What to do with Lost Car Keys

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Lost car keys may start major automotive problems, so they must be dealt with immediately. They can be costly to replace, not to mention annoying. However, a car locksmith offers excellent solutions on time again, dedicated to your satisfaction and those of quality. Whether you’ve lost a lost car key in your vehicle or need a new set, car locksmiths provide expert services at affordable rates to create new keys for your car’s unique specifications. As soon as you’ve identified the problem, call a local professional locksmith to assist in replicating the key that was previously lost.

There are several steps involved before having a new set of lost car keys created. For starters, the lost car keys must first be identified. If you purchased the used ignition, the dealership from which you purchased the vehicle may be able to place the new ignition into your car. If the lost keys were for a new car, a new ignition could often be installed right at the dealership. If the ignition does not work, contact your locksmith provider.

Once you’ve determined that the lost keys were for a new car, the next step is replicating the lost car keys. Locksmiths are trained to make either one or two keys from the ones that were lost. Sometimes, no matter how many keys are available, it’s necessary to duplicate certain types of keys to open your automobile. This is commonly done when changing the key combination on a new or used vehicle. Whether it’s a new or used car, specific keys must be used to access all models and styles of vehicles.

Should you replace a lost key?

Today, many people choose to replace their lost car keys with a professional product. These products can be purchased online or in specialty stores. There are even kits that allow the average person to replace their lost car keys without a professional. When purchasing a replacement car key, it’s important to ensure that you purchase one that is the same size and shape as the original. Doing so only prevents possible security and also provides the proper function of the replacement car keys.

For those who lost more keys, it’s often advisable to contact a locksmith in your area and have them replace them. While there’s nothing wrong with purchasing a replacement car lock from a company online, remember that if you’re unable to meet the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions for change of keys, it may be best to take the car to a locksmith. Many lost car keys are sold with an installation kit that allows the owner to install the new key right at home.

If you’re unable to obtain a spare set of locks, there are several options that you can choose from. One of the most popular methods to replace lost car keys is to purchase a “spy” key. Some people aren’t aware of this type of key, but a reputable locksmith will inform you that a spy key is able to track down and recognize any specific make, model, or year of the car that it recognizes. Because of this capability, it is highly recommended to keep a copy of the vin number that corresponds to the key that you believe will be useful in replacing your lost car keys.

If you feel that you need to go ahead with purchasing a new set of locks from a dealership, be sure to ask the locksmith at the dealership for their recommendations. Some decent yet cheap locksmiths pride themselves on offering the best customer service possible, and should be happy to help a potential customer to replace lost or stolen keys. In addition to having a number of options available to a customer when it comes to finding lost keys, many reputable locksmiths offer free lifetime warranty coverage on all of their locks. This is an excellent option for anyone whose car keys have been lost or stolen, and it allows the locksmith to provide peace of mind for the customer by repairing or replacing any damage done to a lock.

If the original locks have been misplaced or damaged beyond repair, the auto locksmith at your local dealership may be able to help you with a customized critical cover. Rather than having to purchase a brand new set of auto keys, the locksmith can use their expertise to create a matching critical cover for your car. These customized vehicle key covers often come with a guarantee of their own, so that if they are unable to produce the new replacement keys, the customer will receive his original cash settlement.

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