How to Compress a Hybrid Mattress

Written By: Lorraine Rowen

how to compress a hybrid mattress

If you have a hybrid mattress, you can learn how to compress it so that it is much smaller. Compression is a process that involves placing a mattress compression bag around the mattress and allowing it to shrink down. The compression bag must be the right size and must fit the mattress snugly.


A hybrid mattress combines the benefits of a foam mattress and a coil mattress. Regular cleaning is necessary to keep the mattress clean and fresh. This will help it last for several years. Vacuuming it will remove dust and dirt from the coils and foam layers. This will help prevent bacteria and allergens from breeding in the mattress. It will also keep it healthy and prolong its life.

Cleaning your hybrid mattress is not as difficult as you might think. Nevertheless, it is still important to make sure that it stays clean to avoid the growth of bacteria and allergens. Here are some steps to vacuum your hybrid mattress: First, remove the bedding and remove the mattress layers. You can then use a vacuum attachment to get rid of any stains.

To vacuum foam, use a handheld vacuum with a brush attachment. This will help remove crumbs and surface level lint. This will also help prevent lint and dirt from sinking deeper into the mattress. After vacuuming, make sure to clean all the sides and the edges of the bed.

Using a sealable bag

Using a sealable bag to compress your hybrid mattress is a simple way to protect it during transportation. To begin, remove all the bedding, mattress protectors, and sheets from the mattress. It should fit into the bag like a card fits into an envelope. Once it fits inside the bag, secure it with duct tape.

Ensure the vacuum bag is of sufficient diameter and has a valve, otherwise you risk creating an imperfect seal, causing the mattress to slowly inflate during transport. If you are unable to find a sealable bag, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to help compress your hybrid mattress. However, it is important to note that the valve on the vacuum must fit into the valve of the sealable bag.

Once the plastic bag is sealed, attach the vacuum hose and valve. The vacuum will pull out the air in the mattress and then compress it into a fraction of its original size. To avoid damaging the foam, make sure to turn the vacuum on while rolling the mattress to prevent it from popping.

Using a machine

One of the best ways to compress a hybrid mattress is by using a machine. These types of machines can compress the mattress’ foam layers in half and then roll them into a cylinder. These cylinders are then placed into boxes. When the boxes are opened, the foam mattress will expand to its original size.

Using a machine to compress a mattress can result in a more comfortable bed. Some hybrid mattresses are designed to be firmer than traditional innercoil mattresses. These mattresses can take up to 48 hours to decompress. However, if you’d like to avoid this process, you can choose White Glove delivery. In that case, the delivery person will move the mattress to the room of your choice, unpack it, and remove the packaging. However, this type of delivery can take two to three weeks.

A hybrid mattress is made from a combination of traditional innerspring coils and memory foam. The springs are enclosed within a foam layer and are insulated from each other. This creates a plush and supportive feel. In addition, the dense foam layers don’t get compressed by normal use.

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