The Best IRA For Trading Stocks

best ira for trading stocks

Many of the best IRA brokerages offer individual stock trading for an inexpensive $0 fee. They also offer personalized features like linked bank accounts. For example, you can link your Merrill Edge investment account to your Bank of America checking account or your Schwab online bank account. There are also plenty of options out there for IRA brokerages.


If you want to invest in stocks, a Betterment IRA is a great option. The service uses Modern Portfolio Theory to optimize returns while minimizing risk. This investment strategy involves investing in a diverse pool of assets, which should help to minimize risk and stabilize returns over the long-term. It also includes a number of tools to help you invest.

Betterment asks you a series of questions to determine your risk tolerance and recommends investments based on these answers. The service also lets you set up an asset allocation tool to help you diversify your portfolio. Another convenient feature is the ability to link your checking account to your Betterment account. Once you do, you can transfer money whenever you like. You can also set up automated deposits.

Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab offers a number of benefits for traders. First, it offers a variety of low-cost mutual funds and index funds. Additionally, it doesn’t charge any transaction fee or commission for the purchase or sale of these funds. In addition, its minimum investment amount is only $100. This makes it one of the lowest-cost options for trading stocks. In addition, it offers a range of email updates and other useful features.

Schwab offers no-commission stock, ETF, or option trading. However, in December 2021, it changed the pricing for over-the-counter (OTC) trades. Currently, a commission of $6.95 applies. However, this rate is comparable to other brokers. Charles Schwab also offers free IRA accounts and free ACH transfers. However, withdrawals to other banks and investment companies will incur a fee of $25.

Merrill Edge

With Merrill Edge, you can build an effective portfolio and track your investment performance. The software is equipped with comprehensive reporting and analysis tools that you can access at any time. You can review your portfolio over time and compare its performance to the broader market. You can see your performance by holdings, sector, MSCI ESG scores, and more. The program is flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of user experience levels.

The company’s pricing structure is simple, with no minimum balance or minimum trade amount. In addition, it offers one-on-one guidance to clients. If you invest at least $20,000, you can also work with a Financial Solutions Advisor.


Using a Vanguard IRA for trading stocks offers a number of benefits. The company offers third-party research and daily market reports. These reports can help beginners find profitable investment opportunities, and they also teach the basics of stock analysis. For example, Vanguard offers reports from Thomson Reuters, Standard & Poor’s, and First Call. It also has a sector allocation analysis tool, which uses data from synced accounts to analyze sector performance.

While many other brokerage firms have eliminated account fees, Vanguard continues to charge $20 for non-registered accounts. However, this fee can be eliminated if you maintain more than $50,000 in Vanguard assets.

SoFi Invest

If you’re interested in trading stocks, SoFi Invest is a great option. It allows you to buy fractional shares of a stock for as little as $5 each. However, this service only offers this on certain stocks. If you only want to buy a $200 share of a stock, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

One of the major benefits of SoFi Invest is that it doesn’t charge any management fees for stocks. However, users will need to pay for the fees associated with ETFs. At the moment, these fees are low, but they can increase once fee waivers expire. Alternatively, you can consider joining a more established investment firm.

SoFi also offers free financial advice and a no-fee cash management account. This account offers 0.25% APY, which is higher than the average brick-and-mortar bank. Its low minimum account balance makes it easy to start investing. Also, you can get an account for as little as $1, making it a great option for people who are unsure about investing.

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