Does Choice Home Warranty Cover Water Heaters?

Does choice home warranty cover water heaters

If you’re wondering whether or not your Choice Home Warranty covers your water heater, this article is for you. We’ll go over the cost, the response time, and what’s excluded. After reading this article, you’ll be well-prepared to decide whether or not the warranty is worth the money. And if it’s worth the money, read on to learn more about its exclusions and the other benefits of buying the warranty.

Choice Home Warranty covers water heaters

If you’re in the market for a home warranty, you’ve likely heard about Choice Home Warranty. This warranty company offers a number of different plans that cover a variety of items. From major appliances and systems to water heaters and electrical service panels, this plan covers just about everything you’ll need for your home. If you’re looking for a standard warranty that’s not overly complicated to purchase, choose Choice Home Warranty.

As with other warranties, the Choice Home Warranty does have exclusions, including certain appliances and outdoor equipment. While water heaters are not included, plumbing and electrical systems are, in general, covered. In addition, you won’t have coverage for preexisting conditions and homes over 5,000 square feet. You’ll also find that Choice Home Warranty doesn’t cover commercial properties, and it doesn’t cover any pre-existing conditions, so you should check the details of your plan before committing.


Choice Home Warranty covers most parts and components of water heaters. There are some exclusions, however, based on state laws. For more information about the warranty’s scope and limitations, read its terms and conditions. The warranty also covers a variety of plumbing and electrical problems, including leaks and breaks. It covers heating, water heaters, and ductwork and underground piping. Exclusions from the warranty include built-in bathtub whirlpool motors and hose bibs. Also, it excludes certain types of appliances, including sinks and bathtubs, a/c units, and caulking.

Water heaters are one of the most important appliances in a home. Without them, it’s impossible to enjoy hot water on a daily basis. But they can break down and require costly repairs, so it’s essential to ensure you have a warranty plan for your water heater. Homeowners insurance policies don’t cover water heater repairs, but a home warranty may provide coverage in such situations. You can compare prices and find the one that works best for you.

Response time

A home warranty is a good idea for many reasons. It fills the gap where home insurance, builders’ warranties, and manufacturer warranties don’t cover a problem. One of these is a faulty water heater. If you have a home warranty, your water heater will be covered if you experience a covered problem. However, there are a few things you need to look out for before buying one.

Although Choice Home Warranty covers water heaters, you should be aware that it is not comprehensive and does not cover every component of your water heater. You may need to buy separate warranties for certain appliances, such as your AC unit and furnace. You may also want to consider a different home warranty for your water heater, since some may cover other components and parts. Make sure to read through the policy language carefully to ensure you have everything covered.


The Choice Home Warranty covers the parts and components of water heaters. However, certain components and parts are excluded. These include the water heater itself and the tank. There are some restrictions depending on the state in which you live. Read the warranty language carefully to know if your water heater is covered. If you’re unsure about whether your water heater is covered, you can check the warranty website. Also, you can contact Choice Home Warranty support to request an estimate.

Most home warranties cover all major appliances and systems, including water heaters. However, you should note that some aren’t comprehensive. For example, a Choice Home Warranty doesn’t cover repairs to furnaces, air conditioners, or heating systems that require structural modifications. You may also have to make changes to the plumbing and inflow pipes before your warranty kicks in. However, you’ll get comprehensive coverage for the other parts of your home, including the plumbing.

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