Endurance Home Warranty Review

endurance home warranty review

If you are thinking about buying an extended warranty for your home, then you should consider reading an Endurance home warranty review. The company has been one of the top companies for extended home warranties in the US for more than a decade, and many Endurance home warranty reviews note how professional and helpful their customer service is. Their customer service is often directly linked to the company, so you will have no trouble reaching someone if you have a problem. Unlike many home warranty companies, Endurance has received positive reviews from consumers. The company is rated 4.4 stars on Trustpilot and has 3.4 stars on the Better Business Bureau website, although they are not BBB accredited.


In reviews of Endurance home warranty, consumers often complain that it did not live up to expectations. The company reserved the right to replace a broken system or appliance without letting the customer choose the replacement. In addition, it refused to reimburse customers for repairs. These negative comments are not unique, however; many other scam companies have experienced similar problems. Therefore, consumers should be aware of the coverage and terms before signing up for an Endurance home warranty policy.

Although Endurance may not have the best reputation in the industry, customer satisfaction is a major selling point. Endurance has been a leading extended warranty company for more than a decade. Customers regularly praise the company for its customer service and friendly, knowledgeable service representatives. It is important to note that Endurance is not BBB-accredited, though it has received good ratings in other consumer reviews. Customers who have used Endurance home warranty have rated the company 4.4 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot, while consumers have given it a 3.2 star rating in a Better Business Bureau review.

Endurance is a direct-to-consumer extended warranty provider, which means it doesn’t involve a separate underwriter. As such, Endurance is able to offer lower rates since it is not a third-party company. Also, customers appreciate that Endurance’s plans do not include interest. Since consumers can choose between twelve, 18 and 24-month terms, they can avoid paying interest or penalties.

Endurance offers discounts for first-time callers, members of the government, and military personnel and their families. Additionally, Endurance offers a no check engine light discount and a first-time caller discount. While many people are skeptical about the price of such a plan, it offers a range of features. And, most importantly, Endurance is committed to providing great value to its customers. It also makes home repairs less expensive.

For starters, Endurance Elite members get a free year of Endurance Elite, which is valued at over $2,000. This free year of membership is just one of the many perks that this company offers. That’s one of the major reasons why we rated Endurance so high. Besides that, Endurance is also known for its customer service, with staff that go above and beyond to satisfy customers. The only downside of Endurance home warranty is that it may not cover any of the major repairs, but you’ll be out of money if your car breaks down or has an accident.


Endurance home warranties offer direct service to their customers. Founded in Illinois, this home warranty company boasts a good reputation for customer service. While the company was once criticized for questionable marketing practices, it has since changed its ways. Reviews of Endurance’s customer service team are positive; positive reviews note the ability to contact a live person if you have a problem. A few negative reviews note the difficulty of getting coverage approved and denials of coverage without clear explanations.

Endurance offers monthly installments with no annual fees. Customers may find it more affordable to pay their monthly premiums on a long-term basis if they have a higher down payment and higher deductible. They can also choose interest-free payment plans. Their online portal makes it easy to make payments. However, new policies take up to five business days to be accessed by the customer. After the contract is signed, Endurance will send an email with their account credentials.

As a result, Endurance customers receive a free year of Endurance Elite Benefits, which offer additional benefits like free tire replacements and a $500 reimbursement for lost keys. In addition, the company will pay for up to two tires each year if they are damaged by road hazards. Endurance also reimburses customers up to $500 if their car key fob is lost or stolen. The company also provides up to $1,000 toward the purchase of a replacement vehicle in case of a total loss.

The benefits of Endurance’s service are clear. The company provides excellent customer support. Its warranty plans cover equipment, systems and appliances in your home. The company’s coverage plans do not include interest, which is an advantage for many consumers. Consumers can also choose the twelve-month terms for their coverage. These are also good options if you own an older car. The company is willing to provide coverage for vehicles up to 20 years old.

Lastly, Endurance offers discounts for government and military employees. The company also offers discounts for veterans and active-duty military. Finally, a few Endurance discounts include no-check engine light, no-waiting period, and the first-time caller discount. These discounts can help you save money, too. So, when comparing Endurance home warranty packages, be sure to check out all your options.


The rates of Endurance home warranty can be found on their website. There is no cancellation fee within 30 days, but they do charge a 7.5% administrative fee. Customers can also opt for interest-free payments. Rates for this warranty are average but competitive when compared to other policies that offer the same coverage. You can make your payments online, or by phone, if you prefer. Purchasing a warranty online is easy and quick, and you don’t have to visit a physical office.

The Endurance home warranty covers major appliances and systems. However, you can purchase additional coverage for specific appliances. The Endurance home warranty is an excellent way to protect your home. It doesn’t have a maximum limit on the number of appliances you can purchase, and you can choose from three different plans. You can find a plan to fit your budget. Endurance home warranties are available online and by phone. Customers who are considering Endurance home warranties generally have good reviews.

While the rates of Endurance home warranty can vary widely, they are affordable for many homeowners. The company offers nationwide coverage for an affordable price. Customers can sign up for a month-to-month contract and get a free quote. Endurance also offers discounts for government employees, veterans, and military members. In addition, there are many ways to protect your investment with Endurance home warranty. It covers most common home repairs and includes a maintenance plan.

For those who are concerned about the cost, Endurance offers affordable plans. Most policies cost between $70 and $125 a month and include a $100 deductible. The cost of Endurance home warranty is affordable and reasonable compared to the cost of average car maintenance. Customers can choose a 12-month or 24-month plan and make payments over time. The annual cost of Endurance home warranty varies depending on the plan selected, the length of coverage, and the vehicle.

Customer service

The company’s reputation is questionable after a series of consumer complaints were reported by consumer reporting sites. Among those complaints, many customers cited a lack of response time from the company after filing a claim. In one instance, the company refused to repair a pool that a customer had requested them to repair. This, coupled with allegations of fraud, led the company to suspend operations in April 2019. Consumers should look for another home warranty provider.

Another key aspect of Endurance is the fact that it administers its own contracts. It is one of the few providers that does this. This means that the customer deals directly with the company throughout the claim process. The best part is that Endurance also allows customers to transfer their policy to someone else for a small fee. However, it is important to note that new policies may take up to five business days to become available online.

Customers may also need to go through the claims process once every year. The warranty covers repair services for covered parts, but customers must notify Endurance within five business days of the repairs. This way, Endurance will cover the repair costs, and the customer will not have to worry about paying the company for these services. During an extended warranty period, a customer can also use the warranty as an additional way to protect a home.

For a comprehensive coverage, Endurance offers six plans that can last up to 200,000 miles. Plans can range from basic powertrain protection to bumper-to-bumper coverage. The plans can be either inclusionary or exclusionary. Inclusionary plans cover parts that are explicitly listed, while exclusionary plans do not. The Superior plan, the highest level of component coverage, covers hundreds of parts in all major systems, such as air conditioning, heating, and cooling.

In addition to a comprehensive coverage plan, Endurance offers a superior coverage plan. This policy allows the consumer to choose the repair shop of their choice, and many consumers take advantage of the twelve-month term. Endurance also offers a variety of coverage plans, so consumers can choose the right plan for their needs. And, the company’s warranties do not incur interest, so many consumers take advantage of them. This coverage is also great for homeowners with rental cars and other costly home equipment.

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