Freshly Meals Delivered Frozen

Are freshly meals delivered frozen

Are you a busy mom or a busy working professional looking for healthy, chef-cooked meals delivered to your door? Are you in a rush for lunch? If so, frozen meals may be the answer to your problem. Whether you’re in a hurry or don’t have time to cook, frozen meals are a great choice. Many of these meals are designed to be microwaved in about three minutes, and are guaranteed to not have cold centers or scalding edges.

Food quality

When Freshly meals are delivered frozen, it’s important to know what you’re getting. These meals typically contain meat, vegetables, rice or pasta, and potatoes. You may order a steak peppercorn with mashed red potatoes and carrots or a turkey-mushroom meatball with zucchini noodles and pesto. There’s something for everyone! You can even choose from every type of chicken you’ve ever had!


Having the ability to choose what you want to eat without the hassle of preparing the meal yourself can be a huge convenience for busy working people. Freshly offers meal subscriptions in boxes containing several different meals, and you can select what you want to eat from the selection. You can also customize your menu and even choose which ingredients you want included. There are two main options: traditional meals or the more convenient flash frozen option. Each option is available for every budget and dietary preference.


Freshly meal delivery service offers a rotating weekly menu and does not ship frozen meals. Its menu consists of healthy comfort foods, including gluten-free and vegan options. Depending on the type of meal you choose, the price ranges from $54 to $120 for four to 12 meals per week. The company is available to customers across the continental U.S., but some areas aren’t yet covered.

The service has an easy cancellation process. If you aren’t satisfied with your meals, you can cancel your subscription online at any time. You can also modify the default order or cancel it anytime. Freshly ships to all lower 48 states and its packaging is nearly 100% recyclable. The company began as a smoothie delivery service, but expanded to offer a full menu of plant-based meals. It is now one of the most popular meal delivery services.

Delivery options

For fresh, home-cooked meals, delivery options vary greatly. Some companies deliver the ingredients, while others will provide pots and pans and leave you to cook the meal yourself. Some services will even deliver frozen meals. If you want a splurge-free meal delivery option, look for a company that caters to specific lifestyles or dietary restrictions. In any case, delivery options for freshly cooked meals can vary significantly depending on the type of food you’re looking for.

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