How to Find the Best Inexpensive Locksmith

There are a few options available to get your locks repaired and rekeyed at an inexpensive price. Some of these include rekeying a car door for about $30 to $50 per door and duplicating a key for about $1. Other options include opening a safe for about $50 to $400.

Rekeying a car door costs $30 to $50 per door

best inexpensive locksmith

Rekeying a car door can be done at home for a small fee or it can be done by a professional. The cost of rekeying a door varies, but it is typically less expensive than the replacement of the lock. It will prevent duplicate keys from getting into your vehicle and will ensure that you car is safe.

Rekeying a car door can be an expensive process, and it can be difficult to complete. While it may seem simple, it requires more complicated tools than rekeying a door in a house. For one thing, a car door is more complicated and has more locks than a house does. Furthermore, a house key can open more than one door, while a car key is unique for each model.

Opening a safe costs $50 to $400

Opening a safe can be a very costly process. Depending on the lock on your safe, it can cost anywhere from $50 to $400. The locksmith can make duplicate keys for a minimum of $1 each or charge up to $75 for a transponder key, which is coded to the security system of your safe. You can also get a locksmith to drill the lock to open it manually for a minimum of $150.

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