ShareAble For Hires Review

ShareAble for Hires review

This ShareAble for Hires review will discuss the self-service platform that makes hiring candidates easy. The platform is easy to use and is cost-effective. It uses TransUnion reports to determine applicant background information. It has a positive rating with employers and job seekers alike. Unlike some similar self-service platforms, ShareAble for Hires does not require the user to provide credit card information or other personal information. Moreover, ShareAble for Hires offers an option to keep personal information confidential.

ShareAble for Hires is a self-service platform

ShareAble for Hires is a convenient and cost-effective way to perform a thorough background check on a prospective employee. The service provides you with a credit report from TransUnion, one of the three major consumer credit bureaus, which contains more than 230 million consumer files. This report includes the prospective hire’s past employment, debts, and entire credit history. It also shows you detailed information about each creditor.

It is easy to get started with ShareAble for Hires. You must sign up for an account to use the service. Registration is free and takes less than a minute. In the short registration process, you are asked to enter your name, email address, and business address. You can also skip the registration process and request reports directly from the website. There are several features to choose from once you’ve created an account, including an in-depth help center and a Twitter account.

If you’re a small business owner, you’ll benefit from ShareAble for Hires. It gives small businesses the power to make informed hiring decisions by giving them access to comprehensive criminal records, credit reports, and identity verification reports. The platform is easy to use, so if you need one-time services, you can do so. The self-service platform is designed to provide a fast, convenient solution for hiring the best candidates.

One of the greatest advantages of ShareAble for Hires is its ease of use. You can sign up for a free account and manage all your applicant applications from one dashboard. Additionally, there is no set-up fee or monthly fee, and you can get results immediately. ShareAble for Hires has a simple pay-per-use pricing structure, and its features start at $2 per feature.

It uses TransUnion reports

This service is free to use and meets the legal standards set forth by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. ShareAble for Hires uses reports from TransUnion, a reputable consumer reporting bureau with over 40 years of experience. This website uses a match logic algorithm to ensure that your prospective hires have the correct information and are eligible for the position. It also offers a comprehensive database that includes more than 400 million public records.

While many pre-employment background checks can be inefficient, expensive, or require special credentials to access, ShareAble for Hires removes many of these roadblocks to hire the right employee. With ShareAble, both prospective employees and employers can share their personal information securely and receive a report that details any issues a prospective employee may have. Using TransUnion ShareAble can drastically increase the speed of pre-employment screenings.

With ShareAble, applicants can quickly and easily submit personal information and receive background checks within minutes. Once completed, they receive an email confirming their consent to screening. ShareAble then checks the TransUnion reports to ensure that the provided SSN has not been used in a death benefit claim. This service is most useful for small businesses that are seeking to hire people quickly, but may not have the resources to access TransUnion reports.

The service is streamlined to provide employers with comprehensive screenings without the hassle of hiring managers. Its affordable pricing model makes it accessible for small business owners as well. All it takes is a computer or mobile device, internet access, and a free account to use With ShareAble, companies can access TransUnion reports without the need to pay a subscription or set up any special software.

It is cost-effective

ShareAble for Hires is a comprehensive background check solution that can provide employers with reliable and fast information about their new hires. Its services include background checks on criminal history, credit history, and identity theft. These reports are available in less than a minute online. When you use this service, you consent to share your information with TransUnion and get a copy of the report. You can view this report at no cost until July 2020.

ShareAble for Hires is a cost-effective and comprehensive background screening solution that can perform a background check on a potential employee. ShareAble’s database includes more than 370 million criminal records and information from federal databases and organizations. It uses new technology algorithms to ensure the accuracy of the data it finds. The results show the number of felonies associated with an applicant, as well as the court actions that led to that history.

TransUnion’s ShareAble for Hires service is backed by its 40-year-old track record and database of 230 million credit files and 370 million criminal records. It generates detailed reports that help businesses make the best hiring decisions. Its cost-effectiveness and high-quality reports are just a few of its benefits. However, the cost-effectiveness of ShareAble for Hires should not be underestimated. The software will give your small business access to critical information in a matter of minutes.

When it comes to screening applicants, ShareAble for Hires has a comprehensive screening process that complies with GLBA and FCRA guidelines. Furthermore, its screening process is FCRA-compliant, ensuring that you don’t fall foul of state consumer reporting laws. It also scourses databases to ensure accuracy. All in all, ShareAble for Hires is a cost-effective option for employers seeking a comprehensive background check on prospective employees.

It is easy to use

Using ShareAble for Hires is simple. After submitting the candidate’s information, the system will search TransUnion databases for fraudulent data. If any is found, an alert will be sent to the employer. If the SSN provided is already in use for death benefits, it will also be flagged. Whether or not a potential employee is a good fit for your company depends on the results of the background check.

Signing up for ShareAble for Hires is simple and quick. It will only take a few minutes to create an account. You will need to enter some personal information like name and email address, as well as business address. You can also opt to receive reports via email instead. Afterward, all you need to do is approve or deny the applicant’s application. You will then receive a report containing their background check results.

A comprehensive credit report is a great tool to use when hiring employees. TransUnion’s database contains over 230 million consumer credit files. This allows ShareAble for Hires to reveal any past employment, debt, or other information about an applicant. The reports include detailed information on past creditors, as well as payment history. Having access to this information allows you to make informed hiring decisions. Ultimately, ShareAble for Hires is easy to use.

Once you have screened an applicant, you can use ShareAble for Hires to check for any criminal records. It scans over 370 million criminal records, including federal databases. The data is displayed in an easy-to-read report with a detailed explanation of any court actions. This information is also free for you to use. Once you’ve verified the information, shareAble for Hires will send you a copy of the background report so you can make informed decisions.

It is compliant

In addition to allowing small businesses to hire people who may have adverse credit histories, ShareAble for Hires complies with FCRA and GLBA standards. ShareAble for Hires collects personal information from its users only when they give them permission to do so. Specifically, this occurs through purchases, newsletter subscriptions, and contest entries. The company may also collect information about the applicant’s name, current and/or billing address, SSN, date of birth, credit card number, and personal information about visits.

ShareAble for Hires collects personal information via a website. All information is encrypted with the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, which ensures the privacy of your personal information. ShareAble will only use this information with your permission to market related products and provide you with other offers. You can opt out of receiving this information at any time. However, there are no refunds available for ShareAble for Hires. In case you are not satisfied with your experience, you can contact customer support for more information.

ShareAble for Hires is compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and state consumer reporting laws. Its reports are compliant with these laws and allow employers to hire people quickly and easily. Additionally, ShareAble for Hires is compatible with mobile devices, making it easy for your employees to complete the screening process on the go. The company relies on TransUnion, a leading credit reporting agency, to generate reports for business owners.

When choosing between ShareAble for Hires and other paid alternatives, remember that the cost per report will vary depending on your usage. ShareAble for Hires is more affordable and faster, but it does not come with any free trials or demos. There is no refund policy, but they do offer regular discounts on their products. Basic and Plus costs $25 and $40 respectively. So, it’s worth checking out ShareAble for Hires.

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