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SentryLink is a background check company that offers a variety of screening services including national criminal background checks, credit reports, financing reports, employee screening reports, social security number tracking, and mobile apps that can look up phone numbers, property data, and other data. There are no ongoing monthly prices and reports are priced per person.

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SentryLink is a platform for checking national criminal background checks, credit reports, and financing reports, along with employee screening reports, social security number traces
There are no ongoing monthly prices and reports are priced per person.
SentryLink is a platform for checking national criminal background checks, credit reports, and financing reports, along with employee screening reports, social security number traces
There are no ongoing monthly prices and reports are priced per person.
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Using SentryLink to perform a background check on a prospective employee or applicant can be a useful tool in ensuring the safety and security of your business. However, there are some things you should know before you start using it. Here are some of the top questions to ask before using SentryLink for your background checks.

Despite a slightly outdated user interface, SentryLink is one of the best background screening companies in America. Its comprehensive databases offer a variety of products, from national criminal background checks to social security number traces. Its information is incredibly thorough, and its reports are fast and accurate.

SentryLink provides criminal background checks and other products, such as social security number traces, driving records, and employee screening reports. It is a Maryland-based company, and its services cover the majority of the United States.

SentryLink provides customer support via email or phone. Its customer support is available between nine to six Eastern Time (EST) Monday through Friday. Its website is protected by a Deluxe SSL certificate, which provides incredibly secure encryption. It also has a retail outlet in Greenbelt, Maryland. It has a history of keeping client data secure. Its customer reviews are almost universally positive.

sentrylink reviews

Having an accurate social security number is essential to your individual safety and the safety of your company. This is why it is important to use a service such as SentryLink to verify your social security number. This service provides you with accurate and timely information. SentryLink Social Security Number Validation and tracking can report a criminal background check record or motor vehicle records.

SentryLink services include driving records, national criminal background checks, and even social security number traces. The pricing model is per person and the cost of Sentrylink services are as follows:

  • National Criminal Background Check costs $19.95
  • Driving Records also costs $19.95
  • Social Security Number Trace and Validation costs $7

Whether you are seeking employment or looking for a partner, a SentryLink background check can help you find the right candidate. The company offers a variety of checks, including national criminal background checks, driving records, and social security number traces. This is a sample of the SentryLink background report in PDF:

SentryLink Sample Report

SentryLink’s background search function is based on social security number tracing tools, which pull information from databases around the nation. This information includes names, addresses, and past employment. These records are provided in a PDF format. Almost all SentryLink reports are available instantly.

SentryLink also provides credit report services. This service can help you find out whether an applicant has any liens, foreclosures, or arrests. The reports are quick and accurate. Unlike many of its competitors, SentryLink does not charge a set-up fee. However, some reports may take up to three business days to process.

SentryLink’s background search function pulls information from multiple databases across the country. The resulting report is a comprehensive listing of the relevant information, including a list of relevant criminal records, full address histories, and standard background check information. The report is delivered in a PDF format.

SentryLink provides social security number tracing and driving record checks. While they offer free account setup and customer support during business hours companies like Lyft use Accurate background for their MVR record checks.

Depending on the type of background check you need, a SentryLink background check could take anywhere from one to five business days.

SentryLink provides background checks for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. They provide criminal background checks for most jurisdictions in the United States. They use information from federal and county databases to gather information.

SentryLink provides reports that are easy to read and easy to use. They include standard background check information, as well as detailed information regarding the offence. They also include sentencing information and individual comments. They deliver their reports as PDFs.

SentryLink’s background search function uses a social security number tracing tool to retrieve useful information from databases across North America. The information is delivered in a highly-comprehensive format that’s unrivaled in clarity.

An alternative background check company is Spokeo. It offers reports relating to property records, criminal records, and more. The reports include extensive social media searches. Moreover, you can get background information on people you want to hire with a few clicks. Lastly, the website provides a free demo of its product, which is useful if you want to test the service first-hand before making any final decisions. However, it does cost a fee for each screen.

Intelius is another background check service that offers instant results. Though it’s not FCRA-compliant, Intelius allows you to check a person’s history and background with just a name and email address. The reports are comprehensive, and you can even check a person’s bankruptcies and court judgments. This is the best option for anyone looking for a background check, because it’s so fast and easy to use.

The company is also GDPR-compliant and FCRA-compliant. It handles unlimited background checks and can connect with major ATS platforms. It also offers a direct-to-source API. And you can also pay for screenings in a la carte fashion. This makes it ideal for small businesses that are looking for an affordable background check solution. It also offers a mobile app for quick reference checking. You’ll be able to check on the people you hire through this service from anywhere in the world.

Criminal background check

If you’re considering using a criminal background check service, it may be time to read our SentryLink review. The Maryland-based company provides services such as criminal background checks, social security tracing, and driving records. While the website may look old-fashioned, SentryLink’s engine is quite powerful and reliable, allowing it to deliver fast reports. However, it is worth noting that its reports may not always be 100% accurate.

It is FCRA-compliant, and can screen candidates for almost any position imaginable. SentryLink offers several types of checks, including county-level and national criminal history reports. There is also a wide variety of integrations and reports available to meet your specific needs.

Although the free background check service is convenient, SentryLink’s service is not as accurate as some competitors. According to the FCRA, you are entitled to know if the information you provide will be used against you and whether you can opt out of the service. Additionally, employers are prohibited from using your personal information without your express consent. Therefore, it’s important to understand your rights and choose a background check service carefully.

Employment screening

If you’re a business owner, you may be wondering how to use SentryLink for employment screening. The company’s service includes background checks, employment screening, and credit reports. Its databases contain information related to social security numbers, criminal records, and tenant screening reports. But there are some problems with these reports. For example, some reports contain errors, so they shouldn’t be relied on. For that reason, you should consult with legal counsel before using SentryLink.

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