Living DNA Review

When it comes to DNA testing, the result can tell you all kinds of things, from your ancestry to your overall wellness. However, not all DNA testing services are created equal, and some provide less than ideal information in formats that can be difficult to understand. This Living DNA review analyzes customer testimonials, Genome Link reviews, and Trustpilot reviews to determine whether or not the company offers a good service. Here’s what we found.

Detailed ancestry report

The Detailed ancestry report for LivingDNA is an in-depth look into your family’s history. It allows you to explore your paternal, maternal, and maternal lineages back over 10,000 years. The analysis utilizes a database of more than 150 subregions around the world, including African, British, and European. You can also view the breakdown of your paternal ancestral line in different regions around the world. You can also view your ancestral range up to the 4th cousin circle, as well as the ethnicity of your relatives.

The Detailed ancestry report for LivingDNA also contains basic tools to interact with your matches. The report provides information such as percentage of DNA shared, number of centimorgans shared, and range of relationship. Users can add notes to their matches and contact them through the Messaging Centre. Another new feature, Shared Maps, lets customers view subregions shared by their matches. Unfortunately, you cannot upload your own family tree. However, the company is working to include a tree builder.

Although the Detailed ancestry report for LivingDNA can be expensive, the results are very accurate and provide valuable insights into your family history. In addition to being accurate, the report also helps you make better lifestyle choices. The Detailed ancestry report for Living DNA also offers recommendations for dietary changes, fitness, and relaxation and recovery. Shipping to the US is also relatively inexpensive, and the service is easy to use. The company claims to protect its customers’ privacy but the fact is that they store personal information, including your name, email, and credit card details. This information is also linked to any activity you may have done on their website.

The Detailed ancestry report for LivingDNA includes more information than other ancestry reports, including your family’s biogeographical antecedents. The reports are also very comprehensive and can give you a better understanding of your ethnic history. This is especially useful if you are of British or European descent. A full ancestry report will give you information on your ancestry and provide details on your ancestors’ migration routes.

Wellness report

The Living DNA Wellness report is a comprehensive guide to your genetic makeup and lifestyle. Using your own genetic makeup, you can make healthier lifestyle choices based on dietary recommendations, exercise training and nutrition. This wellness report also contains recommendations on specific exercises and relaxation techniques. The kit costs $55 per month and is shipped within the US. While Living DNA claims to respect your privacy, your personal information, such as your name and email address, will be stored on the company’s servers. Your report will include information about your exercise and nutrition habits, as well as a summary of your activities.

If you are concerned that your DNA may lead to certain diseases or underlying conditions, the Living DNA Wellness report will give you insights into the likelihood of developing these conditions. The report does not include the results of genetic diseases, but it will give you information about health risks and carrier status. Additionally, you can upload your DNA results and download raw data from Living DNA for your own analysis. This information is then transferred to other DNA services to help you determine your ancestry and genetic health risks. If you are still concerned about the quality of the Living DNA Wellness report, the company’s support center offers an article database and searchable FAQ.

Aside from the ancestry panel, the LivingDNA Wellness kit includes reports on wellbeing traits. The company will continue to update their reports as science advances, giving you the most up-to-date information on your genetics and how your body responds to them. There aren’t many reviews of LivingDNA online, but the reviews are generally reasonable. The product itself is priced competitively, and is available for purchase online. You can also purchase the LivingDNA Ancestry and Wellness kit together, so you can enjoy all of the benefits.

A Living DNA Wellness report is a valuable tool for anyone interested in their health and fitness. The ancestry and wellness reports provide biogeographic ancestry analysis and fitness reports. Moreover, they can be purchased separately, or combined with each other. Living DNA is more affordable than other genetic health kits and offers an option to compare the results of both tests. There are also a variety of other benefits of both tests.


The Living DNA price is not much higher than that of 23andMe, despite both offering the same type of results. The kit includes Y-DNA and mtDNA, allowing you to analyze both your paternal and maternal line. In addition, it can also give you valuable insights into genetic predisposition to diseases and carriers of certain congenital conditions. The Living DNA price is only about $20 more than the combined kit from both companies. In addition, the kit offers more comprehensive information, including subregional origin mapping and family tree builder, which 23andMe does not.

The Wellbeing experience is another enticing element of the Living DNA price. This service is designed to shed light on your ancestry and genetics and can help you improve your health through proper exercise. This program is particularly useful for those who are overweight or have poor circulation. It can also help you find out which exercises work best for you. And, unlike other companies, you won’t have to worry about your personal information being shared with others.

Another interesting feature of the Living DNA price is the ability to see your ancestor’s journey through history. You’ll learn more about your ancestors’ migration patterns, and which populations they came from. The company provides a helpful online help center and a telephone helpline, as well. The company’s mission is to connect as many people as possible. But, despite the price, the service is far from cheap, and its features aren’t without their drawbacks.

In addition to the price, the service comes with an attractive promise to share your DNA with a partner for research. While this service isn’t perfect, it offers a free DNA test and is similar to 23andMe, MyHeritage, and AncestryDNA, which are all similar in price. The downside of the Living DNA price is that its competitors offer more robust services. Ultimately, the price is not the determining factor, but rather its value.

The Living DNA price is still a bit high, but it is certainly reasonable given the depth of information it gives. The company also offers a price break if you purchase several tests together, and a 20% discount when you purchase three or more tests at once. If you’re looking for accurate ethnicity percentages or deep ancestry insights, the Living DNA price is right for you. However, the Living DNA price isn’t ideal for family tree builders.

Refund policy

If you aren’t satisfied with your Living DNA results, you can return it for a refund within 14 days of purchase. Your Living DNA report must be unused, in its original packaging and with the proper shipping label attached. The refund will include shipping fees, but exclude a 15% admin fee. During this time, you can also choose to receive a personalized wellness program, DNAfit. The company claims to value your privacy, but it still collects your personal information. Your name, credit card details, and email address are stored on their servers. They also log your activities on the website.

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While most DNA testing services charge an additional fee, Living DNA offers more comprehensive tests and a refund policy. It’s also worth noting that the company doesn’t sell your personal information. Its refund policy is generous, but be aware that your results could be delayed. Aside from the refund policy, you’ll also get regular discounts. The company runs special promotions and discounts periodically. You can save as much as 45% by taking advantage of these offers.

While most of its users hail from the UK, it has recently expanded its reach into Africa, where the company offers the most comprehensive reference panel for testing African ancestry. Although it doesn’t offer reports that detail the risks associated with genetic illnesses, the Living DNA wellness reports are packed with useful information. Similarly, you can upgrade your test to find out more about your genetic heritage, if you wish. The Living DNA Wellbeing reports are also quite comprehensive, containing a wide range of ancestral ranges ranging from eight thousand years ago.

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