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If you are considering trying out US Search, read our review to discover what this company offers. We’ve found it offers a variety of search reports on people, including background checks, property searches, social media profiles surveys, and more. We also found its customer support snippy and price unclear, but the quality of its reports and results are good. The drawbacks? Well, we’ll get to that in a moment.

Customer service is snippy

If you’re planning on using US Search to conduct a background check on someone, there are a few things you should know. First, it doesn’t have a 24-hour hotline or mobile app. Second, US Search is hesitant to process legitimate refund requests. Third, it doesn’t have a free trial option. Luckily, they have a monthly subscription option, but this only covers unlimited People Searches and Reverse Phone Lookups, and you’ll have to pay extra for any other reports.

However, despite their snippy attitude toward refund requests, US Search’s reports are generally fairly accurate. However, they are prone to omitting important information, like a full name. Fortunately, it’s possible to request a refund, although this might result in an automatic sign-up for an OmniSearch membership. There have also been complaints from users that USSearch sells their user data to other companies.

US Search is a reliable middle-of-the-road background-check site. In 1994, the Bellevue, Washington-based company was one of the first to offer information online and carved out a comfortable niche for itself. Since then, it has been a trusted source for verifying people’s backgrounds and locating missing persons. US Search also strives to ensure that the information provided is accurate.

Price is opaque

In our US search review, we found that US Search’s pricing is opaque. However, you can use its a la carte features to test the waters before you decide to subscribe to a paid service. For example, the paid version of US Search provides access to criminal and marriage records for 11 states, but not the 43 others. Hence, you could use US Search to check someone’s background for free, but it’s important to understand that it isn’t available in some states, including Colorado, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, North, South, and Wyoming.

Despite this, US Search is a cheap service that provides a variety of features and mostly accurate information. Customers who use US Search are able to enjoy the money-back guarantee policy and the option to order one report without a membership. The latter makes US Search particularly useful for one-off searches. While the people search service provides satisfactory results, its lack of modern features, an employment and education history, and a streamlined interface have raised questions about its legitimacy.

US Search’s website is well organized, and it offers comprehensive FAQ pages for common questions. Moreover, users can submit a customer support request if they aren’t satisfied with the service’s answers to their questions. As a result, the company has won over many customers. However, price is the main concern. US Search also offers a few other benefits. The website is very easy to use and the results propagate quickly.

Pricing is often opaque in a US search review. A company may charge a high starting price for a product, but offer a discounted rate to other users. Likewise, a discount based on age and channel-based differences can be opaque. Similarly, a geographical difference can be opaque, and not all users will respond to it. It is therefore important to evaluate the pricing policies of US search firms.

Quality of results is good

A US Search review is good if you want basic information on a person. These reports include past addresses, properties owned, criminal records, contact information, and social media handles. If you’re looking for long-lost relatives or friends, a US Search review can help you find them. However, if you’re looking for detailed information, this service may be a waste of time. The quality of results is generally high.

The service is not perfect, but it does have its positives. The free version is limited when it comes to the number of records it can produce. Its premium plans have more information than free versions. The most popular plan includes access to marriage and criminal records for eleven states, including Delaware, Maine, and Massachusetts. However, it doesn’t cover North and South Dakota, Vermont, or Wyoming. And it doesn’t verify any details about an individual’s employment history or educational attainment.

If you’re looking for an affordable background check tool, US Search is one of the best options out there. While it doesn’t excel in all areas, it shines in others. It’s an excellent choice if you want a simple search or a one-off check. However, keep in mind that US Search is not BBB-accredited. It’s still worth checking out for its reasonable pricing and useful features.

It’s not easy to agree on a rating of a search result. If you’re new to this kind of project, you may find it difficult to agree on a common criterion. In any case, a moderator will review your comments and help you find a consensus. There’s no perfect system, but it is a great place to begin. This way, you can make sure that the search quality is good and that it doesn’t cause any problems.

Access to records is limited

The government may deny access to certain kinds of records when it has reason to believe that doing so will cause substantial harm to an individual or another person. This may include records that relate to health problems, including COVID. Similarly, the government may deny access to certain kinds of information if it believes that the information may be used to commit fraud or espionage. Nevertheless, there are some limitations to this law.

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