Does iPhone Have a Grocery List App?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Does iphone have a grocery list app

If you’ve ever written a grocery list, you know that 70 percent of the items on it are repetitive. That’s why you might want to invest in an app that suggests your favorite products first. These apps can be shared with others and can send you reminders. Some even sync with the people you share your list with, so you can collaborate via email or text message.

Out of Milk

Out of Milk for iPhone is an easy-to-use grocery list app that keeps track of how much you spend. Simply tap on items in your list to enter the cost and quantity. The app calculates the total cost and quantity of all items based on these entries. The app also provides a history of your shopping lists.

The app is user-friendly and allows you to make multiple lists. You can also create categories for different items. The app puts items automatically in the appropriate category. The app also lets you store your pantry items in different categories. There are even options for to-do lists. With this app, you can keep track of all the items in your pantry or check off the things you need to do.

Out of Milk for iPhone offers a variety of handy features to simplify grocery shopping. Its built-in grocery list feature optimizes user-friendly shopping lists based on your meal plan. It also creates a new grocery list when you change your meal plan. This app is free and works on iPhone and Android devices. It also offers voice assistant capabilities that allow you to manage your lists hands-free.

Out of Milk for iPhone is a convenient shopping list app that keeps track of prices and allows you to scan barcodes for items. The app is easy to use and allows you to create multiple lists and manage them using categories. You can also organize your lists by category, scan items, and share them with friends and family. Out of Milk also features a pantry list and helps you keep track of your pantry inventory.

Cozi Family Organizer

The Cozi Family Organizer grocery list app allows you to create, share, and manage your shopping list as a family. All members of your family can access the same lists, and everyone can add items to them as needed. The app also allows you to share and print grocery lists, which is an added convenience.

Cozi is a great family organizer app that has features like a family calendar, to-do list, grocery list, recipe box, and family journal. The app also allows you to color-code your calendar and set reminders for tasks and special moments. You can use the app on iPhone, iPad, and even on the Web.

Cozi is free and has a lot of useful features. It’s like having a personal assistant on your computer or phone. It will help you prioritize your life and simplify tasks. It even has a recipe box and a dinner planner for your family to manage recipes and plan meals with one touch. This means you don’t have to remember to jot down each ingredient again, so you can save time.

Cozi also has a shopping mode that prevents your phone screen from blacking out. It also has no ads. If you’re a regular Google Calendar user, Cozi may seem redundant, but there are some significant differences. While Google Calendar is a great family calendar app, Cozi is unique.

Using a family organizer app for iPhone can help you manage your schedule and keep everyone organized. You can include photos, to-do lists, and even events. You can also distribute household chores between family members.


If you’re a frequent grocery shopper, the AnyList grocery list app for iPhone is one of the best ways to keep track of your shopping list. With this app, you can easily create multiple lists, reorder items, create custom categories, and share them with others. It even offers features such as reminders, syncing, and import capabilities. In addition, the app has a recipe function and lets you add items by voice.

The app includes categories for various types of groceries, so you can easily add items that you usually buy. You can also add items to recent items or add them to a new category. The app also lets you share your list with others, print it, send it by email, or send it via SMS.

Users can add photos to each item and edit its quantity. They can also assign stores to a list. The app can even be customized with premium themes. You can also add items from previous shopping trips. The AnyList app also allows you to share your list with friends and family, and any changes will automatically be reflected across all devices.

The AnyList grocery list app for iphone offers an intuitive interface and tons of useful features. The app lets you add favorites and save recipes, plus you can create your list and share it with others without any additional cost. You can even use the app to create grocery lists on the web. Besides storing the items on your list, AnyList also offers notifications, Amazon Alexa sync, and recipe import.

While the AnyList grocery list app for iphone offers a clean interface and no ads, the app is also easy to use. Users can quickly create a grocery list and cross off items as they complete them. You can also insert product details, quantity, and category. Also, the app allows you to add photos.


Creating a shopping list with the OurGroceries grocery list app for your iPhone is a breeze. The app has a clean interface and lets you add items by typing the name of the item. The list automatically updates on both your mobile phone and website when you make a change. In addition, you can edit your list from anywhere on the go. You can also add photos and scan barcodes for more convenience. The app is free, but it does contain ads, which you can turn off if you wish.

You can customize the layout of the list by editing the settings under the “View” section. You can choose from two basic themes, “Microsoft Word” and “Microsoft Excel.” You can also choose to use the dark mode setting if you wish. Changing the font size is an additional option, so you can see what items are in the list better.

To share your lists with someone else, you need to sign into the app using the person’s email address. Then, you can send the invite to them. They can sign in automatically, but this will only work if both people use the same email address. The invitee will need to install the app and sign in to their account. Lastly, they’ll have to enter their email address and choose a password.

Another feature of the OurGroceries grocery list app for iphone is that it can sync with the app on your computer. The app also syncs with the online version and the app on other mobile devices. This means that when you change the items on the list, they’re updated instantly on the other devices.


If you’re looking for an app to make a grocery list, check out Reminders for iPhone. It allows you to easily create lists and tag them, which is especially useful if you have a bunch of lists. To get started, open the Reminders app, tap the “New” button, and then select “Grocery.” You can even activate Siri to add items to the list.

After you’ve added your list to Reminders, you can reorder it if you need to. This is also convenient if you have a family member who makes the grocery list. Alternatively, you can set a ping when you’re at the store.

The Reminders app also lets you share your lists with others. It can send notifications via email or pop-ups, or even Skype. The recipient can then add the list to their Reminders app. This feature is only available on premium accounts. You can also customize reminders with labels or notes that help you keep track of what you need to buy. You can create new lists and drag items from one to another.

For even more convenience, you can also use Google Keep. It is a note-taking, compilation projection, and information-storage app that also syncs with Google’s cloud services. It also offers a desktop app that lets you share your notes and lists with others.

Another excellent grocery list app for the iPhone is AnyList. The app includes categories of groceries, which makes it easy to find what you need for the week. You can also share your grocery list with your spouse by emailing it to them. And if you’d like to share it with friends or coworkers, you can email, print, or even SMS it to them.

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