Do you need a passport to get off a cruise ship in the caribbean?

Written By: Ehsan Jahandarpour

If you’re aboard a closed Caribbean cruise (a cruise that departs and ends in the same USA). You must have both documents to travel without a passport. Various factors determine whether you need a passport for a cruise.. While many assume this is a yes or no question, it all depends on the itinerary..

Although not every itinerary departing from North America requires a cruise passport, there are several cruises that require you to have a valid U, S. Below we cover the most common ones that do not require a passport. A simple Panama Canal cruise from San Diego to Fort Lauderdale, for example, would require a valid US passport. A simple fall cruise from New York City to Quebec requires a passport as you’ll start in the USA, S.

A closed-loop cruise is a cruise that starts and ends in the same home port. Most trips from North America, with the exception of repositioning cruises or Panama Canal crossings, are closed control loops. A seven-night cruise in the Western Caribbean from Miami, for example, does not require a passport as you start and end the cruise from the same USA. For the birth certificate, it must be emphasized that it must be an original or certified copy of the birth certificate in which the raised seal is burnt.

If you arrive at the terminal with a photocopy, you are not allowed to sail. A baptism certificate or birth certificate issued by the hospital are not acceptable documents.. It must be a birth certificate issued by the Office for Vital Statistics. The day planner will tell you whether a passport is required at the port, as well as an announcement from the cruise director upon arrival.

If you come to the gangway and discover that you have forgotten your passport in your room, security will ask you to pick it up. Remember that cruise lines don’t set the rules, they must follow local regulations at every port they visit.. Since both are US territories, the State Department does not require a passport to travel to and from Puerto Rico or the USA.. The following are some regions where many closed-loop cruises are operated within the United States and do not require a passport.

Guests who don’t have a passport and would like to take an Alaska cruise should opt for a round trip from Seattle or San Francisco.. Ask any experienced cruiser and many will tell you that a passport is absolutely necessary and that no one should travel without one, regardless of the cruise.. We agree with this opinion and these are the reasons why. If the cruise ends abruptly due to a mechanical problem and you don’t have a passport, the shipping company will work with the consulate or embassy to ensure that you return to the USA without any problems.

Even something as simple as not getting back to the ship in time and being left behind could be a problem without having a passport.. Be that as it may, you’ll have to jump through a lot more tires if you’re not traveling with a passport.. Another benefit of cruising with a passport is a quicker disembarkation experience.. Ports, if all you need to do is present a passport at customs, you can cut your time in half.

A passport and a visa should not be confused. See what cruisers like you have to say Compare and find the best cruise deals Ride like a pro with expert tips from our editors Connect with other cruisers before and after you set sail. Those who choose to cruise without a passport on a closed sailing circuit must still bring the following documents, an official identity card and an original copy of your birth certificate in order to sail. Travelers to the Caribbean really should get a passport as soon as possible; it’s the best way to avoid problems re-entering the US.

Always check with your shipping company first whether this applies to any of your ports of call, unless you want to be stuck on the ship.. If you’re on an Alaska cruise that starts or ends in Vancouver, BC, you’ll need a passport to enter or exit Vancouver. If your cruise isn’t closed and you take a simple Panama Canal cruise to Ft in San Diego, for example.. This would also include transatlantic, trans-Pacific, and repositioning cruises to and from the United States..

Here are your options for traveling to the Caribbean with just a birth certificate and a driver’s license or other form of primary ID. That means you’ll need a passport regardless of whether you want to fly or drive within or outside the country.. I’ve learned to explore the world without flying, just by river boats, sea vessels, road trips and, of course, trains. Just because you’re taking a closed-loop cruise doesn’t mean you can board with just your license.

The shipping company will ask you to enter your passport details when you check in. The airline will then check your passport to board the flight. Since both are US territories, the State Department does not require a passport to travel to and from Puerto Rico or the USA.

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