Service Plus Home Warranty Review

service plus home warranty review

When searching for a service plus home warranty review, it is important to read the fine print. In this article, we’ll discuss the limits of coverage, the cancellation policy, the online claims process, and price. As always, we also offer a Price comparison chart. Despite these facts, we can’t give you a definitive answer. Nevertheless, we hope these tips will help you make an informed decision.

Coverage limits

You might be tempted to sign up for a ServicePlus Home Warranty plan if you’re considering a new home. After all, the warranty provider offers limited-time discounts on the coverage contract. However, if you’d like to make sure your home is fully covered, call the company during normal business hours to request a claim. ServicePlus home warranty coverage limits vary by plan, and you can also find a free quote online. Simply enter your zip code, name, and phone number to receive a quote, and then click “submit” to fill out a service agreement.

Most of the plans come with a $1,500 coverage limit, but there are several ways to customize the coverage. Even the most basic plan will not cover all appliances, including a refrigerator or clothes washer. ServicePlus also offers multiple coverage add-ons that can provide extra coverage. In order to determine which plan will provide you the best value, read the ServicePlus home warranty coverage limits carefully. Likewise, you should also check the exclusions and charges for covered items. A sample service agreement will give you a comprehensive list of exclusions.

Unlike some plans, ServicePlus home warranty coverage limits will vary from plan to plan. The Gold Plan covers major home systems and appliances, but does not cover kitchen refrigerators. The Platinum Plan covers everything in the Gold Plan, but includes more items, including air conditioning and heating. The Platinum plan also covers optional items, such as water softeners, well pumps, and central vacuums. However, if you own a pool or a spa, you may want to consider purchasing the optional coverage for that extra cash.

ServicePlus Home Warranty is an excellent choice for homeowners. Previously called Total Home Protection, it offers two comprehensive plans and is backed by insured and pre-screened service technicians. Customer support is available through its claims department and a convenient online portal, which is available around the clock. The reviews at Home Media look at cost, coverage limits, and customer satisfaction. The ServicePlus Home Warranty website provides valuable information about their warranty plan. It also has a customer reviews section, which is an invaluable resource when purchasing a new home warranty.

Cancellation policy

A ServicePlus home warranty begins 30 days after contract fees have been paid and enrollment is complete. This waiting period applies to any covered items in your home, and after the warranty starts, you cannot make a claim until that time. However, if the problem was a result of a previous ServicePlus home warranty, this time period may be waived. You should call the company for more information. Otherwise, the policy may be void.

As a new company in the home warranty market, ServicePlus has already gained a positive reputation among many homeowners. However, it is still important to understand the plan’s cancellation policy before signing on the dotted line. The service provider has published its terms of service, which are industry standard. Ideally, the policy would allow you to cancel the coverage within the first year of purchase if you don’t like it or need it.

In addition to the coverage plans, ServicePlus offers other benefits. In addition to its basic home warranty coverage, it covers additional items, such as air conditioning, heating systems, and other appliances. Additionally, ServicePlus has a 24/7 claims department, which is helpful in case of a problem. Lastly, the company maintains a positive relationship with customers through their online customer portal and claims department. You can contact the customer service department any time of the day or night through this portal.

There are some important things to consider before signing up for a ServicePlus home warranty. There are limits on the items covered. For example, the most basic ServicePlus plan doesn’t cover air conditioners over five tons. Also, the plan excludes certain mechanical parts such as registers, water towers, and window units. Similarly, the plan has other limits. The most basic plan doesn’t cover a refrigerator or clothes washer.

Online claims process

You may be wondering if the ServicePlus home warranty online claims process is simple and straightforward. To begin, you need to make a phone call to ServicePlus. The process is quick and easy. Typically, you can file a claim within one day of the breakage. After you submit the claim, a ServicePlus technician will contact you to arrange a service appointment. You may have to pay a service fee if you want to receive an expedited repair.

The BBB’s website offers helpful resources for consumers, such as reviews of the ServicePlus home warranty. It also offers a list of common issues covered by each plan. Consumers can find the number of complaints filed with the BBB. While the BBB does not recommend any particular home warranty company, there are over 200 positive reviews on the website. Almost half of these reviews talk about how easy it is to file a claim. Several other reviews are critical, pointing out that a homeowner was denied his or her claim.

Another thing to consider is the size of your claim. The ServicePlus Gold Plan covers most appliances and major systems in your home, but does not cover everything. Kitchen refrigerators and air conditioning aren’t covered, but other items can be added for a small fee. If you own more than one home, you can purchase a Platinum plan and cover the appliances in all three. If your home is worth more than $600, you should definitely purchase a service plan that includes all major systems.

If you are concerned about the cost of a Home Warranty plan, it’s worth calling customer service during normal business hours. ServicePlus has a number of plans for different budgets. Their Gold plan is best suited for smaller homes and apartments. They cover everything from plumbing and electrical systems to air conditioning. You can also choose additional coverage options, such as home security. After signing up for a ServicePlus home warranty, you can start the claims process online and submit your paperwork online.


Although the Better Business Bureau has listed ServicePlus as not accredited, its website has more than 200 customer reviews. Most of the reviews center on the company’s claims process. The few negative ones are about claims being denied. The company has also been sued by the Pennsylvania Attorney General for falsely advertising its home warranty service contracts. The case was settled in May 2020. This decision should provide consumers with some insight into the company’s business practices.

In terms of responsiveness, ServicePlus Home Warranty responds to service requests within two to four days. Once a service request is received, a technician will contact the customer to schedule an appointment. ServicePlus will determine whether the repair is an emergency. Non-emergency repairs can be expedited for a fee. While there are several benefits of ServicePlus, some customers may find the company difficult to work with. In addition to the quality of service and workmanship, the price of ServicePlus Home Warranty may be a factor for you.

The ServicePlus Home Warranty places caps on what it will cover and what it won’t. For example, a $1,500 per-contract term cap applies to access, diagnosis, and repair or replacement. The coverage limits are not the exact dollar amounts, but rather the maximum dollar amount allowed per claim for a particular service provider. The basic plan doesn’t cover a refrigerator or clothes washer. There are add-on plans available to increase the amount of coverage that a service provider can provide.

A home warranty is a great way to protect your property against unexpected costs and inconvenience. In the event of an emergency, you can request repairs by phone and be assured that the company will come to your aid. ServicePlus also offers a parts-and-labor guarantee, but charges a $75 service fee. If you want to make a claim, however, you can always call a service provider for help, but make sure to read the policy terms and conditions before you sign up.

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