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TruthFinder is a comprehensive criminal background check website in the U.S You can easily screen anyone’s criminal history, verify address, do reverse email checks, and reverse phone number lookup. The security of your personal information is assured through a secure SSL certification and 128-bit encryption. As for its drawbacks, since it is not free, it requires a subscription and continuous updates.

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The people search is great, however, an email lookup search seems pretty expensive. The reverse phone lookup service is very cheap and affordable.
The people search is great, however, an email lookup search seems pretty expensive. The reverse phone lookup service is very cheap and affordable.
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Truthfinder background check

Truthfinder reviews show its mission is to deliver the most comprehensive information possible, and it also offers an affordable price. The company offers a mobile app, reverse phone lookup, and online background check services.The app also has several features, including the Reverse Phone Lookup Tool.

Pros & Cons

TruthFinder review reveals that their website is a great resource with educational articles and blog posts, as well as tips for staying safe online. The company also takes customer service seriously, offering live support and email support 24 hours a day.

While most reverse phone lookup services are extremely expensive, the TruthFinder app is considerably cheaper at only $4.99 a month. It also offers the flexibility to control and monitor what data is made public. As such, it’s a good choice for anyone who is concerned about privacy.

Its database is vast, with hundreds of millions of public records. This data is gathered from sources like criminal court records, licensing databases, and professional association databases. In addition, it includes data from telephone directories. However, the service lacks the ability to access commercial records, and it doesn’t provide an estimate of how often it updates its database.

Truth Finder Reviews

The Truth finder background check service can be used to check a person’s criminal records. The service can also search the Internet for an individual’s presence and provide contact details of social media profiles, and even information about their current vehicle. The service is extremely user-friendly and does not require technical assistance to use it.

It allows you to remain anonymous while searching for information about people. It searches through hundreds of millions of public records.

Truthfinder is one of the most widely used background check services available online. It’s simple to use and can search through millions of public records.

The Truthfinder’s background check service includes millions of data points that provide a detailed background check reports on a person’s public records. This information can include arrest records, marriage records, divorce records, professional licenses, and even bankruptcies. In addition to these public records, the service also reviews birth certificates, liens, and property records and updates them regularly.

truthfinders reviews

Truthfinder Ratings on Consumer Affairs

Consumer affairs give TruthFinder 4.5 out of five stars and ratings for its consumer protection services. Users praise its confidentiality, promptness, thoroughness, and ease of use.

The Better Business Bureau says it has a high level of customer service and extensive information. With more than 300 customer ratings, Truthfinder is an option to consider for personal credit cleaning. If you’re looking for a background checks service, TruthFinder may be the right choice.

No demo for public records

There is no free trial for TruthFinder, the service is paid and has no one-month unlimited background quota, and the subscription is ongoing until the user cancels. You should use it only for legal purposes, and not as a personal information-gathering tool.

Truthfinder Monthly subscription

To use the TruthFinder platform, you must subscribe to a paid membership. A monthly subscription is available for $28.

You can also use TruthFinder’s verified reverse phone lookup or email lookup services to confirm your suspicions. just like most background check websites, truth finder has a convenient user interface, its monthly subscription is mandatory. To make it even more useful, the site offers continuous updates.

How much do Truthfinder services cost?

The price of the TruthFinder monthly subscription is very affordable, You can perform unlimited background checks but the downside is that it auto-renews every three months.

  • People search costs $28.05 per month.
  • Reverse phone lookup costs $4.99 per month.
  • Reverse email lookup costs $29.73 per month.

You will need to cancel your Truthfinder subscription manually or wait until the billing date to stop the auto-renewal. Although some users have complained about the auto-renewing membership, you can always cancel your membership by going to your ‘Membership Settings’ tab. After you have signed up, you will receive a confirmation email that will let you know that you can cancel your subscription.

Accuracy of Information

You can search for a person’s name and address through the deep web to see what information it can find. There are four options available via Truthfinder paid service: People Search, Public Records, Background Checks, and Dark Web Search. The latter is a separate feature that costs extra. Using the website’s search engine, you can find out a person’s criminal, court, and social media activities. TruthFinder can even search the deep web for criminal records.

However, you can never guarantee the accuracy of any information found with the help of any background search service. Some of these databases contain inaccurate or outdated information.

Customer service

The customer service department at TruthFinder is as impressive as the product itself. While submitting a concern in the Help Box on the company’s website will get limited assistance, the team is also available by toll-free phone or official email. The help desk is located in Los Angeles and is available Monday through Friday from 5 am to 10 pm PST and 8 am to 1 am EST. Although there isn’t a live chat feature, you can always call the company for more information.

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