Doctor on Demand, are more specialized. You may need to fill out a questionnaire before you begin using a site. The questionnaire will help the site match you with a licensed marriage and family therapist.


Talkspace is a good online therapy site that offers both text-based therapy and live chat. It allows you to schedule a session for up to 30 minutes with a licensed therapist. The therapists on Talkspace are board-certified, licensed, and have at least 3,000 hours of clinical experience. Additionally, all therapists are background checked.

First, users create a free account. Once done, they are taken to a private chat room where licensed mental health professionals will ask a series of questions. From there, the counselor will explain their therapy plans and answer any questions you have. Because the consultation is live, you can ask questions and receive feedback.

Users are guaranteed a response from their provider at least twice a day. However, they can also choose to have audio messages sent instead. Moreover, Talkspace guarantees that the therapists will respond within four to six business hours. The therapists’ working schedule is posted on their Talkspace profile, so you can select the most convenient one.

The site has an app and is HIPAA compliant. This means that if you are insured through an HIPPA, you won’t have to pay out of pocket for the sessions. However, the platform does have its fair share of negative reviews, including those from users who had issues navigating the app.

There are three subscription packages available from Talkspace, which you can choose based on your needs and geographic location. The messaging only subscription costs $69 a week, while the messaging plus live therapy package costs $129 a week. You can also sign up for a monthly, quarterly, or bi-annual membership. The messaging plan includes unlimited asynchronous messaging, daily responses, and video and audio messages.


BetterHelp’s website and app make it easy to find a counselor who specializes in your field. The site asks you to complete a questionnaire that takes around 30 minutes, which matches you with a therapist in your area. You can also browse the directory of available therapists. One important thing to note is that you must have a fast internet connection, as you will have to use a camera for video sessions.

BetterHelp also works hard to protect its users’ privacy. It asks users to provide documentation of their identity and license, which it crosses-checks against state licensing boards. BetterHelp also claims to scramble all data, making it unreadable in the event of a breach.

BetterHelp also allows users to participate in group sessions called Groupinars, which are therapist-led educational seminars. Members can sign up for these sessions and have access to a calendar showing the topics of the week. During these sessions, members can use the “chat” feature to ask questions to the therapist. The therapists will answer questions during the live session, or during a Q&A session. BetterHelp also allows users to record the Groupinars, and they can access them for a week after the event.

Another great benefit of BetterHelp is that it offers affordable rates for users. The rates are comparable to in-person therapy and other online therapy sites. There are also financial aid programs available to lower the cost. However, you need to know your financial situation and what you can afford before signing up for the services.

BetterHelp also allows users to switch therapists if needed. This helps clients find the best therapist for their particular needs. Moreover, BetterHelp matches users with therapists who are qualified and trained to help them deal with their mental health issues.


ReGain is one of the best options for couples seeking online therapy. Its therapists are licensed mental health professionals specializing in relationship counseling. Some are also marriage and family counselors or cognitive behavioral therapists. Users of ReGain can meet with one of these therapists either in person or virtually via video or phone sessions.

The therapists at ReGain are available around the clock, so the sessions are available whenever a client desires. The website also allows you to exchange messages with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The therapist will then contact you on the day of the session to set up an appointment. Each session lasts around thirty to forty-five minutes.

You can choose the type of therapist that suits your needs and preferences. Some online therapy websites automatically match users with therapists, while others allow you to browse through therapist bios. Although both approaches have their benefits, automatic matching is faster and easier because algorithms are sophisticated enough to recognize potential matches. However, some people still prefer to be in control, and online therapy websites should allow you to switch therapists if necessary.

ReGain is a subscription-based online counseling service that offers counseling to couples or individuals. It offers 24/7 access to experienced counselors to help identify and treat problems in relationships. The site also offers tools to keep you on track with your progress. When you decide to enroll in ReGain, you can choose the plan that suits your needs and budget.

ReGain matches its users with a marriage and family therapist. This may take some time depending on the therapist’s caseload. However, the platform allows users to change therapists without penalty. In addition to this, ReGain offers a free live session with a marriage and family therapist.

Doctor on Demand

Doctor on Demand is an online therapy site that allows you to see a licensed therapist from the convenience of your own home. The site offers a variety of services, including trauma-informed therapy. The site also offers therapists who specialize in treating specific age groups, such as children and teenagers. Users of Doctor on Demand report high satisfaction levels with the service, and 88% of users plan to use it again within a year.

Doctor on Demand is a great option for those suffering from depression and other mental illnesses. You can see a therapist over the phone or online, and you’ll also be able to order labs and screenings through the website. The site provides treatment for a variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, trauma, and postpartum depression. Additionally, the site offers behavioral therapy sessions, and doctors are available nationwide.

Other online therapy sites include BetterHelp, which has been around for nine years and is one of the most popular online services. These therapists are available to work with individuals, families, and couples, and the site features a unique system for matching clients with the best therapist for their specific needs. Some online therapists also offer video conferencing services, which are very convenient for those who are unable to see their therapists in person.

While these sites have a variety of therapists, you should check the state requirements before making an appointment. There are some limitations to this online service, and if you live in a state with a mental health provider that requires a license, you may have to pay more for therapy.


Calmerry is a popular online therapy platform that offers several communication options. For people who have social anxiety or sensory processing differences, text-based therapy may be an appealing option. It is also a good choice if you need to keep your conversation private. The company also offers a free trial to new users.

The subscription plans are fairly inexpensive compared to other online therapy platforms. You can choose a weekly package or a monthly subscription, depending on how many sessions you need. The basic package is $42 a week and includes unlimited messages from licensed counselors. It also offers live video sessions.

Calmerry allows you to cancel your subscription if you’re not happy with the service. You can also pause your subscription at any time. However, you cannot cancel the subscription once you’ve started sending messages or video sessions with your therapist. You can also get a partial or full refund if you change your mind. Calmerry is also HIPAA-compliant and offers privacy.

Calmerry works by matching you with a therapist based on your profile. Once you’ve completed the initial questionnaire, a team will match you with a therapist who has the right qualifications for your needs. You can change your therapist if you need to, but most users meet with several before finding a therapist who works best for them.

Calmerry matches you with a licensed therapist based on your location and symptoms. It’s easy to use the website and the app, and you can even request a different therapist if you’re not happy with the therapist you’re working with. The system also allows you to keep a journal and schedule reminders to write journal entries.

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