The Best Trading Platform For Day Traders

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

best trading platform day traders

As a day trader, you have to choose the best trading platform for your skill-set and investing style. Traditional assets are a great place to start because they are generally held for many years and don’t require complex technical analysis. But as your skill-set and experience level grow, you will need a more complex platform.


The best trading platform for day traders is a program that offers many features and is easy to use. Interactive Brokers offers an easy-to-use desktop platform, mobile app, and web platform. It also offers advanced order management tools and customizable charts. It also lets you trade whenever and wherever you want.

Day traders place a high value on the quality of their trades, so it’s essential that the platform they use offers fast execution and real-time price quotes. Additionally, the data that they receive must be clean and error-free, since data errors could cost you thousands of dollars. Most day traders test several trading platforms before deciding on a specific one. They also compare margin rates, commissions, and other fees before making a decision.

While many day traders are looking for features that let them make trades faster, most of these platforms offer a lot of features that buy-and-hold investors might not need. For example, level 2 quotes give day traders a better understanding of the liquidity of the market. Other important features include fast execution and direct routing. Many of these platforms also support numerous drawing tools, as well as around 100 technical indicators.


The Plus500 trading platform offers users a number of features that help them make informed decisions about their investments. Its charting tool is a standout feature, offering 119 technical indicators. You can also save and view multiple charts simultaneously. The platform also includes a well-designed economic calendar and market analyses. However, there are some shortcomings. You may find it difficult to access all the features you need at once.

The platform offers a variety of currencies, but there is no list of all the currencies you can trade in. You need to deposit at least $100 to get started. Plus500 does not offer a demo account, so you must be able to use the platform before making a deposit.

Interactive Brokers

If you’re a day trader, Interactive Brokers should be your go-to trading platform. It offers a wide variety of assets, efficient order execution, and competitive costs. It also offers robust tools for technical analysis, allowing users to apply their studies to assets across markets. If you’re more casual with your trading, you can try their Lite plan, which does not require a minimum balance.

Interactive Brokers offers an advanced trading platform, as well as a reputable brand name. It has an innovative pricing plan that offers volume discounts of up to 90%. It also provides over 200 research and news services. You can also use the Trader Workstation platform, which assists more analytical traders. It has access to streaming information, 190 news sources, and technical support, which can help you make informed decisions on stocks. The company also offers a no-commission price plan, which offers the same basic features as the Pro plan, but costs a fraction of the commission.


The Tastyworks trading platform is an excellent choice for day traders. The platform is easy to use, powerful, and includes many advanced tools. It is also customizable, and features a desktop and web version. The desktop version has a streamlined interface, while the web version is more complex. The trading platform has a wide variety of tools and features, including options chains, price alerts, and a clear portfolio.

Tastyworks is a multi-asset trading platform that allows you to trade multiple instruments simultaneously. The platform is similar to TD Ameritrade but features a web-based platform. This browser-based trading platform has many features and functions similar to the download platform. It also features a light-footprint design that makes it easy to use.

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