Free Grocery List Apps

What is a good free grocery list app


The OurGroceries app lets you create grocery lists with predefined categories, and you can even add photos. Once you’ve made a list, you can sync it to other devices, and your changes will appear on everyone else’s list as well. This is an excellent free grocery list app, and it’s a great tool for households with more than one smartphone.

The OurGroceries app allows you to share your shopping list with others (using the same email address for all copies). This feature makes it super easy to add items to your list, and you can even add pictures to each item. You can even sync your list to different devices, including your phone and laptop. You can even check it online to see what’s on your list and make sure that you’ve purchased everything you needed.

Another good feature is the ability to create multiple lists, and save items for later. This will help you stay organized when planning your shopping trips. You can also organize your list by category, or by store. Another cool feature is the ability to email your list to others.

Another good free grocery list app is Out of Milk, which lets you create multiple lists and share them with others. The app has a clean UI and is easy to use. You can even share your list with other users, so you’ll always have an up-to-date inventory of all your pantry and kitchen staples.

OurGroceries allows you to be more detailed with your lists, and it lets you categorize items by category or group. You can also share your lists with your family and friends. This app is available on Android and iPhone and is free if you have Google Play Pass.

While the OurGroceries app is free, there are other similar apps to consider. You can also use recipe managers and todo list managers. The app also syncs with its online version and other mobile devices. To sync, all you need is an email address. After you’ve done that, your items will appear on both devices automatically.


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You can add an icon to each item on your shopping list, then sort items by aisle or product category. You can print your list, or share it with other users. The app also has an Inspiration Stream, which provides tips & tricks on healthy shopping and cooking. It also features seasonal recipes every month to keep you inspired throughout the year.


Listonic is a free grocery list app that lets you create custom lists and organize your shopping items. This app also lets you collaborate with other users by synchronizing between your devices. It also allows you to add reminders to your list so you don’t forget to buy something. It even lets you share your list with other users via email or text message so you’ll always be reminded to buy something.

Listonic is free to use and allows you to create unlimited lists. You can even create custom categories. It can also automatically place your items into the aisles, so you can easily find them when you’re shopping. Another great feature of Listonic is its ability to remember the price you’ve added. This helps you make smarter purchases and cut costs.

Listonic is one of the most popular shopping list apps on the Android platform. Its minimalist interface makes it easy to manage your shopping list. You can also share it with others and update it in real time. You can enter items using the keyboard or voice input. It’s easy to organize the items on your list and add prices. Listonic also makes it easy to share lists via email.

Another popular grocery list app is AnyList. This app has an intuitive interface and no ads. Once you download the app, you can create shopping lists in seconds. Then, as you shop, you can easily cross off items as you buy them. The app also has a feature that lets you add photos to your lists.

Listonic is another free grocery list app for Android devices. The app lets you create shopping lists and share them with other family members. The app automatically updates its lists whenever members change their lists. In addition, you can browse through different meal ideas and add all the ingredients to your shopping list. The app also lets you organize your items by category and even scan barcodes. You can also add notes with photos to help you remember what you need.

Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi is an online family organizer that connects your whole family. The app keeps track of your weekly shopping list and makes it easy to share it with other family members. Each list is organized into sections for each member. It also features a Birthday Tracker and more reminders. It also has an online scrapbook that lets you share photos and memories with family members.

To start using Cozi, you’ll need to set up a family account and create a shared password. Once you have done this, you can sign in to the app on any device. You can add events and other information to the calendar to make it more useful. Cozi works with Google, Apple, Outlook, and TeamSnap calendars.

If you want to make a grocery list, there are many free apps available. The Cozi Family Organizer is one of the best options. The app can be used on both iOS and Android. It makes it easy for everyone in the house to see the list, and everyone can add items. It can even separate lists for different stores. Another feature is the ability to add ingredients to your list. This will save you time and effort while shopping.

You can also organize tasks into headings. The list items can be added to a calendar or viewed individually. It also has reminders. You can set reminders for recurring events or make private lists. You can even share lists with other family members.

Cozi also has an excellent meal planning feature. It enables you to plan meals for the week. Then, you can drag and drop the items you want to buy to the grocery store. You can also print the list. Another great feature is the ability to import recipes. You can add a link from a website and the recipe will be added to the shopping list automatically. If you don’t have all of the ingredients at home, you can easily uncheck them.

Besides grocery lists, Cozi helps you keep track of the entire family’s schedule. It also syncs with your child’s school calendar and classroom schedule. This is another great feature for busy families.

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