HelloFresh Vs BlueApron

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour
Whats cheaper blue apron or hellofresh

There are many benefits to both BlueApron and HelloFresh, but which is better for new cooks? If you have special dietary requirements, HelloFresh may be a better choice. But if you are a novice home chef, BlueApron is still a better option. BlueApron’s recipes are less time-consuming, while HelloFresh’s are more detailed and require a little more time to prepare.

Blue Apron

There are many benefits of using meal kit delivery services such as Blue Apron. This service offers healthy meals at an affordable price. Customers can choose to order two or four meals a week, depending on their preferences. Blue Apron also offers a variety of add-on services, such as wine pairing. A wine pairing subscription costs $66 per month. Choosing a meal kit that includes a wine pairing is an optional add-on, but you may want to consider it if you’re planning on eating out frequently.

Both Blue Apron app and Hello Fresh menu are known for their great ingredients. Both companies source locally and offer fresh meat and seafood. Both companies carefully measure their spices and other ingredients. Hello Fresh and Blue Apron also prioritize the sustainability of their business partners by sourcing from family farms. Whether you prefer a vegetarian or vegan diet or enjoy trying new recipes, Blue Apron is a great option. There are plenty of benefits to choosing a meal kit service, but each has its pros and cons.


When comparing the two meal delivery services, Blue Apron offers the largest selection, while HelloFresh focuses on more healthful options. While both companies specialize in different types of food, they have similarities. For example, they use organic and sustainably sourced ingredients. But what makes the two services different? Blue Apron allows customers to select the meals they want delivered straight to their home. The company also provides vegan and vegetarian options, though these are not as prevalent on HelloFresh.

Blue Apron’s meals are made with nutrient-rich ingredients that deliver the maximum nutritional value. While HelloFresh offers only six recipes a week, Blue Apron’s menu is customizable and includes a number of options for your meals. HelloFresh offers meat and veggie, vegetarian, and pescatarian meals. HelloFresh offers easy-to-follow instructions, and each recipe is accompanied by nutritional values and ratings. BlueApron offers more choices and is also customizable, but requires more effort.


There are many pros and cons to both HelloFresh and Blue Apron, but which is better for your cooking needs? Both services deliver fresh ingredients to your door each week, with enough ingredients to prepare a certain number of meals. If you’re a family with multiple people, HelloFresh may be a better choice, as their large menu offers more variety and exciting recipes. Blue Apron, on the other hand, offers more flexibility and is cheaper for smaller orders. Blue Apron has recipes for special diets and diabetes. It also has gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients.

The price of Blue Apron is comparable to HelloFresh, and shipping is free. There are also options to skip delivery days and pause your subscription. Blue Apron has a good reputation for its food quality and transparency. If you’re interested in trying the service out before making a commitment, individual meal kits are a great way to try out the different services. You can even try a few before you commit to a weekly delivery plan. However, we’d recommend checking out individual meal kits for a few weeks before signing up.

HelloFresh’s recipes are less involved

If you are pressed for time, you can always rely on HelloFresh to prepare your dinner for you. The company’s recipes are easy to follow, with step-by-step photographs of every preparation step. The company doesn’t offer a seven-day meal plan, but its menu includes a variety of meals for a range of schedules and diets. HelloFresh also features organic ingredients and a variety of family-friendly meals that are kid-tested and adapted for busy families. And the company says its recipes are diet-friendly and low in calories.

When it comes to ingredients, HelloFresh’s recipes are easier to prepare. Ingredients are less involved than Blue Apron’s. HelloFresh recipes use citrus zest and can be made using sheet pans and a large saute pan. Both services include videos for each step and recommend basic kitchen tools that you will need for cooking.

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