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In an Intelius review, I will talk about the features that this website offers and whether they are worth the price. While Intelius claims to be a reliable reverse phone lookup service, I have received mixed reviews. Most users found the reports outdated, inaccurate, or less comprehensive than I’d expected. Some complained that they only got a person’s current address when they paid for a comprehensive report with a complete background check. Then again, they also felt that they could have found the same information for free on the internet.

Price of a monthly subscription

Intelius has an unauthorized monthly subscription fee and a misleading pricing policy. Their website doesn’t even explain this, and their customer support staff told us to pay the subscription amount at the bottom of our receipt, in tiny print. Even if we didn’t read this, we were still consenting to the service, and we have since lost hundreds of dollars. We strongly recommend that you read the terms of service before subscribing to Intelius.

While most Intelius reviews are positive, some users have complained about recurring charges and confusing pricing terms. Some people were also upset by Intelius’ difficult refund policy. Still, if you are looking for an inexpensive, straightforward background check, Intelius could be a good choice. Its entry-level search product, People Search, costs under $1 per person search, and it automatically subscribes you to the Premier Plus membership.

While Intelius is an impressive background check site, there are some problems with its data. It’s difficult to decipher its reports, and they don’t always provide the information you were looking for. Still, the reports are clear and contain an above-average amount of information. Intelius’ monthly subscription model offers value for money, but it doesn’t provide much clarity for customers. If you’re worried about privacy, however, there are other options.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you might want to skip Intelius altogether. Although the service is completely legitimate, users should still consider whether it’s right for them. Some users are concerned that their personal information will be published online, but you shouldn’t worry. Remember that this information is publicly available and can be found using other means. You’ll also need to check your email address, phone number, and other personal information before making any big decisions.

With a price of $9.95 per search, Intelius is worth the cost. They offer a wide variety of search options, which is great for hard-core data miners and marketers alike. On the main page, the search bar has two options: “People Search” and “Reverse Phone Lookup.” While each one may seem similar, they’re actually used for different things. For example, people searching for a specific phone number may be able to get results for the person’s name.

There are several limitations to Intelius, though. The service’s interface isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing, but it’s fluid and easy to use. Even non-technical users can easily navigate the site and select the right type of search. Once you’ve selected your search, you can save and print out the results. The reports are available in both PDF and HTML formats, which makes them easy to download for future reference. One downside to Intelius, however, is the high price tag. The site isn’t free, and you’ll pay a fee for a one-time search. However, it’s well worth it in the long run.

Pricing is not disclosed on Intelius’ website. Customers complain about unfair billing practices and the lack of value in the service. It is best to use a different search service if you’re unsure how much to pay for an individual search. But beware: pricing isn’t the only concern when deciding on a subscription plan. It’s important to read the fine print before you decide whether or not to sign up for the Intelius membership.

Intelius is a safe and legit company, but there are many downsides to the service. There’s no way to guarantee results, and if they don’t, it’s not worth it. As a one-time search, the service’s price isn’t worth paying the price unless you’re looking for detailed information. There are also a few misleading aspects of the service. For example, you’ll likely see a loading screen and prompts warning you about potentially graphic content. These screen messages are common for users of Intelius, but they don’t indicate what information is in the report.

Reliability of Intelius

While Intelius promises comprehensive and reliable reports, its reliability is in question. Some customers have complained about inaccurate information, delayed reports, and confusing pricing structures. Users have also expressed frustration about Intelius’ reliance on proprietary databases and the lack of support from the company’s team. However, there is an upside to all of this: many people are now free of charge. Here’s our review of Intelius reliability.

Intelius’s website is secure. Its high-security certificate ensures that payment information is secure. Even users without previous experience with online transactions can feel secure entering credit card information on their website. There are recurring charges, but they are clearly detailed in the fine print. Intelius also has active social media pages. While we are skeptical about their claims, we can’t help but recommend them to our readers. Here’s a brief review of Intelius’ reliability.

Pricing is confusing. Intelius doesn’t disclose its pricing anywhere on their website. In fact, their customer support team told us that the subscription information is located on the bottom of the receipt, in the tiny print. But even if we don’t read the fine print, we’re still agreeing to the service, and Intelius took our money without our knowledge. This is a red flag, but we can’t let it affect our review.

Despite all of the positive features, the Intelius interface is confusing. It isn’t clear which information is accurate and which is not. While there’s plenty of information to explore, users may be confused about the pricing structure. Some users complained that they paid more than they intended. Others complained about inaccurate information that was hard to read. Then, Intelius’ pricing is confusing and the user may end up spending more time than they planned.

Value of its reverse phone lookup feature

The value of Intelius’ reverse phone lookup feature is unmatched in the market. By using this online service, you can easily find any phone number, regardless of its carrier, owner or location. You can perform an unlimited number of searches, skip the line, and remain completely anonymous. Intelius has a database compiled from specialized sources. It gives you valuable information in one location, including criminal records, potential relationships, and property data.

The Intelius People Search feature provides vital information about the person you are trying to track. By entering the number or name of the person you are interested in, you can receive age, date of birth, and current address. The results also include information on social media networks. You can also access information about their employment, marriage, and educational background, as well as any available divorce records. Regardless of the reason, Intelius’ reverse phone lookup feature can help you uncover information and prevent unwanted harassment.

The benefits of Intelius’ reverse phone lookup feature are numerous and unmatched. Its ability to trace phone numbers and find contact information of any number is an invaluable tool for anyone looking to protect themselves. The reverse lookup feature also provides information about the owner of a given address, including house value, neighborhood data, and potential sex offenders. While many of the reverse phone lookup websites can be used for legal purposes, the Intelius reverse phone lookup feature is arguably the best service of its kind. Its extensive database of data and reliable sources of information allow it to be one of the best.

The data and information on Intelius’ reverse phone lookup feature is compiled from public and private sources. This information comes from the FBI and phone directories. While most of the information is available for free online, accessing it manually requires lots of “Googling” and time. Intelius can trawl through multiple sources of information in a fraction of the time. If you’re looking for information on a person’s background, Intelius is the way to go.

Customer support

For initial complaints, you may contact Intelius customer support. You can use the contact information provided above. The company does not guarantee the accuracy of the information provided or the integrity of any of its employees. If you have a problem with Intelius, you should use the complaint form to express your concerns. If you are having a hard time resolving your problem, you can use the complaint form to provide your concerns.

Intelius also offers direct customer support through email and a phone number. However, the response times for such inquiries are mediocre. Customers are advised to email Intelius directly or visit their website. After receiving their cancellation request, the company will cancel the membership subscription. The website also lists a dedicated email address for customer support. But, Intelius does not have a live chat feature. You can email Intelius customer support from any browser.

For background searches, Intelius has unique features. This includes a fast pass, ability to contact customer support directly, and additional information. Intelius places an emphasis on security, so it also offers services such as Identity Protect. The service is secure, so your search remains confidential. Your credit card details are also protected. This is particularly helpful if you are worried about the security of your personal information online. Intelius has some negative feedback, so it is important to seek out customer support from time to time.

While Intelius is a legitimate company with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, some customers have reported problems. Their pricing structure and auto-renewing subscriptions are deceptive and difficult to understand. You should read the fine print before using this service. However, if you need a simple background check for a simple job application, Intelius is the best choice. It is worth the price if you need a background check on a single person.

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