The Best Social Trading Sites

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

best social trading sites

If you’re looking for the best social trading sites, there are a few you should know about. We’ve covered eToro, Myfxbook Autotrade, Collective2, and Tradency. But there’s a caveat. Don’t copy every self-proclaimed trader on the platform – some are just not worth following. That’s why social trading websites have come up with professional trader qualifications based on factors like winning percentages, maximum drawdown, portfolio diversification, and invested amounts.


eToro is one of the more popular social trading sites. This platform offers free commission trading and claims to have high-tech customer support. It also supports a range of different commodities. Its website includes forums, blogs, chats, and insights from top traders. Users can also join trading contests and participate in community activities.

eToro has a number of innovative features, including CopyTrader, which lets users copy other traders’ portfolios. Users can copy the trades of other successful traders by selecting the ones they want to follow. This will help them gain experience and insight from these traders. The eToro copy trading feature has over six million users.

Myfxbook Autotrade

One of the main disadvantages of Myfxbook Autotrade is the lack of risk/money management tools. The service can’t allocate a specific percentage of your capital to a particular system, which means you won’t be protected from a significant drawdown. Another disadvantage is the lack of advanced trading systems, such as scalping. In addition, the platform doesn’t allow you to follow more than one system at one time, which makes it difficult to follow high-risk systems.

Despite these shortcomings, Myfxbook AutoTrade offers a variety of features that make it a valuable addition to a social trading platform. For example, you can view reviews from other users. In addition, you can publish the results of your own technical analysis. This can help you generate trading signals.


Tradency social trading site offers a community-based platform for copy trading, where users can see other investors’ portfolios, analyze their trades, read news feeds, and develop investment relationships. The transparency of this platform can help traders improve their trading strategies. In addition, they can copy a trader’s moves, making it easy for them to develop their own strategies.

The company has been around for over a decade, and it is considered one of the pioneers of social trading. Unlike other social trading sites, Tradency does not charge users a subscription fee. However, traders still pay their brokers a cut of the trades they make.


One of the top social trading sites is Collective2. But it isn’t the only one. It offers a variety of trading features, from copy trading to social trading and more. It’s also regulated and a household name. If you’re interested in joining this site, here are some reasons to do so.

Collective2 has a good reputation among stock brokers. It offers tools that are constantly updated and introduced to make trading easier and more profitable. It uses its proprietary Smart Portfolios to help traders analyze the market and make the right trades. It also offers tools for automated trading, and an API interface for developers.


You can start earning extra income by joining the MetaTrader social trading site and copying other traders’ trades. This service allows you to learn from a professional trader’s strategies and gain extra trading experience. However, you should keep in mind that it’s not a guaranteed profit and there are some risks involved, such as limited capital.

In order to use the MT4 social trading site, you will first need to register with a reliable trading platform and sign up for a subscription with your favorite signal provider. Once you’ve signed up and funded your account, you’ll need to find a good signal provider and learn how to copy their trades.


Sirix is a social trading site that allows you to connect with other traders and make trades on their market. Its platform is very user-friendly and allows you to open positions with one click. It also offers advanced charting and built-in advanced indicators. Its advanced trading tools include Bollinger bands, Ichimoku clouds, and Parabolic SAR.

Another great feature of Sirix is the social feed, where you can see and copy other traders’ trades. After a trader validates their order, a copy button will appear. Clicking this button opens a new window where you can copy their trade. Remember to manually close the trade or the risk/reward ratio may be different from the original order.


The iSystems social trading site is one of a handful of European-based social trading sites. These sites allow users to utilize the automated trading algorithms to purchase, sell, and trade securities. Traders can choose from more than 30 stock brokers on iSystems, including Halifax and Ninja Trader. However, it is important to remember that social trading is not regulated and you will not own the underlying assets. Therefore, it is important to read the broker’s disclosure documents before trading.

Before you can trade with iSystems, you must first setup an account with them. You can do this by logging into the site and activating your account. Next, you should choose the amount of futures contracts you wish to trade. Then, iSystems will begin to generate trading signals. If you are unhappy with the results, you can adjust the strategy settings.

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