Is the Notarize App Safe?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Is notarize app safe

MacOS does a thorough first-run check on every app that you download, including notarized apps. If it finds no malicious software, you can continue to open and use the app. The notarization process ensures that all code in an app is signed. This makes notarized apps safer to use.

Notarize is a leading provider of legal remote notarization services and the oldest app of this type. The company caters to both businesses and individuals and is one of the few legal remote notary services available. Its secure platform provides sophisticated ID verification and audit trails for every transaction. It also offers a flexible pricing scheme with individual, monthly subscription, and bulk pricing options.

The Notarize app uses patented forensic analysis to validate government issued identification in a matter of seconds. The service requires notaries to be registered with the Secretary of State. It can be used in the U.S., and it’s recognized in all 50 states.

It’s tamper-evident

The Notarize app tracks the lifecycle of a document, applying a digital seal and audit trail to the document. This audit trail can be viewed by any PDF reader, making it tamper-evident. This ensures the integrity of electronic documents.

It’s affordable

The Notarize app is a safe and affordable alternative to a traditional notary. It allows you to connect with a remote online notary in 15 minutes or less. The process involves uploading your documents, verifying your identity, and connecting with a live notary. The notary witnesses and adds a notarial seal to the document. Once complete, you have digital access to the notarized document and can send it to your recipient. The Notarize app is safe and affordable and is designed for individuals and small businesses alike.

Notarize can be used on any web-enabled computer. All you need is a reliable internet connection and a video camera. The app uses end-to-end TLS and multi-layered encryption to ensure the safety of your documents. After you complete the process, you can download your document to save it for seven days. After seven days, it will automatically be deleted.

It’s accessible by everyone

The Notarize app allows you to notarize documents with the touch of a button. It is easy to use, 100% legal in every state, and backed by a private digital database. Whether you’re a busy professional or a busy student, this app is accessible for everyone.

The process is simple: all you need to do is upload the document, connect to a notary via video, and sign your name on the screen with your finger or mouse. The transaction is recorded and stored in the cloud. The notary can also get copies of the document if necessary.

Notarize understands that notary services are not widely available in all areas. Notarize is working with regulators, legislators, and industry coalitions to ensure that notarization remains accessible to all people. To that end, the company has already helped change laws in more than 29 states. Besides making notarization more accessible, Notarize aims to make the online notary experience more secure. This is done by validating the user’s identity and reducing the chance of fraud.

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