The Best Forex Brokers For Social Copy Trading

best forex brokers for social copy trading

If you are interested in social copy trading on forex, you can use one of the best forex brokers that allow you to copy other traders and make a profit as well. These forex brokers can be accessed online, and they offer a variety of features. Some of the most popular are eToro, Pepperstone, XTB, and OctaFX. Each of these brokers has its advantages and disadvantages, and each has something to offer.


eToro is a social trading platform that is one of the largest and most advanced of its kind. It is also known for its ease of use, low entry threshold, and beneficial trading conditions. It offers low spreads and a demo account for free, where you can trade with a virtual $100,000 account.

The minimum deposit required to copy a trader is $200, and eToro offers a number of filters that make it easy to find a suitable trader. Moreover, it does not require any profit-sharing arrangement. In addition, eToro offers a wide range of securities.

CPHequities, a popular eToro copy trader, has a diversified portfolio of stocks, with large positions in Apple, Microsoft, and Alphabet. It also has positions in EUR/USD and AUD/USD.


If you’re interested in social copy trading, Pepperstone Forex Brokers may be the place to go. They offer a mobile trading platform and social copy trading. They also have a Whistleblower Policy, which encourages users to report any suspicious activities. This gives them a good reputation for being a safe broker.

Pepperstone’s social copy trading platforms are highly customizable and user-friendly. This means you can use them to mirror other traders’ trades and improve your chances of profiting. There are also educational materials, videos, articles, and a demo account, which you can use to practice copy trading before you invest your money.

Pepperstone Forex Brokers has a social trading community that is made up of thousands of people from all around the world. They allow social trading in regulated markets, and they also let their users copy the investments of other users. This allows you to follow other traders’ trades without the need to build your own trading strategy.


Social copy trading can help you to learn and profit from the trading strategies of other people. This type of trading is also popularly known as social trading and it can be a more effective way to earn money than traditional trading services. This method is also more accessible than traditional trading services due to the power of the internet.

You can find a suitable trader by researching their profile. You can then click on Copy Open Trades and copy their current portfolio. This feature is free, but it requires a minimum deposit of $200. The best part of social copy trading is that you can choose a trader based on several criteria such as their historical ROI, risk rating, preferred asset class, maximum weekly and monthly drawdown, average trade duration, and more.


If you are looking for a forex broker that allows social copy trading, OctaFX is a good option. This broker has a variety of features, including an advanced trading system, low commissions, and a huge selection of assets. There are no minimum deposit amounts, and you can deposit using Visa, Skrill, or Neteller. In addition, OctaFX accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, and bank transfers.

OctaFX has an excellent mobile app for Android and iOS devices. The app provides a lightweight interface for managing your account and receiving alerts on market movements. It also offers an array of extra products, depending on your location. You may also benefit from the OctaFX Status Program, which rewards loyal subscribers with extra bonuses.


ZuluTrade is a forex broker that unites the world’s most experienced traders with everyday investors in a social trading environment. This unique platform allows you to copy the trades of others, communicate with them, and share your own experience. The service also offers semi-automatic trading, which is beneficial for novice traders.

However, there is a catch – ZuluTrade requires a fee. It is correlated with the level of service it offers. There is a 30$ monthly fee for the classic account, while a 25% commission is charged for profit sharing. Traders should be aware of this, as it can cut into their profits.

ZuluTrade offers access to over 90000 traders from 192 countries. It offers a highly advanced search engine to help you find traders who meet your specific trading criteria. You can also filter the traders by maximum drawdown, number of trades, and experience. You can also manage your list of potential candidates using a tool called UserLists.

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