How Do I Notarize a Document Virtually?

There are several ways to notarize a document in the digital age. For example, you can use an online service called eNotaryLog to notarize a document. You can also use an app called to notarize a document.


If you are tired of traveling for notarization services, then you may want to consider eNotaryLog, a service that enables you to notarize a document over the internet. This service simplifies the process of digital signing by enabling you to notarize a document online, secure it, and share it with anyone. It also ensures that the document signed is legally binding and non-repudiable.

eNotaryLog works in a similar way to other online notary services. You sign up, verify your identity, and then connect with a notary. After the notarization is complete, you receive a PDF version of the document, as well as a tamper-proof certificate. The service costs $25 per document, but there are also custom pricing options for businesses.


You can notarize a document virtually by using a website that allows you to sign a document electronically. The process is the same as if you were notarizing the document in person. You must present the document and a credible witness, which can either be a real person or someone you can communicate with via video conference. Once you’ve completed the form, the notary will complete the certificate and place an official stamp. Then, they’ll return it to you through fax or scan.

There are a variety of online notary services, including OneNotary. You can use this service from any web-enabled computer. To access this service, you must have a reliable internet connection. The system uses end-to-end TLS and multiple layers of encryption to protect the privacy of the transaction. After you complete the process, you can download the notarized document and send it to the intended recipient. If you want to use this service on a regular basis, you can upgrade to the Business Pro package. This package starts at $99 per month and is suitable for businesses. You can also customize your package to meet your needs.

If you’re in need of a notarization, but don’t have the time or money to travel to the notary office, you can now get your document notarized by a live notary over the internet. Notarize is available around the clock, and you can notarize documents from your desktop or mobile device. The process is easy and convenient. The online notary will verify your identity and explain what to do next. You’ll then get a digital notary seal and a copy of your document.

Because virtual notarization is available anywhere, more people can access a notary. Often, people shy away from notary services because of social distancing or concern over COVID-19 (the Computer Fraud and Abuse Information Disclosure Act). An online notary will eliminate the problem of physical proximity.


eNotarization is an online process that enables you to notarize a document without physically going to a notary. The remote process is done using audio-visual technology and other security protocols. It can also be performed using an electronic signature. eNotarization is a convenient alternative to traditional notarization in many situations. In order to notarize a document virtually, you need a credible witness and a government-issued ID.

Using eNotary technology requires a lot of technological infrastructure, including audiovisual technology. First, you need high-speed Internet access and a desktop or laptop computer equipped with a webcam. Another important requirement is an audio-video connection. offers a variety of services that will help you make notarizations easier. The online platform is trusted by the government and does not require any hardware or software to use. You can start using it within minutes to begin offering electronic notarizations. It’s a complete solution for notaries and organizations that need remote online notarizations.

While most online notary services will only charge you for one notarization, some are more expensive, ranging from $300 for a business account to as low as $25 per notarization. There are also some that charge a monthly subscription fee of $57 or $99 for business accounts. The price can also vary depending on the add-ons you use. For example, some have add-on services that include the ability to have multiple users, more features, and more robust customer service.

You can notarize documents by signing them on an electronic platform. You can do this anywhere, anytime. This virtual notary service is available for individuals and organizations alike. There are some things to keep in mind, though. For example, it’s not legal to sign a document with a rubber stamp, but you’ll need to have a digital certificate.

Most online notary services charge a nominal fee of $25 for a single notarization. However, business accounts can cost up to $300 or more. Some of these services have add-on services that can increase the cost, such as more notary support and extended platform capability.

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