Does Home Warranty Cover Outside Faucet?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Does home warranty cover outside faucet

How can I find out if my home warranty covers the repair of an outdoor faucet? There are several factors to consider. Check the Exclusions, Maximum payouts and Service fees. Make sure that your company is BBB-rated. If it is, go ahead and contact them for further information. It might not be worth it, but you should still get it. Here are some tips for finding the best home warranty for your needs.


A home warranty may not cover problems with your outdoor faucet. A leaky roof is a relatively common reason, but it’s not related to plumbing. Roof leaks are structural issues that should be covered by a homeowners insurance policy. An outside faucet, however, is often not covered under a home warranty. While this plumbing contributes to the appeal of your house, it’s generally not a part of your internal systems.

Service fees

A home warranty covers exterior faucets, including a replacement or repair. You pay a service fee, also known as a deductible, if the repair or replacement is not covered by the warranty. This fee can range anywhere from $60 to 125, depending on the company. Some plans do not cover these costs, and you will need to pay for the service call. To find out if your outside faucets are covered, check the company’s website.

Exclusions from coverage

There are some exclusions to home warranty coverage that apply to outside faucets. A sink pop-up mechanism, for example, is an exclusion. However, you can get specialized coverage for this kind of equipment from some home warranty companies. The cost of such a policy is significantly lower than the average service call. And if you have a swimming pool or sprinkler system, the extra coverage may be worth the cost.

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