Is Choice Home Warranty Available in California?

Is choice home warranty available in california

Is Choice Home Warranty available in California? You might be wondering if you can buy it online. The website will ask you for your name, full address, home phone number, and the square footage of your property. There are some cons of Choice Home Warranty, though. These include that it does not cover preexisting conditions, and the Plans and Add-on options aren’t very flexible. Lastly, the costs aren’t very affordable.

Choice Home Warranty doesn’t cover preexisting conditions

If you’re in the market for a new home warranty in California, you may be wondering whether Choice is the right choice. While both Choice and Landmark offer comparable pricing and full coverage, there are some important differences between the two. Choice does not cover preexisting conditions, and Landmark offers less coverage than Choice. Choice also does not cover certain systems, such as ductwork and water heaters. Despite these differences, both companies offer customer support via email and phone. Moreover, both Choice and Landmark offer 24 hour claims assistance.

To claim a covered item, Choice Home Warranty offers two plans – the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Both plans are opt-in, and each can be tailored to fit specific needs. The Basic Plan covers most home appliances, but excludes air conditioning systems and refrigerators. The Total Plan, on the other hand, includes extras like a pool or spa, and optional coverage for central vacuum, well pump, sump pump, and septic system.

Plans aren’t very flexible

When it comes to choosing a home warranty plan, there are many options available to California homeowners. But it is important to know that most choices are limited in their coverage. Choice home warranty plans cover only normal wear and tear and don’t extend coverage to things like appliances and systems that were not maintained. Unlike other warranties, you can’t remove covered items to avoid paying for their replacement. However, the company offers a list of add-ons and offers a $30 discount for yearly membership.

Choice home warranty offers coverage for 48 states, but doesn’t cover Washington and California. Their two plans cover appliances and home systems, but do not cover pre-existing conditions. These plans can also be confusing. For example, if a technician finds mold in an appliance, Choice Home Warranty may refuse to pay for it. However, the company offers a free online account management center for homeowners to track their coverage.

Costs aren’t very affordable

Choice Home Warranty is one of the most popular home warranties on the market today, but it is not particularly cheap. It charges a trade service fee at the time of repairs, and this is similar to what you would pay for a homeowner’s insurance deductible. Nevertheless, the benefits that the warranty offers make it worth the price. The coverage is comprehensive, and covers the costs of most repairs and replacements, as long as you don’t incur too much out of pocket.

Depending on your needs, you can choose between a Basic and a Total plan, with different prices and levels of coverage. For a basic plan, you can get coverage for most appliances, plumbing, heating, and electrical systems, as well as other parts and systems in the home. You can even get coverage for your whirlpool bath, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and ductwork. If you think the basic plan is adequate, you can upgrade to a more comprehensive plan.

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