How Much Does DocuSign Notary Cost?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

how much does docusign notary cost

DocuSign notaries have a few different pricing options. There are different Sign-Up fees and different monthly and annual plans. Learn about the costs and benefits of each plan. DocuSign notaries can be used by individuals or businesses. Personal plans come with reusable templates, but they limit you to five documents a month. Smaller businesses can use the standard plan for $25/month with an annual subscription, or $45/month when billed monthly. This plan allows businesses to collect in-person signatures and also allows customers to leave comments on documents.

Sign-Up fees for docusign notaries

You can become a notary with DocuSign. There are no fees associated with becoming a notary. However, there are some restrictions. For instance, You may not be able to accept any types of business opportunities if your Notary service does not allow you to work with certain types of clients.

Nevertheless, there are many advantages to becoming a notary with DocuSign. The service allows you to sign documents digitally. You can save them to email or in your DocuSign account. You can also export them to other platforms. Signing documents with DocuSign is a hassle-free process.

The service is easy to use and comes with a range of tools. It allows notaries to create electronic notary certificates and electronic notarial acts. These electronic documents are accepted by certain jurisdictions, but not all. Some jurisdictions do not accept notarial acts performed electronically, and some states do not recognize them. Therefore, it is important to check with your state’s notary board to confirm whether your state allows electronic notarization.

Sign-Up fees for DocuSign notaries vary depending on the service. If you only need to sign a few documents, you can start with the Personal Plan, which costs $10 per month when billed monthly. The standard plan, meanwhile, costs $45 per month and is meant for small businesses. The standard plan includes more features and customization options for businesses. It also includes the ability to collect signatures in person and leave comments on docs.

For a new business, DocuSign has a sign-up fee and then charges $15 per signature. It is also possible to join for free if you’re already a Notary. The Notary can also use competing platforms, which is a plus. And DocuSign is available in all states with RON law, except South Dakota and Alabama, where notarization requires a commission or license.

Monthly fees

DocuSign Notary is a service that allows notaries public to perform remote online notarization transactions. The service allows for notary publics to notarize documents and other types of digital documents. This service is available to notaries worldwide. The monthly fees vary based on the service plan you choose. Some have free trials, while others require a monthly subscription.

DocuSign offers a monthly and annual subscription. There are four plans to choose from. The Personal plan, for example, covers up to five documents a month for one user. It also includes free eSignature collection and document guiding features. The Professional plan offers more advanced features.

The free plan includes a number of features, but it is limited to three documents per month and only allows one user. Other features include unlimited uploads, notifications, mobile app, and knowledge base. The free plan also lets you create and customize signature fields, drag-and-drop document submission, and use real-time audit trail features. You can also import PDFs into DocuSign.

Monthly fees for DocuSign’s notary service vary depending on the plan you choose. The basic plan is free, while the Business plan has a few additional features that may be useful for your business. The Business Pro plan increases envelope usage by 100 envelopes per year and increases the number of users to five. Business Pro includes collaborative fields and signer attachments.

In addition to the personal and business plans, DocuSign also offers a mobile app. The Personal plan limits you to send a certain number of envelopes per month. You can increase this limit by buying additional seats or talking with their sales team. However, if you exceed this limit, you’ll end up paying more than you need to.

Annual plans

DocuSign notary annual plans offer more than just the ability to sign documents, but they also offer business solutions that will benefit your business. These plans can include services to help your everyday tasks, such as reusable templates for lease agreements and contractor service agreements, frequently-used bank forms, commission guides, and more. The plans are designed to benefit small businesses, freelancers, and individuals.

The company also plans to expand its eNotary tool, which lets notaries serve as witnesses to electronically signed documents. This tool will be available later this summer. DocuSign has a partnership with Liveoak, a company that combines video conferencing with collaboration tools. The companies will also be using Liveoak’s technology to provide remote online notarization.

API access

API access allows developers to integrate the DocuSign platform with other applications. This feature is available at no additional cost and allows integration with existing technology setups. However, developers need to be certified in order to use the API. Once certified, developers won’t have to pay for ongoing access.

You can customize the API access through the DocuSign console. You can set up folders for documents, as well as manage your account. You can also customize the naming convention of documents. For instance, you may want to save the signed document with the summary report on the same state server. However, you must choose a naming convention to make sure the documents are saved together. You should not try to use the same name for both.

API access at the DocuSign notary cost is available in monthly and annual plans. These plans allow developers to integrate eSignature functionality in other programs. They also offer a drag-and-drop tool for embedding signature fields on web pages. However, users should note that these plans have envelope limits, so developers should keep this in mind when choosing a plan. If the envelope limits are too high, they might not be the best choice for their business.

For business users, DocuSign Business Pro plans can allow for multiple users and integrations with other systems. Business Pro plans also offer the ability to collect payments, request signer attachments, and gather in-person signatures. You can also integrate DocuSign into your website using the DocuSign Connect module. If you are looking for a free alternative to DocuSign, you can try PandaDoc, HelloSign, and Eversign.

The DocuSign Personal plan costs $15 per month, but only includes five documents a month. The plan also includes reusable templates, which can automate document creation. In addition, it includes a separate Realtor plan.


DocuSign Notary is a secure, online solution that allows businesses to perform notarizations from any location. It is based on the company’s flagship eSignature platform, and uses advanced Liveoak Technologies capabilities to ensure identity proofing and secure online transactions. It also offers a detailed audit trail and allows for real-time collaboration between signers and notaries. In addition, notarizations can be performed without the need for additional software.

DocuSign does not offer a free trial, but subscribers who are interested in trying out their solution can try the API for free. This will let developers test the platform and integrate eSignature functionality into their own apps. They can even build mobile apps using the DocuSign API. For the most advanced features, however, they can purchase an enterprise plan. These plans include features such as unlimited notary signing, collaborative fields, and the ability to embed documents on a website using Powerforms.

Notary API integrations can be integrated into different systems and tools to automate repeatable workflows and increase adoption among organizations. These services may require a fee, but it is still more affordable than paying for a notary in-person. DocuSign notary integrations are available in all states where RON is legal, including Alabama and South Dakota.

In addition to notary integrations, DocuSign also offers a mobile notary option that lets users perform notarizations on the go. This technology has users in more than 140 countries, and allows notaries to perform these services from any location. The cost of notarizations is $25 for US-based users and $79 for non-US-based users. For larger businesses, volume discounts are available. The service also features advanced security, which is similar to that used by banks.

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