Grocery List App For Families

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Best grocery list app for families

If you’re looking for a convenient way to keep track of groceries, you might be interested in finding a grocery list app that is specifically designed for families. These apps help you keep track of your family’s budget and shopping lists, while also keeping everyone in the loop. In addition, they offer features like a shared family calendar and to-do list, which can help you prioritize your household chores. With these apps, you can create grocery lists on the go and add categories for easy organization.

Out of Milk

The Out of Milk app is a great tool for creating a basic grocery list for your family. It’s easy to use and has several handy features, such as a pantry list and running total. It’s also compatible with Alexa and Google voice assistants, and works across different devices. It also has a blog where you can find articles about how to organize your pantry and keep track of essential household supplies.

The Out of Milk app syncs lists, lets you create a list using voice assistant, and has a handy list template. You can also keep track of what’s running low in your pantry and makes suggestions based on previous purchases. Another great feature of Out of Milk is its ability to automatically scan supermarket circulars and find coupons for the brands you shop the most. This feature allows you to budget more efficiently.

One of the best features of Out of Milk is that it’s free to use. The app allows you to save lists with different categories and can be synced with iCloud. It also lets you add pictures and details for each item you’ve purchased. It also works with Apple Watch and Android Wear devices.

Another feature of Out of Milk is its sharing option. You can share your list with others and let others add items to your shopping list. You can even sync items added by others to your list. The app also allows you to manage your schedule with a calendar.


Cozi is an excellent grocery list app for families that allows members of the family to contribute to and manage shopping lists. Users can create shopping lists and organize them by category. They can also edit and add new items to existing lists. This app helps make shopping lists easier for everyone, as everyone can access them on their mobile devices.

In addition to grocery lists, the Cozi app also provides calendar and meal planning tools. This makes it easy to stay organized with family dinners. With the meal planner, users can add new items to their grocery list and share it with others. This is especially helpful if the family has a busy schedule and multiple people need to keep track of things.

Cozi is available for both Android and iOS devices. The free version offers calendar and shopping lists functionality. If you are looking for a more comprehensive app, you can upgrade to the premium version. Premium features include a Birthday Tracker, calendar and contact management, and improved shopping mode in the Lists section.

Another app designed for families is Family Tools. This app is more customizable, and offers a reward system for family members who complete tasks. This app is ideal for families that want to streamline their lives and spend more time with each other. Family Tools is also less expensive than Cozi.

Our Groceries

The OurGroceries app is a great way to make your shopping lists more organized and easy to share with family and friends. The app syncs to other devices in seconds, so you’ll be able to see changes right away. You can even send reminders and share your shopping list with others. You can also add photos and scan barcodes. It also works with Apple Watch, so you can shop hands-free and keep an eye on what everyone needs.

Another great shopping list app is Bring!, which allows you to add items by typing or dictating on the screen. The app is also convenient for making multiple lists at the same time. It also has a handy catalog where you can add items quickly. When you’re done with the list, you can strike off the items to remove them from your list. Another great feature is the ability to search for specific topics. There are more than 800 predefined grocery items, and the app can automatically detect their amount and category.

The app allows you to share your lists with family members and friends and syncs with web browser and Android devices. It can also be used with Apple Watch and Google Home. Another great feature of Our Groceries is its ability to send list updates to your email address. You can also check your list when you’re in the store to see if it’s updated or not. It also lets you view your shopping history and create new grocery lists. This makes it a convenient grocery list app for families.


If you’re looking for a shopping list app that helps you make more informed purchases, Flipp is the app for you. With a simple touch of a button, you can add products to your list and view recommended purchases. In addition, Flipp highlights current deals from local stores, linking to the store’s digital flyer. When you choose a deal, the app automatically adds it to your shopping list.

Flipp’s features include digital coupons, which allow you to use at your local stores. Each coupon includes the offer’s fine print and instructions on how to use it. Some coupons require printing, while others are scannable. The app also allows you to save store loyalty cards to use when making purchases.

Another useful feature is the ability to price match different grocery stores. Flipp will display competitor flyers for you to see which ones are cheaper. The app also allows you to save the lowest prices for certain items, and you can show them to the cashier. This is a great way to save money when buying expensive items.

Flipp is a free shopping app that helps you save money by organizing store flyers and coupons. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android. It works in both the United States and Canada. It also helps you save time by automatically adding coupons to your shopping list. This app also offers a convenient search feature and recommended product tab.


Having a grocery list is a great way to save time and money when you go grocery shopping. A good grocery list app will allow you to create and access your lists anywhere and at any time. You can add or delete items as you go and you can even share your list with others. These apps are convenient and easy to use.

Its offline shopping feature saves data and makes it possible to shop in places without Wi-Fi. This feature is great if you live in an area without a data plan. It will also give you nutritional information for items you’re planning on purchasing. This feature is also helpful if you’re trying to stay on top of your grocery list, which can be a hassle if you don’t know the nutrition facts.

This application also makes it easy to share with others, allowing you to send reminders to yourself and others. It stores previous purchases and will allow you to edit them with ease. In addition, it has a collaborative feature which allows you to work with other people via email or text message.

This app features voice recognition technology for quick and easy shopping lists. It also lets you create as many lists as you want and syncs them across devices. If you want to share a list with family members, you can add it to the app and it will update every time one of them makes changes. The app is available for iPhones and Android phones.


Anyone who has a family knows the importance of staying organized, and AnyList is a great app to keep track of what you need to buy every week. It features category-based lists and allows you to add items to them, or browse through items that have recently been added to your shopping list. The app also offers easy sharing capabilities and allows you to email or text your list to your spouse.

Besides creating intuitive shopping lists, AnyList also lets you organize your recipes and share them with family and friends. The app can even sync with Siri to make it even easier to share lists. Its subscription features include automatic sync with the Apple Watch, a recipe editor, and instant reply features.

One of the best features of AnyList is the ability to add photos to items. It also has the ability to scale recipe ingredient amounts. Another cool feature is the ability to assign multiple stores to a list. You can also choose from a variety of premium themes for the app and personalize it to fit your needs. Additionally, the app allows you to organize your lists into folders. You can even set reminders for specific items or locations so that you won’t forget to buy them.

One of the best features of AnyList is the ability to share a list with other users. This feature is useful for large families, and allows multiple users to work on the same shopping list. This feature also allows you to plan events on the app, as you can invite family members to share the same list.

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