How Can I Get a Free DNA Test at Cruise?

How can i get a free dna test

DNA tests are popular among genealogists and adoptees alike, and can be an invaluable tool in extending family trees and finding lost relatives. Each test has its own database of testers, and if you only take one, your results will not be compared to those of the other millions. Experts recommend that you “fish in many ponds” to get the most accurate results. Unfortunately, ordering all DNA tests is expensive. Three companies offer free data transfers between tests.

Y-DNA tests are available for men with surnames CREWS

For men with the surname CREWS, Y-DNA tests can be purchased for these individuals. While these tests can be purchased anytime, they may be cheaper if you purchase them during a sale. You can usually find flash sales on Y-DNA tests throughout the year, and big sales are usually right before Father’s Day and Christmas. Y-DNA testing can help you learn more about your family’s history and genealogy.

The Y-DNA testing of these males is extremely important, as this information can help you trace your heritage. Many males with surnames CREWS have a history of family resemblance to the Miller family in Switzerland. These men may share a common occupation, but this doesn’t mean they share the same genetic family line. Taking the test can save you many hours of research.

In addition to determining family history, Y-DNA testing is also useful in confirming prior research. Autosomal DNA tests may confirm ancestry back to the fourth or fifth great-grandparents, but this is often a difficult process and may require several tests from multiple testers. However, targeted Y-DNA testing will confirm the expected paper trail faster and easier.

Y-DNA tests also provide an estimate of your haplogroup. Y-DNA STR tests provide an estimate, while a SNP test provides a definitive Y-DNA haplogroup determination. A haplogroup begins with a main branch of Y-DNA and continues into smaller, more specific subgroups. From there, you can see which of these strands is unique and where it originated. For instance, American Indians typically belong to haplogroup A, which is thought to have come from the Caucasus and the Iberian Peninsula.


How to get a free dnA test at Cruise? There are some requirements, however. You must be a male. Men with British, Irish, or CREWES surnames are eligible for free Y-DNA tests. African-Americans with documented lines to the British Isles are also eligible to take a free 111-marker Y-DNA test.

Cruwys/Cruise/Crewes DNA Project: This project is open to anyone with the surname and variations. It was founded on 26 September 2007 and has members from eleven countries. Major lines are well represented, which increases the chance of matching with a member. You can find your outline pedigree on the results page. The Cruwys/Cruise/Crewes DNA Project: The DNA project was established in 2007 and is run independently by a volunteer. The DNA project is part of Family Tree DNA.


If you want to know whether you’re descended from the famous Cruys/Cruise family, there are a few ways to get a free Y-DNA test. The Cruys/Cruise family has been around for ages. Some say they are even Irish or British. Either way, you may be able to get a free Y-DNA test if you have a documented lineage from one of these families.


The SCRUSE DNA Project is offering three (3) free DNA test kits to participants of its conferences in Ireland and the UK. This organization works with ISOGG, a representative of the DNA testing industry. To qualify for a free DNA test, you must be a male who is of Irish descent. You can use your free kits up to three times. The deadline for applying for the free DNA test is October 1, 2019.

A SCRUSE DNA test may also be available to African American males. Men with documented lines to the British Isles, Ireland, or the United States can take the test for free. These tests are also free for African Americans with documented SCREWS family lines, which are most common in Alabama. Applicants must be at least 18 years old. However, they can join as many as four free Y-DNA testing sites.

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