EasyDNA Review

EasyDNA review

If you’re wondering about the services of a DNA testing company, consider EasyDNA. EasyDNA has offices worldwide and offers paternity and relationship tests. Its website clearly states the details. Test kits arrive quickly and come with instructions. After filling out the simple form, they’re sent to a New Mexico lab for analysis. Results are returned within 5-7 business days. This company has been praised by customers for its speed and accuracy, and we’ve included a customer testimonial to help you decide whether EasyDNA is right for you.

EasyDNA offers a variety of tests

If you are interested in getting a genetic test, EasyDNA has many different options for you to choose from. Their services include paternity, relationship, animal, health, drug, and clinical tests. The company’s website also includes a live chat feature, and they can be reached by phone or through email. You can also schedule a callback to discuss any questions you have about your DNA test. If you don’t have time to call or email, EasyDNA has offices around the world.

DNA test results are provided in as little as one week, depending on the amount of information provided. Some tests are covered by insurance and can be ordered through the mail. However, the company guarantees the privacy of your information. EasyDNA also offers an array of other tests, including those associated with disaster victims and genealogy. It can even test soil samples and cremated remains. However, these tests are not always successful. EasyDNA does offer some tests that are covered by insurance.

The company also has a personalized genetics blog, where you can get daily gene-based recommendations. Their labs also analyze more genes, SNPs, and genetic markers, and they back everything up with peer-reviewed studies. While EasyDNA is able to provide a wide variety of DNA tests for a low price, it doesn’t offer a reputable genetic counseling service. They will not share your information or payment information with any other third party.

Most EasyDNA tests only require a cheek swab, though some require a stool sample. Some tests require you to provide your DNA in other ways, such as by sending raw data from another testing service. Depending on the test you order, turnaround time varies from two to six weeks. The company ships the kit discreetly and doesn’t use a company label, ensuring your privacy. However, if you’re worried about confidentiality, there are other options that you might consider.

Another way to ensure confidentiality and a quality report is by ensuring you can upload your genetic file if you’d like. EasyDNA has offices in many countries around the world and has over a decade of experience in DNA testing. Customers can also request to upload genetic files to their online account, which makes the testing process much easier and convenient. Customers have positive comments about their experience with EasyDNA, so it’s worth a shot.

There are four main types of ancestry tests that you can order from EasyDNA. For example, there’s the GPS Origins Ancestry test, which will help you trace your ancestry back to the continents and the islands. If you’re interested in genetic genealogy, you can also get a detailed report on your ancestral roots, and this can be useful if you want to connect with living relatives.

It is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

The BBB has determined that DNA Financial Group meets the standards for BBB accreditation. Businesses must make a good faith effort to resolve consumer complaints and pay a fee to participate in the BBB’s services. BBB accreditation does not mean that the business has been evaluated or that its products or services have been tested. The BBB has no formal accreditation standards and cannot vouch for the quality of an individual business’ products or services.

To determine if EasyDNA is reputable, you should consider the quality of their service. Their customer service is the most important aspect. It should be easy to submit your samples and provide a satisfactory customer experience. Unlike many other DNA testing companies, EasyDNA offers follow-up service after the test. The company maintains offices around the world. Test turnaround time varies from two days to six weeks, depending on the test. They ship their sample collection kit in discreet packaging with no company label. They also guarantee anonymity.

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