Is Online Notary Legit?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Is online notary legit

When it comes to finding a notary online, there are many choices. Some of the top choices include eNotarize, Safedocs, Pavaso, and NotaryCam. The next time you need to create a legal document, make sure to look for a legitimate online notary platform that has secure data servers. If not, you run the risk of exposing sensitive information.


Are the services of eNotarize online notaries legit? The answer to this question depends on your state laws. Most notaries can only notarize documents in their state. According to the National Notary Association, a notarization cannot be done across state lines unless the notary is physically present.

Despite the growing use of eNotarization in the United States, eNotarize remains a controversial topic. While some notaries are opposed to the idea, others are embracing the idea. Virginia, for example, recently passed a law allowing for notarizations by remote computer. Soon after, Texas followed suit, and now digital-notary sites and apps are popping up across the country.

Despite the many benefits of online notarization, there are several important considerations to make before choosing an online notary. For one, the service must have secure data servers. Otherwise, your sensitive personal information may be exposed.


The Safedocs online notary is an important component of a US-based company. The company has many benefits, such as the ability to connect with a US notary online, and they provide services for various types of transactions. The company is run by a team of experienced experts that has decades of experience digitizing compliance-based transactions. This team includes attorneys, notaries, financial services executives, and engineers. Together, they have over 25 years of software development experience, as well as 15 years of experience building compliance-based specialized applications. Their expertise enables them to create user-friendly solutions for compliance-based situations.

The Safedocs platform is easy to use and offers a secure transaction platform. It also integrates with many enterprise applications and web portals. It is even compatible with the largest national notary signing networks.


When you decide to become an online notary, the first question you need to ask yourself is, “Is Pavaso legit?” It’s important to know that this program costs money. For starters, you must pay $99 for your certification and a $50 annual renewal fee. After that, you can use the platform to sign documents and receive contracts digitally. One drawback is that you cannot bring your own notary to a closing; instead, you must hire a notary from the platform. Lastly, the company lacks transparency in its pricing.

The online notary platform also supports eClosing, which is the electronic closing of a real estate transaction. It does this by using a secure digital environment. In addition, some or all of the closing documents can be accessed electronically. Additionally, the platform supports all types of real estate closings, including seller side and cash purchase transactions. It can also process all types of loan documents, including those from lenders.


NotaryCam is one of the most popular online notary services. It allows users to sign documents from anywhere in the world and has users in 140 countries. The website also offers services for businesses and realtors such as e-closing and document management. It charges $25 for notarizing documents in the US and $79 for notarizations overseas. There are also volume discounts for companies and individuals who need to perform several notarizations each month. NotaryCam’s security measures are top notch, and the service uses the same security standards as banks. The website uses bank-grade SSL and AES-256 bit encryption to protect the data of its users. Additionally, the service has experienced notaries who are able to set meetings in foreign countries.

NotaryCam charges a fee of $25 per notarization and is available twenty-four hours a day. The average wait time is 45 minutes. Businesses can choose between a free or paid plan, and the monthly fee ranges from $99 to $149. NotaryCam also offers an API partner program for businesses to provide their notary services on demand. This way, companies can offer clients NotaryCam’s on-demand services while maintaining their own brand identity.


The Nexsys online notary platform is a powerful new tool for notarizing documents. It speeds up notarization procedures and eliminates the need for in-person meetings. It also provides tools that make internal communication seamless. The platform can notarize documents in under an hour. It is currently available in most US states.

Nexsys has products that are designed for mortgage and lending closings. They also provide specialty services. These services include verification of homeowners’ insurance, title insurance, and mortgage documentation. Other services include a digital notary. While the Nexsys site is user-friendly, it lacks detailed tutorials and helpful articles.

The company also offers a training program for notaries. Not only can notaries use their service to notarize documents online, but they can also watch the signer wet-sign documents. In addition to this, Nexsys allows notaries to customize their software. This makes it more flexible for businesses and is available on all platforms.

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