USA People Search Review

USA People Search review

USA People Search is a name-based search engine that lets you find a person’s information by name, email address, or phone number. US Search will generate a long list of search results when you enter the person’s information into their website. This service does not have a paywall for the initial search. After the initial search, you will need to pay to see the results. However, once you have paid, you can view the results for any individual.


USA People Search TruthFinder lets you do background checks on anyone from any jurisdiction in minutes. The site’s database contains millions of public records and allows you to enter any name into the search box to see who is on it. You can also perform a phone number lookup to see what people have been up to online. While this service does have a few downsides, it’s generally a good choice for background checks. Unlike other paid services, however, you won’t be forced to pay for a subscription.

The fact that USA People Search has access to millions of public records and multiple sources means that it’s more reliable than other background check sites. Its streamlined website scourses these records to come up with an informative report. The site’s reliability is above average, but you should still take care with any people search service. All of them have duplicated information and missing data. Therefore, you should make sure that the report you get is accurate before making any decisions based on the information.


The basic steps of using Intelius are simple. You enter the search subject’s name and location, and the site will begin searching through records. The site may ask you for additional information before providing the results. You will receive a loading screen and a prompt warning you of potentially graphic content. These screens appear regardless of the type of information you’re looking for, and they are not always indicative of what the report will contain.

The company’s background check service is particularly impressive. It includes general information, individual legal documents, criminal records, and dark web records. While it’s not perfect, this service has a huge database and a wealth of information on people. You can easily find employment, address, and other personal information for people in your life. You can even find someone’s social security number, if you know the person’s name.

Intelius’ pricing structure is unclear. There’s no way to see the exact price of their service online, but customer support representatives said that you can find it in the small print on your receipt. If you don’t read the fine print, you still consent to their service. The company also took money from reviewers’ accounts without notifying them. That’s unacceptable! And it’s not just the lack of transparency and accountability in their pricing.

Another benefit of Intelius is its wide range of searches. It’s possible to get basic information for free, but you’ll need to pay to access more detailed reports. However, the subscription fees are lower than the average people search website. In addition, Intelius’ free people search is great for dating and finding lost friends. And you can even use it to research a new property. Despite this, you can always opt out of a risky identity situation by signing up for their subscription.

Another bonus of Intelius is its huge database of information. Many records are available to the public, but it’s impossible to manually track this information. Intelius can produce this information in a matter of minutes. However, there are other disadvantages to Intelius. Its customer service is inconsistent, and cancellation policies are difficult to understand. Even though Intelius’s pricing structure is reasonable, you should always read the fine print. In any case, it’s a great option for basic background checks.


For those looking for a people search that works fast, BeenVerified may be the tool you’re looking for. This company collects public data records and aggregates them for their users. You can search using a person’s name, address, phone number, email, social media handle, or VIN. You can also download a report, though it’s worth noting that the records won’t be as detailed as a paid people search.

To cancel your subscription, you must contact BeenVerified customer service. You can do so via phone, email, or a contact form. You’ll need to cancel the service before the next billing cycle if you don’t want to continue receiving emails. While you’re not guaranteed a refund, you’ll receive an email confirming your cancellation. If you are unhappy with your subscription, contact the company to get a refund.

You can use BeenVerified to search multiple public records for free. It uses millions of records and offers an easy-to-understand report. It’s great for people who want to check the background of a potential partner on a dating website, look for long-lost friends, or run background checks on their employees. You can also run multiple searches at once, and the website’s customer support representatives are available seven days a week. The company is also working on a service that can help businesses.

The BeenVerified people search service is a great way to find out background information about anyone living in the US. Its user interface is easy to navigate and gives you results quickly. Other people search services take a long time to give you results. All you need to do is enter a person’s first and last name and the state they live in. Then, you’ll get access to all relevant information about that person, including social media accounts, professional records, address history, and more.

If you are thinking of using US People Search to trace a stranger, you should be aware of the costs. Its basic People Search costs less than $3, but the premium service comes with more details. For that price, you will receive criminal records, marriage records, and more. There are only some limits: states where this service does not cover are Delaware, North and South Dakota, Vermont, and Wyoming. For those of you who are on a budget, the one-time People Search will get you the information you’re after.

The customer funnel is a common complaint about people search sites. It makes users wait for their results, then requires them to input credit card information to access their report. While this is convenient, it is not entirely legal and should not be used for employment or credit decisions. If you are unsure of the right method for a background check, US Search’s FAQ section will give you all the information you need to know. The company’s customer service team will answer your questions and address any issues you may have.

The US Search interface is fairly simple, but not streamlined. It has options for searches by address, phone number, and other types of information. The interface offers multiple tabs for people searches, including criminal records, background checks, and more. You can even search for a person’s name and email address without having to pay a cent. While there is a small paywall, you can browse through a list of people you’re interested in and only have to pay when you’re ready to access the full report of an individual.

US Search’s report contains basic personal information, including past addresses, properties owned, and criminal records. It also includes contact information, including email addresses, social media handles, and even the state where a person lives. These reports can be very useful in finding a long-lost relative or old friend. If you need a more detailed report, US People Search may be the right choice. If you’re in need of a background check, US People Search can help you do it.

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