Peoplewhiz Review

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

In this Peoplewhiz review, I’ll discuss whether the peoplewhiz background check service is a good background check site or a scam and bait to collect your information. I’ll also discuss whether the company charges for false reports and whether they offer a free trial. After reading this Peoplewhiz review, you’ll know if Peoplewhiz is right for you.

Peoplewhiz is a reliable background check service

Peoplewhiz is an online service that provides background checks and has access to more than 50 million public records. The database includes actual criminal charges records, mug shots, and social media profile screening. The service is free and easy to use, and it is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. It claims to be the largest background check site and has been mentioned on CNN and Forbes. However, you must be cautious when using this service.

While Peoplewhiz claims to be one of the most reliable background check services, it should be kept in mind that the information it provides may be inaccurate or incomplete. Missing information is most likely to occur if two people share the same name. Inaccurate information may also be present if handwritten records were not transcribed correctly. While this is an issue, you can contact the company and request an updated report if you discover any problems.

It has a large database of public records

Although Peoplewhiz has a large database of publicly available records, it isn’t perfect. While the company claims to offer a free initial search, multiple reports and more in-depth information on individuals are chargeable.

Even though Peoplewhiz boasts a 65-billion-record database, customers complain that it isn’t transparent enough about pricing. Regardless, the service is a worthwhile tool, and there are several other competing services available. If you’re in need of a background check for a specific reason, there are professional background check tools available, such as credit check databases, criminal records databases, and more.

Peoplewhiz is an excellent site for online dating. If you’re looking for someone with a criminal record, you can do a dating background check with a simple name and surname. It can also perform background checks on online sellers and buyers. The site can even find biological parents. Even the phone number is easy to search for. The search results are usually accurate and up-to-date, but you should be sure before using the free version.

Although PeopleWhiz has many complaints about their service, it may still be a useful tool for you. Unlike many free services, competing services have similar billing practices and customer reviews. And professional background check tools can be used for specific reasons, such as credit checks for tenant screening. Moreover, state databases may have the information you’re looking for. The question is, “Is there a free PeopleWhiz trial?”

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It offers a free trial

When I was looking for a background check service, I came across an advertisement for Peoplewhiz on Google. This advertisement promised a free search. When I clicked on it, I was presented with a series of steps that required me to enter text, click a few buttons, and make a payment. I was also required to take screenshots of everything I found. After that, I was sold. However, I soon realized that the free trial was not all it seemed.

In addition to offering a free trial, the website also offers a refund policy if the user is not satisfied. Peoplewhiz has a good reputation, which is a big plus. Its 24/7 customer support is always available to answer questions and resolve problems. The only drawback is that it does not have a mobile application or is registered with the Consumer Reporting Agency. Despite the positive reviews, the service is probably best used as a background check tool.

It could be a bait and switch scam

The website claims to have over 65 billion public records. While this number is large, it is limited in its use. It can be useful for online dating, as it allows you to check the legitimacy of someone you’re talking to. But because it’s not a consumer reporting agency, you shouldn’t use the results to make decisions about employment, tenant screening, or consumer credit.

While Peoplewhiz offers a free initial search, you’ll need to pay to get multiple searches or more detailed information. This website claims to have 65 billion public records, but they aren’t transparent about their pricing plans. Besides, a reputable site like TruthFinder will offer a free dark web scan to detect compromised email addresses. However, if you want to avoid paying any money, Peoplewhiz is a bait and switch scam.

The Peoplewhiz website does not state the price of its service, and there are many user complaints. There are also professional background check tools you can use for specific purposes. You can also use state-run databases.

Customer complaints mostly concern inaccurate information, predatory billing practices, and incomplete reports. Some people have been scammed by PeopleWhiz after paying for the first month and were shocked to find out they’d had to pay more for more months. However, customers who do use PeopleWhiz commend it for saving them from certain people.

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