Does Choice Home Warranty Cover Plumbing?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

Does choice home warranty cover plumbing

The Choice Home Warranty covers a variety of appliances, including gas and electric models. Appliances covered by this plan include both built-in and freestanding types. There are some items excluded from the warranty, however. Clocks, rotisseries, racks, and door seals are excluded. Some plans also cover outdoor plumbing. The plumbing in your bathroom is not covered. However, you can get some assurance that your pipes and drains are covered if they are under warranty.

Choice Home Warranty Basic Plan

The basic plan from Choice Home Warranty covers most of the essential household items. It also covers the plumbing system, water heater, and dishwasher. However, the Basic Plan does not cover air conditioning, refrigerator, or laundry machines. Choice Home Warranty offers two different plans to choose from: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. Basic plans cover plumbing, electric service panels, and most other essential household items. Customers can also add on extra coverage to cover other features, such as pool or stand-alone freezer. Choice’s service representatives are friendly and knowledgeable, but most customers report having to wait a long time for their claims to be resolved.

The Basic Plan also includes the cost of service calls. Choice Home Warranty technicians are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to repair issues. Plumbing claims are covered for up to ninety days. It is important to note when the original repair was done. This way, you can contact Choice Home Warranty before the guarantee expires and get the work repaired. It will cost you $85 for the service call.

Other coverage options offered by Choice Home Warranty include electrical systems and appliances. The Basic Plan covers most essential home items, including appliances and plumbing. The Total Plan also covers additional features, such as air conditioning and washers. But be aware that you can’t cover everything with this plan. For more extensive coverage, you should upgrade to the Total Plan. The Total Plan will also cover septic tanks, central vacuums, and built-in bathroom exhaust fans.

Choice Home Warranty’s Septic System Plan

The Choice Home Warranty’s Septic System Plan can cover your home’s septic tank and sewage ejector pump. The warranty also covers a sewer line running from the house to the septic tank. Some things are not covered by this warranty, however. You should know what your coverage is. A septic failure can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $30,000. The cost depends on the severity of the damage and the type of system you have. A septic tank warranty can protect you against such costs and can make selling your home easier.

Home warranties typically cover the major systems and appliances in your home, including interior plumbing systems, ductwork, and electrical. They also cover major appliances, such as garbage disposals, cooktops, and built-in microwaves. Some plans also cover garage door openers. But not all home warranties cover septic systems. You should make sure to read the fine print to determine what’s covered.

In general, the Choice Home Warranty’s Septic System Plan also covers plumbing. This plan is one of the best home warranties available, but there are many exclusions. These exclusions include swimming pools, septic tanks, air conditioners, and sump pumps. It may cost more to cover all of these items, especially if you live in an older home or have a smaller space. Choice also doesn’t cover commercial properties and pre-existing conditions.

Choice Home Warranty’s Outdoor Plumbing Plan

The Choice Home Warranty’s Outdoor Plumbing Plan offers a variety of coverage options. You can choose to cover your outdoor plumbing, septic system, or well pump. The warranty can cover the cost of repairs, and begins 30 days after approval. The outdoor plumbing plan is particularly valuable if you use your pool or spa regularly. You can also purchase an optional coverage plan for pool and spa equipment, well pumps, septic systems, and more.

For repairs, Choice Home Warranty has excellent customer service. They respond quickly to online and phone claims, and have a 24-hour call center. You can even request a quote online and the warranty service provider will contact you to schedule an appointment. You may be asked to pay a fee for the service, but this cost will be minimal compared to the cost of having the issue fixed. Choose Home Warranty also offers a sample contract, which may be helpful in making your decision.

The Choice Home Warranty’s outdoor plumbing plan also covers the water heater. Its coverage limits are less than those of some of its competitors. Those with an outdoor plumbing plan will not have to worry about leaks or other problems with their plumbing. Fortunately, Choice Home Warranty’s service is affordable, with affordable premiums and a larger network of contractors. In addition to its outdoor plumbing plan, the Choice Home Warranty’s service department is available around the clock.

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