The Best Locksmith Tools

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Locksmiths should be equipped with a wide range of tools. These include a key extractor, a hook pick, an SC20 lock pick set, and letterbox tool. Whether you’re a professional locksmith or a hobbyist, these tools can help you with your daily work. However, it is important to choose tools that are suitable for your needs.

Key extractor

best locksmith tools

If you have broken a key or have lost your key, one of the best locksmith tools you can purchase is a key extractor. An extractor hooks onto the broken part of a key and spins it to pull it out. You can also use a thin pair of pliers to grab the stuck part.

If you’ve ever tried to pry a broken key out of a lock, you know how frustrating it can be. Fortunately, there are several tools to make this task easier. The key extractor is one of the most useful of these tools because it will remove the broken segment of the key without damaging the lock. It also has the added benefit of removing any foreign objects that might have jammed inside the keyway, making it impossible to open the lock.

Hook pick

The hook pick is one of the most popular locksmith tools. Its simple function makes it a quick way to open a lock if you are missing your key or the key has broken. It also works with different types of locks, as they vary in size and shape. You can use different types of hook picks depending on the type of lock you are working on.

The half-diamond pick is a good balance between the short and deep hook. Its diamond-shaped end allows you to gently lift lock pins. It is larger than hook and rake picks and is harder to fit into a tighter lock.

SC20 lock pick set

If you need to unlock your car, one of the best locksmith tools you can have is the SC20 lock pick set. This set comes with six different tools for different types of keys and has different settings for each one. The Lishi SC20 is designed to work with multiple keyways, including the SC4 keyway and Schlage L master multiple keyways. The tool has an oval “Lishi” logo on it, and was designed by Mr. Li in 2000. It quickly gained a solid reputation among locksmiths worldwide.

Although most states don’t consider owning lock pick tools illegal, you should check your state’s laws before purchasing one. Some states consider it a felony to own lock pick tools, but you would need to prove you intended to commit a crime before they will prosecute you.

Letterbox tool

The Letterbox tool is one of the most advanced letterbox tools on the market. It has a compact design and a curved metal framework that offers more adaptability than most other tools. It also boasts a 360 degree turning principle and a push ‘n click mechanism. Moreover, it allows for multiple tool-heads to be connected with it.

Outside-In Lock Tools started production in April 2011. It was the result of a mishap, wherein Simon encountered a difficult lockout. Simon Barber, a Locksmith from Ipswich, Suffolk, came up with the idea of developing a tool that would help him overcome this problem. He later developed the SideWinder(r), which was an add-on to the Letterbox tool. Its rattling mechanism allowed the locksmith to easily bypass high-security letterboxes and security-plates.

Sparrows lock picks

Whether you’re a locksmith or just someone who likes to experiment with new tools, you’ll appreciate the dozens of options available from Sparrows Lock Picks. With a variety of materials, styles, and colors, Sparrows lock picks can be a great choice to make your locksmith job easier.

A good online source to purchase lock picks and other locksmith tools is LockPickShop, an extensive hardware store that ships tools worldwide. This website focuses on lock tools, including lock picks and jigglers. This site offers free shipping and expedited delivery within 5 to 6 days. They also ship internationally, and their guarantee will ensure you get the exact tools you need.

Peterson lock picks

If you’re a locksmith looking to invest in the best lock tools available, Peterson lock picks are an excellent option. These high quality tools are much stronger than their cheaper counterparts and require less sanding. Peterson picks also slide much easier because they’re made from electroless nickel metal.

Peterson lock picks can be obtained at any locksmith supply store, online or offline. Some locksmith supply stores offer free shipping if you spend more than $149. You can also purchase a duplicate set so you always have a pick handy.

What Tools Does a Locksmith Use?

locksmith will have a set of tools that will assist in the opening and closing of doors. This will include tools such as a key extractor and lock spinners. The key extractor will allow the locksmith to remove a broken key without damaging the lock. The lock spinner is an important tool because it allows the locksmith to rotate the locks in the proper direction. Rotating the locks in the wrong direction can delay the work and cause it to take longer. The plug spinner is another tool that helps the locksmith work more quickly.

City Rake

A city rake is a tool a lock picker uses to open a door. It’s shaped like a city skyline and works by applying pressure to the pins in the lock. It’s used to pick locks without professional tools, like a pick or nail. Hairpins are another popular tool used to pick locks.

The city rake is designed to be used in lock picking, as it is made from stainless steel. It can be used to open almost any type of lock. Its shape mimics a city skyline, while its tapered edge helps move pins. It’s also able to rotate around the lock’s profile. It’s most effective against locks that have long pins in the center and short pins at the front. However, it is not effective in lock picking if the pins are too close together.

Bogata Rake

The Bogata rake is a universal tool a locksmith uses to pick locks. It is fast, effective, and can pick all types of locks. However, it requires some training and technique to use it correctly. It is also a great tool to have for false-setting security pins.

The raking process involves moving multiple pins at once. Raking works best on locks with low security, and is much faster than single-pin picking. It is also easier to learn. Professional locksmiths typically use a rake when working with low-security locks.

The Bogota rake can be made with a double or triple peak design. Its shorter profile makes it more effective. A lockpicker can use a double or triple rake if they need to work with smaller keyways.

Lock Picking Guns

Lock picking guns are tools that a locksmith can use to break into a lock and gain access inside. These tools work by using a gun-like trigger mechanism to break the pins inside the lock. This trigger then sends the pick blade into the lock’s pin chambers, breaking the pins and causing them to shoot upward. These pick guns can also be used to get into door knobs, which are especially vulnerable to being broken off.

Lock picking guns come in two basic types: manual and electric. Manual pick guns are less effective than electric ones. Electric lockpick guns have needle mechanisms that strike the key pins several times a second. They also have digital controls that allow the operator to control the force of the lockpicking. Make sure to get a gun with adjustable settings and replaceable needles.

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